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Reminder Letter For Full and Final Settlement to Employer

On leaving the company, an employee is entitled for the payment of last working month and this whole process of recovering or paying during the process of resignation is known as Final Settlement. In some companies, the final settlement happens first and then the employee can resign and in other companies, the process of final settlement takes place at a later date.

Sometimes, the need for writing a reminder letter for full and final settlement arises if the process of the final settlement is not initiated or otherwise. If you are confused about creating a reminder letter for full and final settlement to employer then in this post, we have included a full and final settlement letter format for your reference along with all the important details in this context.

Components That Are Included in Final Settlement Sum

Here are some important components that are essential in deciding the final settlement sum and must be always kept in mind while writing a full and final settlement request letter:

  • Unpaid salary and arrears
  • Unpaid bonus
  • Payment of non-availed leaves, if any

Period of Settlement

Though the final settlement is suppose to happen on the last working day of the employee with the company but sometimes it takes time for the papers to get cleared and therefore, the final settlement can happen within the period of 30 to 45 days after the last working day of the employee.

Tips on Writing Full and Final Settlement Request Letter

While writing a full and final settlement letter to HR, here are the points which can help you create a perfect draft:

  • Always include the names of the people or parties who are involved in this process.
  • Don’t forget to mention the important dates in your letter
  • Always check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
  • Keep it short and precise

Reminder Letter for Full and Final Settlement to Employer


Achraj Sharma

G-48, Green Apartments


Date: July 30th, 2020


The HR Manager

Zenith Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Sub: Issuance of Full and Final Settlement

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter as a gentle reminder to you in relation with my full and final settlement. Please refer to my letter of resignation, dated june 25th, 2020. Even after the expiry of over 35 days from the date when I resigned, my full and final settlement has not been made which is a matter of serious concern.

I am, therefore, writing this letter in order to request you to complete the process of full and final settlement and have all the dues cleared. I also request you to please share the original statement with me as soon as possible.

Thanking in anticipation.


Achraj Sharma

Click Here to Download Reminder Letter for Full and Final Settlement to Employer in Word Format

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Promotion Letter from Employer to Employee

Promotion Letter from employer to employee is what employee looks forward for. A hike in salary, a better designation is the dream for all and all the good news comes wrapped up in the self promotion letter or company promotion letter. There is employee promotion letter with salary increase or better position.  There is also congratulation promotion letter to employee from employer. Sometimes there is a recommendation for promotion letter for employee seeking the suggestion of names for promotion.

In this post, we bring a sample promotion letter from employer to employee. Use this format for promotion letter to create a customized one for your company or for your employees.

Promotion Letter from Employer to Employee Format


Henry Gibbs


Delightful Delicacies Pvt. Ltd.


Date: March 30th,2020


Richard Brown

54, Thames Mansion,



Dear Mr. Richard,

I am extremely elated to inform you that the Management has decided to promote you to Deputy Marketing Manager, effective from April 15th, 2020, considering your amazing performance in the last two quarters. I would like to congratulate on behalf of the management of Delightful Delicacies Pvt. Ltd. for the promotion.

We are very hopeful that you are going to be working harder to accomplish the goals for the company. We hope that you will continue to impress us with your amazing ideas and dedicated performance.

Your promotion not only calls for more responsibilities and duties but also a hike in your salary. HR Department will get in touch with you in relation with the same.

Wishing you good luck with your new role and new responsibilities. May you always make Delightful Delicacies Pvt. Ltd. proud.


Henry Gibbs


Delightful Delicacies Pvt. Ltd.


Click here to Download Promotion Letter from Employer to Employee in Word Format

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Retirement Extension Letter Format

Companies never let their good employees go and sometimes even when they are retiring, they prefer extending their retirement because they are an asset to the organization. And to communicate that, job extension letter formats are needed to draft a professional extension letter for retirement. These retirement extension letter formats from employer are a formal way to communicate the employee that the company is extending his or her retirement. Companies can use a sample letter of extension of service to draft a proficient service extension letter.

In this post, we have come up with a service extension letter after retirement format. This employment extension request letter sample can be downloaded and used as per your requirement. Have this extension letter sample utilized for the purpose.

Service Extension Letter after Retirement Format


Amita Avasthi

HR Manager

KYK Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

New Delhi

Date: January 1st, 2020


Arjun Sharma

54, Karol Bagh

New Delhi

Dear Mr. Sharma,

You have always been an asset to KYK Technologies Pvt. Ltd. In the association of 12 long years, you have served the company with utmost dedication and hard work. As you are aware that on completing the age of 65 years, employees are superannuated as per the Superannuation Policy of the Company. Since you are going to attain the age of 65 years as on January 25th, 2020 and you will be superannuated on February 1st, 2020. But because you are an inspiring and committed employee, the Company would appreciate if you could work with us for another year.

There are many projects going in which you have a significant role to play and we would love to have you with us until these projects get completed. But this is possible only if we mutually agree on it. We request you to kindly submit your consent in response to this letter with the HR Department so that we can take care of the proceedings.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Amita Avasthi

HR Manager

KYK Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Click Here to Download Retirement Extension Letter Format in Word

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Noc Format for Higher Studies from Employer

If you are already working but you want to pursue higher studies then some institutes demand NOC for Higher Studies from Employer to ensure that they have no objection. For that you can submit a Request Letter of No Objection Certificate for Higher Studies with your company. This is more like a permission letter for higher studies from employer. Such documents are usually printed on company letterheads.

Shared below is a sample application of NOC for your reference. Use this format for NOC for higher studies from employer to create a customized one for yourself.

Application of No Objection Certificate for Higher Studies from Employer

Date: 25th July, 2019

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr. Arun Kumar is employed with “Zenith Technologies Pvt. Ltd.” from last one year and is presently working as “Marketing Executive”. We, at Zenith Technologies Pvt. Ltd. always support our employees who are interest to go higher studies. This certificate has been issued on request to express that we have no objection on Mr. Arun pursuing his higher studies, provided that the timings do not interfere with his office working hours. We will always be there to support him in his further education.


Ashok Sharma
Marketing Manager
Zenith Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Check here to Download Noc Format for Higher Studies from Employer in Word

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Format for Agreement Between Employer and Recruitment Agency

If you are hiring a recruitment agency to supply you with suitable candidates for different profiles in your company then you need to have an agreement in writing which includes all the terms and conditions between the employer and the recruitment agency to have complete clarity. So if you are planning to hire a professional recruitment agency, make sure you sign the agreement.

To help you with it, given below is a sample format of the agreement between employer and recruitment agency which you can use for creating your own.

Sample Format for Agreement Between Employer and Recruitment Agency


This Agreement of service is made between Zenith Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) of the one part, and KV Recruitment Consultants (hereinafter referred to as “the Agency”) of the other part.

Both parties have agreed on the terms and conditions mentioned below:
Effective Date: This Agreement will be effective from 26th March, 2017 and will be valid for duration of one year from the date of effectiveness.

Termination: Either of the parties can terminate the Agreement for any reason, at any point in time upon one month’s written notice to the other party.

Confidentiality:  Both the parties shall maintain complete confidentiality of the information shared with each other.

Scope of Services: Depending upon the requirements of candidates for different job profiles in the Company, the Agency will select suitable candidates. The identification of candidates will be done either by one or more than one means like in house database search or classified advertisement. Interviews of the screened candidates will be scheduled with the Company, once the Company has reviewed the shortlisted candidates, the resumes of whom will be sent after an in house assessment of skills, experience and qualifications required for a particular profile.

For delivery of services mentioned above, the Company will require to:

  • Give one day induction to Agency team members to give them understanding of job requirement and process of interview.
  • Provide the Agency with parameters for recruitment for each and every profile.
  • Appoint an Executive for daily updates and coordination as designated authority for the process.
  • Decide on one day of the week for feedback and discussion on forwarded candidates by the Agency.
  • Share with the Agency staffing requirements in a quarterly rolling plan. Also provide in the start of every month job specification for staffing requirements.
  • Communicate the Agency in case of candidate duplication within two working days.

Fee:  If a candidate recommended by the Agency gets selected then the Company will make payments for the services rendered by the Agency as per the following terms:

  • 8% CTC for Junior Level.
  • 10% CTC for Middle Level.
  • 12% of CTC for Senior level.

After selection of the candidates, Company shall share with the Agency a breakup of compensation offered to the selected candidates for raising the invoice.

In case some candidates are not selected, their CVs shall be returned to the Agency.

Payments are to be made after deduction of the taxes, within duration of 30 days of the date of invoice once the candidate has joined the company, by cheque in favor of “KV Recruitment Consultants”.

Any other work related communications like requests other than mentioned in agreement must be submitted in writing.

The Company will not solicit or hire personnel of the Agency during the agreement period without mutual consent. Unable to fulfill the condition, Company will have to make the payment of six months cost of the person to the Agency.

In case, the employee recruited via Agency leaves the job within period of three months of joining then the onus of recruiting a new candidate for the same position falls on Agency along with the incurred costs.

For Zenith Technologies Pvt. Ltd.                                                                    For KV Recruitment Consultants

Authorized Signatory                                                                                         Authorized Signatory

Date: ____________                                                                                         Date: ____________


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5 Things that Every Employer Wants to Know

When a company is hiring new people, there are a few things that every employer wants to know about. The idea is to be sure about the people that will be selected. No employer wants to waste his time, energy and resources in hiring a wrong person. In order to make sure that they have selected the right man, they need some information which is very useful in helping them have a smooth decision making process.

This post talks about 5 most important things that every employer wants to know from the job applicants. So if you are able to pass on this information to the employer in a clear manner, then you have better chances of getting selected.

  1. Relevant Experience or Training

No company wants to hire fresher as lots of time and energy goes into training a fresh mind. Employers are interested in knowing how much experience you have in relation with the job for which you have applied. They are also interested in knowing the training programs you have undergone in past. The idea is to know how much aware you are about the profile for which you have applied, the roles and responsibilities attached with it, the work flow and general understanding about the profile for better working. This always helps in earning extra points.

  1. Criminal Record in Past

Companies want to make sure that the people they are hiring do not have any criminal record or any past related with violent behavior. It is important for the safety and confidentiality of the workplace and the workforce. Some companies go for a thorough credit check to ensure that everything is in place just before hiring the new candidate. So make sure that you don’t have any such records or they can adversely interfere with your future.

  1. Reliable and Discipline

When a company hires any person, it wants to make sure that the person is reliable and honest with his job. Employers are not interested in hiring individuals who never respect the deadlines, who arrive late at work, who are absent from work too often, who are not disciplined, who don’t follow the rules of the company. To get an insight on these behavioral points, they contact the references to know the conduct and reliability of a new candidate. You are selected only when you are able to earn points on conduct and commitment.

  1. Self Motivation

In order to grow on a personal level and in order to help your organization grow, you need to be self motivated. Employers always chose those individuals who are strongly self motivated. Such a person doesn’t need surveillance to deliver results. He doesn’t need a boss to tell what to do. He is a proactive person who is self motivated to find out ways to work even when not guided. He can manage the show on his own and can responsibly complete the assigned work. Not only this, such people are able to motivate people around them which help the organizations grow.

  1. Group Behavior

Employers look for candidates who are great team workers. They do not want to hire someone who cannot work in a group. It is very important for the employers to make sure that the work environment is pleasant and positive and for that to happen, they need employees to be interactive. They always look for people who can interact in group effectively, who are able to get along with all kinds of people. Anti-social people are just not loved by them.

So make sure that all these 5 things are highlighted in your resume or interaction with the hiring manager as they can help you win a wonderful job.

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Expectations of Employers for Hospital Volunteer Duties

Hospital volunteer is a thoughtful profession. It is not something that is dependent on your educational qualifications but it is something that is dependent on your experience, understanding of needs of others and proactive approach towards everything that you do. Hospital volunteers cover a wide area of services which includes small gestures like playing music in the lobby of the hospital to something intense like working to make life easier for the patients.

The duties of a hospital volunteer have a wide range. They overlap with the duties of many professionals in the healthcare industry. If you are still in your high school and desire to make a career in this then you can easy have a large experience to make you successful. This is a beautiful profession for all those who wish to make charity and service as their career, who desire to do something good for others, who wish to make life easier for people who are suffering from various problems. This profession helps them bring comfort and happiness to the lives of many people.

There is no strict definition of the work you are required to do as a hospital volunteer as it is subjective to the department you are working in. but there are some qualities and skills that you are expected to have when you are in this profession. Here is a list of these expectations which employers will always have from you.

  • Warm Reception: You are always required to be warm to the guests and visitors. You must always wear a smile on your face.
  • File Management: You must be able to file the documents at the right place and retrieve them as and when needed.
  • Dealing with Trash: You should be able to take out trash as and when needed.
  • Information Sharing: Forwarding mails, passing on information and sharing details with concerned department and personnel is also a part of your duty.
  • Maintain Cleanliness: You are required to keep your work area neat and clean.
  • Visit with Patients: Take patients to doctors or for tests or for an outing in the garden. Just be with them
  • Guide Visitors: Be ready to guide the guests and visitors if they need directions in the campus.
  • Distribution of Goodies: Transport different items like books or newspapers to different departments and sections in the hospital.
  • Clean Patient Rooms: Maintain cleanliness in the rooms of the patients by cleaning trash, putting fresh bed sheets, changing towels etc.
  • Take Orders: Take orders from patients and nurses so that you can offer best care to the patients.
  • Office Work: Attend calls, maintain files, manage papers etc. and various other official things that are a part of office work.
  • Be Polite and Patient: You are required to be polite with the staff, patients and guests and act with patience.
  • Software Dealing: Should be able to work on the company software with ease. Learn different areas of working on it.
  • Cafeteria Cleanliness: Maintain cleanliness in the cafeteria, lobbies etc.
  • Be Professional and Positive: Be positive, even in the most difficult times. Act with utmost professional while dealing with different situations.
  • Procurement: Procure different kinds of material from local vendors that are needed in the hospital on regular basis.
  • Maintain Records: Should be able to maintain all sorts of records and keep them updated.
  • Awareness: Be aware about the policies of the hospital along with policies of State Government, Federal Government and Center. Also ensure that all these policies are followed.
  • Food Refill: Refill food and water for patients as and when needed.
  • Offer Assistance: Like getting wheelchair or walkers for the patients when needed, helping them with the lift etc.
  • Prepare Meals: Must be able to make coffee, tea and other simple refreshments when needed.
  • Food Delivery: Should be able to deliver food to the patients as guided by the doctors without any delays or mistakes.

All these skills are very much necessary if you are a hospital volunteer. Your employer will always look for these qualities in you because they make you a perfect worker.

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Sample Maternity Leave Letter to Employer

Maternity leave from work is a right of every pregnant woman which gives her enough time to recover from birth and also develop a bond with her baby without worrying about her professional life. Under FMLA (Family and Medical Act) of 1993, it is a protected right an expecting woman.

If you are a working lady and you are expecting a baby then you can also take break from work by writing a formal maternity letter to employer announcing your pregnancy and mentioning the dates and duration when you will be taking the leave along with the time when you intend to return to work. It is important to inform your employer about your condition and your need for leave well in advance so that you can enjoy a tension-free and stress-free pregnancy. Here is a format template given for your reference.

Sample Maternity Leave Letter to Employer

Angela Jones
Marketing Executive,

Marketing Department,
123 Jackson Lane
New York

Date: 28th February, 2015

John Smith
HR Manager
ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

123 Red Rock Road
New York

Dear Mr. Smith,

The purpose of writing this letter is to inform you of the news of my pregnancy and the due date of my baby is 15th May 2015. Hence, I would like to apply for maternity leave from work for 12 weeks starting from 10 weeks from now i.e. from 25th April 2015 till 25th July 2015, barring any unforeseen complications. Please find all the necessary documents attached with the letter consisting of my doctor’s confirmation of my pregnancy. I would like to avail my complete maternity leave along with all the benefits for which I request you to please guide me through the process.

I will keep you informed about any changes in my plan due to unforeseen circumstances. I will also make sure that I am able to complete all the unfinished work before I go on my leave so that there is no confusion or loss to the company because of my absence.

I appreciate your consideration as I really need the benefits of maternity leave so that I am able to recover from birth, bond with my baby and take good care of his health along with regular visits to the doctor and other necessary medical check-ups. During this time, if in case you need any help from my side then I will be available on telephone 123-456-78 and you can also get in touch with me via mail at [email protected]. Please feel free to call me if you need any clarification in this matter.

Thanking in anticipation

Angela Jones

Marketing Executive,

Marketing Department,

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Ph: 123-456-78

Email: [email protected]

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Letter from Employer for Visa Purpose

If you don’t know the art of writing a formal letter on behalf of your company for visa purpose then follow the sample given below to frame a perfect letter for one of your employee confirming his employment status with the company and various other details. Here is a sample example of letter from employer for visa purpose to help you create a customized draft on your company’s behalf.

Sample Letter from Employer for Visa Purpose

Date: 15th January, 2015

Dear Sir/ Madam,
This letter has been written with a purpose to request for an H-7 visitor’s visa for our employee Mr. Anirudh Sharma. We hereby confirm that Mr. Sharma is an employee of ABC Corporation in the US. He is a full time permanent employee of this company. At present, he is working full time as a marketing manager at the Richmond Street office located at New York.

Mr. Sharma has been associated with ABC Corporation since April 02, 2012. The current salary that he is drawing from the company at this designation is $ 96,000. He is a hard working, disciplined and enthusiastic employee at our company. Please find all the relevant documents enclosed with the letter which are necessary for processing the request of the visa:

• Travel Insurance
• Bank Statement
• Passport Xerox
• Employee Verification Details
• Employee Identification Proof

He is going as the representative of the company representative to the Annual Conference at Sydney, Australia. The duration of this conference is one week. It starts from February 01, 2015 and ends on February 07, 2015. For this, his stay will be from January 28, 2015 till February 10, 2014. All the accommodation expenses and travelling expenses for this trip will be covered by the company.

The visa for the trip is required for the period from January 28, 2015 till February 10, 2014. In Sydney, Mr. Sharma will be residing at the Sheraton Hotel in suite 111 for the entire trip. We request you to please grant the visa to Mr. Sharma so that he is be able to attend the conference in his official capacity without any issues.

In case, you have any queries then please feel free to contact me at 123-456789.

Thanking in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

Simran Singh

HR Manager,

ABC Corporation

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Sample Wrongful Termination Letter To Employer

Terminating an employee is never easy. It demands taking into consideration all the details and reviewing it from legal point of view. But despite that sometimes people are wrongly terminated by mistake or because of ambiguity of facts and evidences. In such a case, the best way to go ahead is by writing a wrongful termination letter to the employer stating your case thereby getting this attention on the wrong firing. It should contain all the details because of which you feel that termination is not justified. Make sure you include all the proofs which support your statement.

Below is given a professionally drafted example template for your reference so that you can draft a customized letter as per your need, consisting of all the details in a formal and informative manner.

Wrongful Termination Letter To Employer Sample

Date: January 22, 2015

Mr. Sam Brown

52 Richmond Street

New York


Mr. Andy Jackson

Human Resource Manager

ABC Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

12 Park Avenue

New York


Dear Mr. Jackson,

This is in response to the certificate letter that was issued by you on January 14, 2015. As per that letter, my employment with ABC Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was terminated with immediate effect on January 14, 2015, “no call, no show” clause. As mentioned in the letter that I was absent from work on January 10, 2015 without prior information to my reporting manager. And this happened for the fourth time during a period of eight months that I was missing from work without any information. I would like to present my part on the evidences that have been mentioned in your letter.

As per the schedule, I was suppose to be in office on January 10, 2015 and I agree that I was missing from work without information but it is for the first time it has happened in the last eight months. I have been absent thrice from work during this duration but I have always managed to inform my day manager.

As mentioned in the evidences that you have enclosed with the letter, I was missing from work on September 6, September 7 and September 9, 2014 with my name clearly highlighted and marked with “no call no show” remark. I have reviewed your evidence and now please have a look at mine.

I am quite aware of the company policy, according to which, any change in schedule must be approved well in advance and these changes should be signed by the manager. On September 6, 2014, when I was coming for work, on my way to office, I met with an accident and was hospitalized for 2 days because I had been injured. Due to such an emergency, I could not have the approval of the manager in advance. But my wife called the day manager, Mr. Andrew James on September 6, 2014 at 10.30 a.m. to inform him about my accident and condition. When I joined my duty on September 10, 2014, I was told by Mr. James that the information of my absence from work has been updated in my employee file and no action will be taken as it was an emergency situation.

Please find all the necessary evidences attached with the letter. There is a copy of police report on accident, doctor’s medical report and other hospital bills and records that confirm that I was hospitalized on those three days when I was missing from work. I have no proof to submit that I informed Mr. James and he promised that my absences will be excused. Based on these reasons I request you to please reconsider my termination. I hope to receive your response within one week of the date of this letter.

Thanking in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

Sam Brown

52 Richmond Street

New York

Phone: 123-45678

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