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Welcome New Employee Letter

Sample / Example Welcome New Employee Letter

New Employee Name


Sub: Welcome New Employee

Dear Mr John,

Welcome to FANDA CORP and sales department.

I am delighted you are joining us as corporate sales manager. I am very pleased that you have chosen to accept our offer of employment and know that this is the beginning of a mutually beneficial association.

The enclosed information is designed to serve as an introduction to sales department and provide resources that will help you make a smooth transition into your new role.

The sales team is here to support your transition so, please know that you can call on any of us to assist you. We are looking forward to you joining our team and your success at FANDA.

Yours sincerely,
John Tam
Human Resources Manager

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Employee Drug Testing Agreement

Employee Drug Testing Agreement

Employee drug testing agreement is a written statement made between employer and new employee.

This employee drug testing agreement is made between.

Employee name:


In connection with application for employment with the company, both parties agree:

1. Employee have applied for employment with company in a position of sales manager.

2. Employee understand that if employee’s test results are positive, Employee shall not be considered further by company for sales manager position.

3. Employee also agree to authorize any physician, laboratory, hospital, medical professional retained by the company for screening purposes to conduct such screening and to provide the results to the company.

4. This agreement represents the entire understanding and agreement relating to its subject matter. Company shall be entitled fully to rely on this agreement. Employee understand that Employee have no guarantee of employment and that the company may determine not to hire employee for any lawful reason.


Authorized Signature
Print Name and Title

Authorized Signature
Print Name and Title

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Employment Agreement Checklist

Employment Agreement Checklist

This checklist is used to negotiate employment agreements between employer and employee.

1. Job description and specification

What is the title of the employee’s job?
Is employee guaranteed a seat on the board of directors while an employee?
Where is the place of employment? What are the regular working hours?
Can employee be relocated unilaterally to another city, or only with the employee’s consent?
Is the employee allowed to be involved in other activities (e.g., a directorship on other boards, involvement in community activities)?
What are the employee’s responsibilities?
Can the employee be demoted? Can employee’s responsibilities be substantially modified, decreased, or increased?

2. Wage and Salary

What is the base salary? What about overtime? What about commissions?
Does the salary go up each year by a designated amount or by cost of living increases?
Are there designated times for performance reviews?
When is it payable?

3. Benefits

Will the employee participate in all benefit plans of the company?
Which of these plans should be in place for the employee? Are all of the payments for the benefits the responsibility of the company? such as:

– Health and medical (including spouse and dependent coverage)
– Educational reimbursement
– executive financial counseling
– Disability
– 401(k)
– Pension
– Cafeteria plan
– Life insurance
– Stock option/stock grant
– Dental, vision
– Professional liability insurance

Any special loans or forgiveness arrangements?
Are some of the benefits taxable to the employee? Should employee be reimbursed for the tax?
How much vacation per year is employee entitled? Does unused vacation continue to accrue for the benefit of employee and payable on termination of employment?
Is there a designated sick pay policy?

4. Bonus

Are there bonuses to be tied to objective performance standards?
Are target bonus levels or minimum bonuses to be established?
Does employee get a signing bonus?
Is employee entitled to a guaranteed bonus?

5. Reimbursement of expenses

Are moving expenses to be reimbursed?
Is there a relocation package available for employee (e.g., the company purchasing employee’s house on a move?)
Will the employee’s business expenses be reimbursed promptly?
Is there a car or car allowance, cellular phone provided, or other such amenities?

6. Stock option grants

Does the option exercise period terminate 90 days after termination of employment or can it be longer?
Are the shares obtained upon exercise of an option subject to repurchase on termination of employment? If so, at what price? (from the employee’s perspective, repurchase rights should not be included or should be limited.)
Are the shares obtained upon exercise of an option subject to a right of first refusal? If so, on what terms?
Is the option a tax advantaged incentive stock option?
Does vesting of options accelerate on a change of control of the company? Or, on other events such as termination of employment by the company without cause?
Will employee get stock options?
What percent of the company do the options represent? (note: in venture capital backed privately held companies, the usual price for common stock options is 1/10 of the price for the latest round of preferred stock issuance.)
What is the exercise price for the options?
Are any options deemed automatically vested upon grant?
How long will unvested options vest? Monthly? Yearly cliff vesting?
How long is the option exercisable?

7. Stock grants

Does vesting accelerate on a change of control of the company? Or, other event such as termination of employment by the company without cause?
Does employee have to pay anything for the grant?
What tax will the employee have to pay for the grant? Will the company also pay employee an amount to cover the tax?
Does employee have a right of first refusal for future company stock issuances to avoid dilution?
Will the employee be granted stock?
Is this stock subject to vesting? What is the vesting period?
Is this stock subject to repurchase rights or rights of first refusal?
Should employee file a § 83(b) irc election?

8. Confidentiality restrictions

If there are confidentiality restrictions on the employee, are the following excluded from the definition of “confidential information”?:
How long do the confidentiality restrictions last? Indefinitely? A set number of years after disclosure to the employee?
What restrictions have been imposed on the employee by the prior employer?
The employee must be careful not to use or divulge confidential information of a prior employer – the new employer will often want a covenant from the employee prohibiting such use or disclosure.

9. Invention assignment issues

What is the scope of the company’s rights to the employee’s development of new inventions, trade secrets, and ideas? Are these the company’s only if they specifically relate to company business and developed during company time?
Do the invention assignment provisions comply with the california labor code or other applicable law?

10. Term and termination

How long is the employment term?
What are the circumstances that the employee can be fired “for cause”, such as: Conviction of a felony or any act involving moral turpitude; Commission of any act of theft, fraud, dishonesty or falsification of an employment record; Material uncured breach of the employment agreement; Failure to perform reasonable assigned duties; and/or Improper disclosure of the company’s confidential information; Lost of licenses; Disability
Avoid “for cause” definitions that give the company too much latitude for termination.
Is employee entitled to severance pay on termination? How much?
If the employee is terminated without cause, is it clear that employee will get all salary and benefits that employee would otherwise have been entitled to for the remaining term of the agreement?
If terminated without cause, is the company required to continue paying for benefits or cobra benefits for some period of time?
Is employee given the right to terminate at the employee’s discretion prior to the end of the term?
Does the agreement get renewed automatically on a year-to-year basis unless the company gives the employee notice of non-renewal at least 90 days in advance of the end of the term?
Is the employment “at will”?
What are the grounds, if any, on which employers can terminate?
What are the terms, if any, for compensation in the event of early termination?

11. Liability protection for the employee

Does the company’s articles of incorporation limit the liability of officers and directors to the maximum extent permitted by law?
Is there an indemnification agreement that protects the employee, covering: Indemnification protection for claims; automatic advancement of legal expenses; Protection even if the employee is no longer employed by the company? (note statutory limitations on indemnification.)
Does the company have directors’ & officers’ (“d&o”) insurance coverage? Is the company required to maintain a minimum amount of such coverage?
Do the company bylaws provide for indemnification protection for officers and employees?

12. Breach of agreement

Is the company required to give notice to the employee of any alleged breaches of the agreement and an opportunity to cure?

13. Disability and death

What is a disability event?
What happens on death? Can medical and other benefits continue for some period for the spouse and children?
What happens on disability? Does the employee continue to receive salary and benefits?

14. Golden parachute

What are the tax implications of the golden parachute payment? Will the company also gross up the parachute payment to cover the tax?
Will the company reimburse the employee’s expenses in connection with an irs audit claiming additional tax?
In the event of a change of control of the company, is employee entitled to terminate employment and receive a “golden parachute” payment (e.g., two or three times the yearly salary)?

15. Representations and warranties of the company

Are there specific representations and warranties of the company that should be set forth (e.g., financial resources, venture capital backing)?
Has employee been promised something orally that should be reflected in the employment agreement?

16. Post-employment limitations

Are there limitations on the employee soliciting company employees? For what period?
Is there a covenant not to compete after termination of employment?

17. Dispute resolution

How are disputes to be resolved?
Should arbitration be considered?
In what city must disputes be brought if litigated or arbitrated?

18. Miscellaneous provisions

Choice of law
Integration clause
Is the company prohibited from assigning the agreement?
Is there an attorneys’ fees clause where the prevailing party in a dispute would be entitled to recoup its attorneys’ fees incurred?

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Employment Offer Letter

Date : ___________

Ms. / Mr. _________________



Dear ________________,

With reference to your application and subsequent interview with us, we are pleased to offer you the position of ___________________ in our organization at a company of USD. __________________ (Rupees ___________________ only) .

We would expect you to join as early as possible but not later than _________, beyond which the offer would stand withdrawn, unless a new date is mutually agreed upon, by us in writing.

On the date of your joining, you may please bring along the following:

1. Proof of age
2. Copies of Educational Certificates
3. Copies of professional Certificates
4. Relieving certificate from the previous employer
5. Appointment letter of the previous employer and salary revision letters
6. Last pay slip received from the previous employer
7. 3 Passport Size photographs
8. An updated Curriculum Vitae
9. Form 16 (TDS certificate)

This Offer of Employment is subject to receipt of satisfactory references.

This Letter of Offer is being sent in duplicate. Kindly sign the copy as a token of your acceptance of the offer and return us the same.


For, Company Name


Name: Employee Name

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90 Days Evaluation Form

90 Days Evaluation Form

Employee Name _________________
Position: _______________________
Date of arrival:___________________

Major Purpose: briefly describes the major accomplishment he/she has achieved in his /her position during the past 90 days.

Major’s area of responsibilities: indicate one or two major areas of responsibility in the job that you would like to focus to during the next 90 days.

1. Interpersonal Relationship

Deal effectively with other
Encourage other
Keep self and other informed
Understand and support ideas
Demonstrates self control

2. Communication Skill

Listen actively
Speak with confidence
Maintain professional appearance
Ask question when appropriate
Organize thought & idea clearly

3. Team Work

Contribution actively achieve team goals
Set a good ex. For other
Weigh other view point
Establish good working relationship
Accept critical feedback

4. Innovation Ability

Self starter and resourcefulness
Generates new idea and change
Positive attitude
Use innovative and creativity to solve problem

5. Customer Service

Consistently place customer need as a priority
React quickly when a customer is dissatisfied
Act proactively on customer suggestion
Makes an effort to listen

6. Results

Complete all goals & objective set for the positions
Produce volume of the work
Quality of work
Takes pride in work

7. Technical Delivery

Timely delivery
Quality of delivery
Overall technical delivery
New skill acquire

Manager’s Recommendation

Total Score (avg) _________
Indicate specific area from the above list you would like to see improvement on.

Employee Signature ________________ Date ______________
Manager Signature ________________  Date ______________

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Employment Rejection Letter

Employment Rejection Letter

You can use this employment rejection letter to let an employer know that you do not accept a job offer.

Anna Tan
City, State, Zip Code
Phone Number


John Tam
HR vice president
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr John Tam

Thank you very much for offering me the position of Sales Manager with AAA Group. It was a very difficult for me to make this decision but I have decided to accept another job offer.

I sincerely appreciate Interview team taking the time to interview me and to share job opportunity, your company … with me.

Again, thank you for your consideration and for the job offer.




Anna Tan

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Probation Extension Letter

Sample / Example Probation Extension Letter

Employee Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip


Sub: Extension of Probation Period


We refer to the letter of job offer dated ………………………… and your acceptance of appointment as …………………… on a 2-month probationary period.

Based on the probation evaluation, we regret to inform you that we are unable to confirm your employment at the moment.

We would like to offer an extension of your current period for another 3 (three) months effective from the expiry of your original probationary period.

Within this 3 months, we shall assess and evaluate your performance and you will also be working closely with your superior to closely monitor your work and advise improvement accordingly.

If you are agreeable with the extension of the probation, we would very much appreciate it if you could sign your acceptance below and return to us at the soonest possible.


Thank You.
Yours Sincerely


HR Manager


Confirmation of probation extension
I hereby confirm that I fully understood the decision and (accept/reject) the extension of the probationary offer.

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New Employee Introduction Letter

Sample / Example New Employee Introduction Letter

To: Departments and people related.

From: John Send
HR Manager,


Sub: Introduction for New Employee

Dear all of you,

I would like to introduce Mr John Tan who will be joining your company from today at position of corporate sales manager.

His educational qualifications and experience are highly satisfactory. He is a very hard-working and sincere person who would be a great asset to your team.

Mr John Tan holds an ______ Degree from University of ______ and has an experience of around 5 years experience of sales managers with Microsoft corporation.

We look forward to your support and cooperation to Mr. John Tan in his current assignment and wish him a happy association with the FANDA GROUP Family .


Regards ,


With Best Wishes,


John Send
HR Manager

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Confirmation of Employment Letter

Sample / Examples confirmation of employment letter

Employee Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip


Sub: Confirmation of Employment

Dear Mr/Mrs,

We refer to our letter of job offer to you dated on ………… , which stated that your probation period will be subject to 3 months.

After the probationary period, we evaluated your performance, as well as your overall suitability with the company and its objectives, we are pleased to inform you of our intention to convert your probationary period into a confirmed employment, effective immediately.

Please review all compensation and benefits as follows:

1. Salary
2. Bonus
3. Holidays
4. Sick days
5. Phone
6. Lunch…

If you are agreeable with the terms, please sign the letter and return to the HR manager within a period of 5 working days.

We look forward to see you continuing your good work, and drive the company to a new height of success.

Yours sincerely,
John Tam


HR Manager

Acceptance of employment conditions : –
I hereby confirm that I accept the confirmation of employment, and that I agree with the terms and conditions as stipulated in the letter above.
Signature: …………………….
Date: …………………………..

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New Hire Integration Feedback Form


Dear Mr/Mrs…………….

This form is intended to improve the over on boarding process and your feedback is important for us.

Thanks for your cooperation.

I/ Rating scales

1. 0 = not applicable
2. 1 = Completely Disagree
3. 2 = Somewhat Disagree
4. 3 = Somewhat Agree
5. 4 = Completely Agree

II/ Feedback questions

1. My Recruiting Process was well scheduled and arranged.

2. I found the information and learning provided during the orientation training sessions relevant in helping me integrate better within………..

3. Guest House accommodation provided a comfortable stay for me.

4. I am satisfied with my overall experience with the following teams:

IT (Computers, NT Login)
Training & Development
Guest House Accommodation

5. I was given a useful ramp up for the project to help me learn fast.

6. I found the orientation program comprehensive and useful?

7. I found induction kit was useful.

What can we do better as a team to improve your on boarding experience?

Other remarks :

For Company


HR Manager

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