Invitation Letter for Visa Application Sample

invitation letter for visa application - Sample invitation template

If you are planning to travel to another country, then you might need to secure a visa for that particular country you are traveling to subjective to your country of origin. You can either secure it yourself or if you have a friend or family staying in that particular country, you can go for invitation letter for visa application. Invitation letter for tourist visa for family, parents, sister, brother are very common. Various sites offer a wide range of invitation letter sample for visa. You can access these sample invitation letter for business visa, Schengen visa or invitation letter for visa UK, USA for tourist with ease.

This post brings clarity on importance of invitation letter for visa along with invitation letter for visa application sample. You can use this invitation letter for visa application template to create your own.

Importance of Invitation Letter for Visa

There are different kinds of invitation letter for visa. There are invitation letters for visa for business that are sent to employees by their companies, for family members, for sponsorship, for medical treatment, for educational purposes. Visas are required to get entry into a different country and they come with a duration to ensure that the person doesn’t stay beyond that duration. With an invitation letter for visa, the purpose and intention of visit become clear which make it easier for the person to get a visa.

Invitation Letter Format for Visa Application


The Immigration Office,

Name of Embassy/ Consulate

Address of Embassy/ Consulate

Phone Number of Embassy/ Consulate          

Date: December 3rd, 2019

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We would like to formally invite Mr. Gaurav Sharma, Marketing Manager, Zenith Technologies, to visit our company, M/s Pinnacle Hospitality in California, USA.

From last ten years, Zenith Technologies and M/s Pinnacle Hospitality have been associated and the purpose of this visit is to take this association to a completely new level. Both the companies plan on starting a new venture together and for that this visit is of extreme importance.

The duration of the visit will be of 10 days, from December 20th, 2019 to December 10th, 2019. During his stay, Zenith Technologies will be taking caring of all the travel expenses including flight tickets, accommodation and transportation.

If you need any more information on the same, then please get in touch with me at 9898989898.

If you could grant Mr. Gaurav Sharma the required business visa so that he can make this business trip on behalf of Zenith Technologies then it would be highly appreciated.

Thanking you in anticipation.


John Smith


M/s Pinnacle Hospitality

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