Employee Termination Letter Due to Poor Performance

Employee Termination Letter Due to Poor Performance

There are times when you have a non-performing employee in your company and sometimes you have to terminate him because of his poor performance. If you an HR in your company then writing such letters is a part of your job. Learn to create professional employee letter in this regard on behalf of your company. Such letters are suppose to be quite strict in the feel but at the same time, they must not include any wrong words. They should explain the cause for termination without hurting the feelings of the employee.

Here is a sample employee termination letter given for your reference when you have to terminate an employee because of his poor performance. Use it as a reference in writing a professional letter consisting of all the important details.

Example Employee Termination letter due to poor performance

Mr. Robin Oswell,

Sales Manager,

ABC Corporation,

New York.

Date: 19.01.2015

Dear Mr. Oswell,

We are extremely regretful to notify you that the company has decided to terminate your services due to your poor performance. It’s the decision of the board of members to terminate all those employees who have not been able to deliver a desired performance for the precedent 8 months and this list has name on it.

It has been observed that in the last 12 months there has been no improvement in your performance. You have not been able to meet any of the sales targets of your team. This kind of performance is really disappointing. Thus, the company is compelled to terminate you. All your dues will be settled in a month’s time.

Thank you for your services rendered for the organization.


The Board of Directors

ABC Corporation


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