Sample Early Probation Termination Letter

Early Probation Termination Letter

There are times when an employee who is able to complete all the requirements of a probationary period in a successful manner wishes to have an early release from probation. If you are also looking for the same thing then the best way to go about is by writing a formal request letter to the authorized person asking for the same.

Here is an example format of early probation termination letter which has been framed and designed keeping in mind all the essential points that must be included in your letter. You must make sure that it is free from all kinds of grammatical and language errors along with mentioning the reasons why you deserve to have an early termination to make your request look more reasonable.

Sample Early Probation Termination Letter

Mr. Sam Brown

52 Richmond Street

New York

Date: January 29, 2015

Mr. Andrew Jackson

Human Resource Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

12 Park Avenue

New York

Dear Mr. Jackson,

As you are aware of the fact, I was placed on probation on November 16, 2014 due to some performance issues. I was told that once I am able to complete all the requirements of my probation I would be eligible to return to my original status of employment. I am highly elated to inform you that as of today, January 17, 2015, I have completed all the requirements of my probation. Hence, I respectfully request you to please review the early termination of my probation period.

It was on November 20, 2014 that I enrolled for the Effective Leadership course which was announced by the human resource department. On December 15, 2014, I received my certificate for this course. I also enrolled myself for Teamwork Building Program which is compulsory as per probation requirements on December 20, 2014. I also enrolled for a certificate course in Communication Skills the certificate of which I received on January 5, 2015.

As told by the company, the duration of my probation was 6 months. But because I have been able to meet all the requirements of probation much before the completion of the time, I believe that I have earned the right to ask you to please reevaluate my case. Last month I received an invitation to become a member of idea generation team of our company which is quite an esteem membership and I have worked really very hard to become a member of this team which works on innovations. I have been praised for my ideas and their execution along with my leadership qualities and effective communication skills.

I would like to request you to please arrange an in-person meeting where we may discuss this matter in detail. I have already had a word with my manager, Ms. Grace Cole, about my early termination from probation. She has expressed her consent for the same and she is ready to submit her will in writing at your request.

Looking forward to hear from you. For any queries, you can contact me at work or you can always call me at 123-456789.

Thanking in anticipation

Yours sincerely,

Sam Brown

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