Difference Between Experience Letter and Service Certificate

The difference between experience letter and service certificate is very negligible, but it has some differences in its purpose of use. These two documents are used to certify your performance for a specific tenure in a company and both are issued by the concerned department. The differences are in its typical subject matter and to understand its core idea, you need to have the basic knowledge about the experience letter and the service certificate.

Experienced letter:

Experience letter is mainly a supporting document issued by the employer at the completion of an employee’s working tenure. The letter is produced after one’s resignation letter is accepted by the company. This letter mainly explains the job criteria, the field of work and the exact duration of your service in a particular field. Moreover, this document is used as a proof of your stated information regarding your experience in a particular field. In case you apply a job in your field, it helps your employer to know how much you are efficient for the post.

Service certificate:

Service certificate is a document that certifies your post and service. It works as a proof that states an employee is working for a company. This certificate mentions the name of the post of a concerned employee. There is no certain time to give this certificate to the employees; even one can make a request for the service certificate for some reason to the concerned department. An employer is liable to produce such certificate on his part.

The differences between experience letter and service certificate:

  • Experience letter is a document that presents you are experienced in a certain field of interest. This letter is regarding your post and working area. The service certificate is a more authentic document than the experience letter as a company certifies an employee with maintaining its guidelines.
  • Experience letter is given to the employee only after accepting the resignation of an employee, whereas service certificate can be produced at the request of an employee at any time.
  • An experience letter describes your post and job fields, which works as a supporting document and a service certificate explains post and the service tenure of a company.
  • Experienced letter can be designed by anyone having knowledge regarding the concerned field, but there are some legal provisions, according which the service letter has to be formatted.

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