ESI General (Amendment) Regulations 2013

Please find attached ESI (General) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 which have been made effective from 1.6.2013.

The amendment provides for:

a) Now insured person who has been awarded permanent disablement benefit at a rate not exceeding Rs.10 per day (increased from Rs.5 per day earlier) can apply for commutation of permanent disablement benefit as per Regulation 76B.

b) New Regulation 110 has been inserted providing for online system of functioning including digital signatures.

Please find below the Gazetted copy.

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Revised Minimum Wages w.e.f 01.10.2011 Uttar Pradesh

Please find the attached revised Minimum Wages. Please also see the attachment

U.Skilled : 4303
S.Skilled : 4906
Skilled : 5446


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New Amendment in Factory Act 1948

In the attached pdf file please find amendments to the Factories Act 1948.

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Bonus – New Limit

The new limit will be Rs. 15,000 basic as compared to the old 10,000 INR. The lower limit will be increased from 8.33 to 11%.

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Minimum Wages Act in Andhrapradesh

Please find attach herewith Minimum Wages Act in Andhrapradesh .

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Bonus Eligibility and other details

  1. There is no minimum salary limit for bonus eligibility.
  2. The maximum salary limit is Rs.10000/-
  3. Basic + DA is considered for computing Bonus. If Basic + DA exceeds Rs.10000/- then he is not eligible for bonus. However there is a wage ceiling of Rs.3500/- for payment of bonus. If an employee draws Rs.3500/- or more up-to Rs.10000/- then his wage should be deemed as Rs.3500/- only. In other words if he draws Rs.4000/- his wage will be Rs.3500/- only for computation of bonus. If he draws less than Rs. 3500/- say Rs.3400/- then the wage will be Rs.3400/- for computation of bonus.
  4. The minimum % of bonus is 8.33% of annual Basic + DA and the maximum % is 20%.
  5. As per bonus act the maximum bonus that a person can earn is Rs.8400/- per Annam i.e Rs.3500/- X 12 = Rs.42000/- @ 20% = Rs.8400/-.
  6. Ex-Gratia is something that the management is willing to give voluntarily even if the employee is not eligible to receive bonus. The employer may not impose the wage ceiling of Rs.3500/- and may be willing to pay on the actual earnings of the employee even if it exceeds Rs.3500/-. He may also be willing to pay bonus if he exceeds Rs.10000/-.

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Payment of Gratuity

Dear Raghavendra K,

Attached herewith Format of Form-F under Payment of Gratuity Act 1972.


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PF Eligibility

The Act initially applied to factories/establishments falling within six specified industries which had completed three years of existence and employed 50 or more persons. With effect from 31-12-1960, the establishments employing 20 or more persons were also brought under the purview of the Act.

The Central Government has residual powers to apply this act to any establishment employing less than twenty employees. By virtue of these provisions, the Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme has been extended to Cinema theaters employing five or more persons, w.e.f. 1-10-1984. Also there is a provision for voluntary application of the Act to any establishment upon joint request from the employer and majority of its employees, to whom it does not apply otherwise.

An establishment to which this Act applies shall continue to be governed by this Act notwithstanding that the number of persons employed therein at any time falls below twenty. Presently an employee at the time of joining the employment and getting wages up to Rs.6500/- is required to become a member. Now an employee is eligible for membership of fund from the very first date of joining a covered establishment.

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Eligibility for New Organisation under PF Act

Company employing 15 employees and apply for provident fund code number for company. Before submitting an application for code number, you have to consider employee strength including directors (if your company is private limited or limited), then employees who are engaged through any outside agency like security, house-keeping and all. After considering the same submit coverage performa of the Employees Provident Fund Organisation and submit with it with the EPF Organisation.

These are the documents you will be submitting for PF Code Number for company they are:-

1. Form 5A in duplicate
2. Proforma for coverage in duplicate
3. Photocopy of memorandum & article of Association
4. Certificate of Incorporation
5. Copy of PAN card
6. Particulars of Owners/Directors
7. Details of employees in duplicate
8. Employee & Employer contribution
9. A demand draft of that month contribution
10. Authorized signatory letter
11. Bank account detail

Beside these any documents may be asked to deposit by EPF officers.

Click Here To Download Eligibility for New Organisation under PF Act

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Bonus in Companies

Bonus has to be paid at the rate of 8.33% of Basic as minimum and 20% of Basic as maximum. All those employees who are getting the Basic salary of upto Rs 10,000 per month are entitled to get Bonus. For the purpose of the calculation Bonus has to be paid on the maximum Basic of Rs 3500/-. e.g., if any employee is getting Basic salary in between Rs 3500 and 10,000 per month, he has to be paid the Bonus at the rate of 8.33% of Rs 3500/- as minimum or 20% of Rs 3500/- as maximum. But If he is getting basic salary less than Rs 3500/- he has to be paid Bonus on actual Basic.


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