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Appointment Letter for Apprentice Trainees

The purpose of trainee appointment letter is to send a formal confirmation to the applicant who has been shortlisted for the post of trainee. Appointment Letter for Apprentice Trainees is a formal way of informing the candidate about his selection. There are different kinds of Trainee Appointment Letters depending upon the industry. Appointment/Offer letter for gym trainer, project, industrial, management; all these trainee application letter format will be distinct.

Here is the format for trainee appointment letter. You can use this appointment letter for internship trainee sample to create a personalized letter. Follow this apprentice office letter format to have your own.

Apprentice Training Appointment Letter Format


Raghav Gupta

Human Resource Manager

HZL Health and Wellness Ltd.

New Delhi

Date: April 18th, 2019


Ashok Sharma

54, Gandhi Apartments

New Delhi

Sub: Regarding Appointment as Management Trainee

Dear Mr. Raghav Gupta,

We are very happy to inform you that you have been selected for the position of Management Trainee with HZL Health and Wellness Ltd. with the Marketing Department. The duration of apprenticeship will be one year and during this training probation period, you will be expected to fulfil all the duties and responsibilities assigned to you by the Marketing Manager, Mr. Siddharth Sen who will also be the person whom you will be reporting.

As a management trainee, you will be entitled for a starting salary of Rs.10,000 per month. Once you have completed this training, this amount is subjected to be reviewed. We would also like to inform you that during this period, you will not be entitled for any other kind of monetary benefits other than one casual leave a month. In case you plan to leave the company during the period of one year, you will be required to serve a notice period of two weeks.

If you have any other queries, please feel free to write at You will need to express your acceptance to the appointment as trainee with our company by signing the copy of this document and sharing it with us by post.

Congratulations and welcome aboard.


Human Resource Manager

HZL Health and Wellness Ltd.

New Delhi

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Duties and Responsibilities of HR Assistant in India

It is very important to understand a profile before applying for it. If you are planning to apply for the post of Human Resource Assistant job in India then you must know the HR assistant job duties and responsibilities. HR assistant is a professional who manages the everyday Human Resources duties and responsibilities and is the nexus between the company, its employees and vendors.

In this post we have included all the roles and responsibilities included in HR administrative assistance job description. Find out not only all the duties and responsibilities of HR assistant in India but also the qualifications and skills one must possess.

What does a HR Assistant do?

In simple words, if you wish to understand that what does an HR assistant do then they offer an extensive range of supportive management in HR department and are involved in various day-to-day activities, some of which are listed below:

  • They are the connection between the Human Resources and the employees of the company.
  • They ensure smooth and clean communication between employees and HR.
  • They coordinate meetings and take follow-ups.
  • They are involved in creation of policies.
  • They manage employee database.

Human Resources Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

As mentioned above, there are lots of activities included in Human Resources assistant job description resume. We have complied some of these important HR duties and responsibilities in India:

  • Keep the employee database up to date.
  • Regularly update and process reports in relation with different personnel activities.
  • Manage and fulfil requests of the employees in relation with HR issues or regulations.
  • Plan, coordinate and manage the HR projects and prepare reports on the same.
  • Manage and address grievances properly.
  • Work out the company’s employee needs and manage recruitment and selection process.
  • Organize orientation for new employees
  • Assist in process of payroll preparation of employees.
  • Ensure effective communication between employer and employee.
  • Manage, plan and organize day to day working of the HR Department.

How Can One Become an HR Assistant

If you wish to become an HR Assistant in India, there here are the points to be kept in mind:

  • Must have a degree in Management course.
  • Possessing good theoretical knowledge on human resource is a big advantage.
  • Regular learning and updating about HR processes and developments like changes in labour laws etc.

HR Assistant Skills

We have shared some of the must have skills for Human Resources assistants to be successful in their field:

  • Effective skills to communicate across different levels in the organization.
  • They have to be a people person which requires inter-personal skills.
  • Skills to train the new employees of the company.
  • Skills to understand and recruit right talent for the employer.
  • Technical skills are also very important to deal with changing technologies at work.
  • Skills to plan, manage and organize.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant Qualifications

If you want to be come an HR assistant then you must also know the required qualification for HR assistant:

  • Degree in Human Resource Management is a must.
  • BBM or MBA are essential for HR Assistant profile.
  • For higher position in HR Department, PGDM or MBA in HR play significant role.

Salary for HR Assistant in India

The basic start salary for the profile of HR Assistants in India starts from 10,000 to 12,000 and goes up to 25,000 for a month. The bigger the company, the higher will be the salary. What is important is to start a job to have more experience and then you can comfortably rise to higher profiles in HR Department or otherwise.

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Easy Group Discussion Topics on Current Affairs

Group discussions are the best way to improve communication skills, gain confidence and knowledge. This is the reason many colleges and companies organize this activity by picking unique, difficult and sometimes easy group discussion topics.

We have come up with a list of latest GD topics on current affairs 2019. These are the best group discussion topics on current affairs in India. You can select from these group discussion topics related to current affairs to organize a sizzling GD for your students.

Given below is a list of top 15 Group Discussion (GD) topics on current affairs.

1. Is BJP better than Congress?

2. Being secular is good for India or not?

3. Bitcoin is good or bad for India

4. Facebook can be a big boost for business.

5. Is India all set to become a cashless economy?

6. How Modi’s “Make in India” is better than “Made in India”?

7. It is time that India should have Uniform Civil Code.

8. How GST has helped India grow?

9. How Chinese goods are a threat to Indian economy?

10. Replacing caste-based reservation with economic status-based reservation.

11. Is Modi the best prime minister of India in last two decades?

12. India needs a war or diplomatic cornering of Pakistan?

13. Juvenile crimes are on the rise in India. Yes or no?

14. Is women empowerment the solution for crime against women?

15. Are Indian states poorer than African states?

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Group Discussion Topics for College Students

Group discussions for school students and college goers have become an integral part of learning because they not only help students expand their knowledge but also add on to their confidence levels.

In this post, we have come up with Group Discussion (GD) for college students. These group discussion topics for engineering students prepare them for facing various entrance exams and interviews in the career.

Latest Topics for group discussion (GD) for College Students on current affairs:

1. Should NOTA be removed from voting?

2. Business and Ethics don’t go hand in hand.

3. Is reservation for women good for India?

4. Are Indian news channels responsible or irresponsible?

5. Should live-in relationships be encouraged?

6. How big a threat is China to India?

7. How good a decision is to stop giving subsidy to agriculture is?

8. Which is a better system of politics in India- Two party or multi-party?

9. Is India really growing with increasing stress and health problems?

10. Television shows are badly influencing the youth.

11. Impact of social media on Indian values.

12. Pros and cons of using Facebook for business.

13. Entrepreneurship is not everyone’s cup of tea.

14. Leaders are born and not made.

15. Managers are same as leaders.

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10 Best Employee Appreciation Quotes for Boss – Thank You Messages

It is always a sweet gesture to express gratitude to your boss or manager at work for his guidance and support. The employee appreciation quotes for boss and Thank You messages for boss or managers help you say it all in the perfect way. You can share these thanks message to boss for appreciation on Boss Day or his birthday or his day of retirement or farewell to make it all the more special.

Given below are the 10 best Employee Appreciation Quotes for boss to share. Send these inspirational quotes for boss to tell them how important he has been to you.

Best Employee Appreciation Quotes for Boss/Managers

1). There are no words to express my gratitude towards you for all the support and mentoring you have showered me with….. Thank you boss for always being there for me.

2). All the knowledge that you have enlightened me with, all the experiences that you have shared with me have helped me in my career, with all my heart, I say Thank You to you.

3). You have not only taught me to be professional and innovative but you have always taught me to be a good person…. Thank you for helping me grow.

4). You are an extraordinary boss because you inspire the ones who work with you and you guide them towards a better and happier life.

5). With a boss like you, I never had to worry because I was always taken care of…. A warm thank you to you for being so generous and understanding, helpful and kind.

Appreciation Thank You Messages for Boss

6). It has been a privilege working with a boss like you who is so zealous and promoting…. Thanks for helping me grow and learn so many new things.

7). You are the perfect combination of a great manager and a supportive boss…. Thanks for being there for me always and helping me move ahead in my career.

8). You have always inspired me to do more, do better, do perfect…. You have always been a great boss and I am lucky to have you.

9). Good bosses are what make good employees…. You are the sole reason for all my success because you have supported me and guided me.

10). Thank you boss for transforming all the challenges into opportunities for me…. Thanks for teaching me the business and helping me walk up the ladder of success.

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7 Best Staff Appreciation Quotes for Employees

Recognizing the efforts of your employees and praising them for the same instills them with new energies. Employee Appreciation quotes help employers express gratitude towards their employees and thank them in a special way. You can use these staff appreciation quotes for employees in your email or thank you cards to appreciate them.

We bring some of the best employee appreciation quotes sayings. Simply use these wonderful employee appreciation quotes for good work to acknowledge and praise them for the job well done.

Staff Appreciation Quotes for Employees

1). Attitudes and approaches matter the most in anything you do and you have the best of both which make you the best performer of our company. Congratulations to you!!!

2). When you come to office, you bring along high spirits and positive energy which are highly contagious and makes our place of work the best place for our employees. Thank You!!!

3). With employees like you, there are no Monday blues…. A warm thanks to you for bringing along great enthusiasm and positivity to work and inspiring others to work harder.

4). People who make work fun, who make offices a place to be, who are responsible and dependable…. They are the best and you are one of those few gems we have.

5). We really thank the HR who hired you because she appointed the most inspiring and committed performer….. We are really proud of you and we are extremely fortunate to have you.

6). We know that when there is something important, urgent that needs to be done right, you are always there to make it happen….. Thank you for impressing us with your work time and again.

7). There are two kinds of people- one who complain and one who find solutions. You fall in the latter category which is very rare…. You are the most valued employee we have.

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10 Funny Employee Appreciation Quotes Sayings and Messages 2019

Don’t forget to appreciate and wish your employees on Employee Appreciation Day which falls on the first Friday in the month of March every year. Send Thank You team quotes to them or share funny employee appreciation quotes to keep it light and fun. This is a perfect day to send funny employee appreciation day quotes to all the staff members, co-workers, team members, boss/managers.

We have the best Employee Appreciation quotes and sayings for good work done. The collection of best funny Employee Appreciation Day messages to send to your staff at different levels.

Best Funny Employee Appreciation Quotes Sayings

1). Your goals are really scared of you because you never give up on them, no matter how hard you have to work….. Happy Employee Appreciation Day to you.

2). You are always so eager to volunteer yourself for any work I give that others in the organization have become lazy and bored…. Best wishes on Employee Appreciation Day to you.

3). When I look at you, I see a wise investment because not only you work hard but also make others work harder…. Wishing a very Happy Employee Appreciation Day.

4). I have stopped counting the times you have made your team proud because it has been happening pretty often…. Wishing you success on Employee Appreciation Day.

5). I am not an easy boss when it comes to appreciating but you are a tough nut who would always make me praise you with your work…. Happy Employee Appreciation Day to you.

6). Bosses are so habitual of finding faults in their staff that they forget to appreciate but you ensure that I don’t forget to compliment you on your job well done.

7). It is not easy to become an example for others…. Consistent hard work, focus and dedication goes into it and I am so proud that you an undisputed example for everyone in the company.

8). On Employee Appreciation Day, I want to thank you for forcing all your managers to work harder to set higher targets and look for more difficult job for you.

9). Employees like you are great performers and impressive motivators and that’s why everyone around you has to work so hard….. Happy Employee Appreciation Day.

10). To win an appreciation, you have to deliver an unexpected performance but with you it seems to be impossible to not appreciate your amazing work…. Warm wishes on Employee Appreciation Day!!

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5 Best Employee Appreciation Day Message from CEO

Employee Appreciation Day is a special day to appreciate the good job done by employees. Celebrated every year on the first Friday of March, this is an occasion to share a few words of praise with employees to motivate them to work harder. A Thank You message from CEO or inspirational employee appreciation quotes can infuse new energy in employees.

Make it a special day for your staff with top 5 best Employee Appreciation Day messages from CEO shared below. Use these finest Employee Appreciation quotes, employee appreciation messages to praise them.

Best Employee Appreciation Message from CEO

1). The company is proud to have employees like you who always put their job and responsibilities first…. I appreciate you for your impressive performance…. Best wishes on Employee Appreciation Day.

2). Employees who work hard and deliver results deserve all the appreciation…. We thank you for being the star performers and wish you all the success on Employee Appreciation Day.

3). Each effort that you make at work counts and has the power to bring success…. On Employee Appreciation Day, I congratulate you for your amazing work and wish you success in future.”

4). We look forward to have employees like you in our company who strive to set new records and inspire others to work harder…. Best wishes on Employee Appreciation Day to you.

5). Success comes to those who work for it and you truly deserve every bit of it…. Sending a warm Thank You for your impeccable performance and warm wishes on Employee Appreciation Day.

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Helpful Tips for HR Managers to Handle #MeToo Movement in India at Workplace

Tips for HR Managers to Handle #MeToo Movement in India
Tips for HR Managers to Handle #MeToo Movement in India

Last year some big names were revealed on the allegations of sexual misconduct and then they had to resigned or were fired from their prestigious positions. #MeToo movement in India and abroad has completely chanced the society and also the workplace. Since #MeToo movement has appeared in the headlines, the way sexual misconduct is handled has completely changed. #MeToo has opened a completely ignored issue which is now being discussed openly.

The wave of me too in the workplace is having a ripple effect across all the countries and therefor, hiring managers need to do some serious thinking. Me too movement business response has become significantly important.

Tips for HR Managers for Dealing with #MeToo Movement in India

Here are some important tips that are extremely helpful for HR managers to follow to their workplace a healthy and positive one:

1. Always Be Open to Listen

HR managers must always be open to listen carefully what accusers have to say. Ignoring them or not taking them seriously can be a big mistake. Therefore, HR managers must understand that all everyone should be given a fair chance to keep things sorted and right.

2. Greater Exposure

Since the times social media platforms have become an easy and popular place to express, taking sexual misconduct easy is making a big mistake. If there are cases of sexual harassment at your workplace and you have failed to address them then they can definitely surface as #MeToo movement damaging the reputation of the organization. Therefore, giving more time into hiring employees that are good in conduct is the need of the hour.

3. Reasons Causing Sexual Harassment

An effective solution of a problem is possible if you understand the reasons behind it. HR managers must find out the reasons which cause sexual harassment or have led to me too in the workplace. This would require to know what a male and a female employee undergoes. This is an extremely sensitive subject and requires managers to constantly keep understanding and evolving with times to know the behaviours and have policies to correct them.

4. Create a Complete Policy Sexual Harassment

HR Managers must work out to create a wholesome sexual harassment policy which is very clear and complete. This policy has to be fair and applicable to all the employees. This policy must contain the steps to be followed in case of sexual harassment at work. Not only that, the policy should also highlight the consequences an employee will face if charges of sexual harassment are proved.

5. Track Record of Employees

It is very important to keep the track record of employees. Recording smallest of the behavior that is not correct can be very beneficial in controlling problems like sexual harassment. It simply shows how vigilant is a company about anything wrong that happens.

6. Taking Right Actions

It is not enough to have sexual harassment policy because organizations have to take strong actions against those who are found guilty of it. If the organization takes strict actions against the culprits then they not only show their support to the ones who have undergone the torture but also put an end to many such episodes which could have otherwise happened. One right act sets many things correct for the future.

7. Conducting Training of Employees on Sexual Harassment

It is very important for employees to know what actions are considered sexual harassment and for that many organizations have started to conduct me too movement training. If employees are aware of the right and wrong conduct and they know whom to report then they will be able to report such incidents better and there will be a strong check on those who are involved in this kind of misconduct. By training employees on sexual harassment, they can be better clarity on what actions they can take.

By following these tips, you can save me too in the workplace by proactively solving the issues of sexual harassment.

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Handover Job to Colleague Email Sample and Template

Whenever a person leaves an organization, it is a part of his duty to handover job to colleague. For this, there are different kinds of handover of work responsibilities and duties emails that are written in this process. There is a handover email to colleague after resignation, handover job email from employer to employee etc. With handover job to email samples, keep things sorted and easy.

In this post, we have come up with all kinds of handover job to colleague email samples for reference. Use these handover mail formats which are quick to download and easy to use.

Handover Hob to Colleague Email Sample – Employee to Customers

Date: 19.02.19

Dear Ms. Samantha,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have resigned from AB Growth Bank and I will be leaving the organization on 22.02.2019. Mr. Adam Johnson will be taking up all my responsibilities and will be your Relationship Manager from now on. I am confident that he will be an amazing association and you will have no complaints dealing with him. In case of any issues, please call me at 9898989898.


Richard Brown

Relationship Manager

AB Growth Bank

Handover of Work Responsibilities and Duties Email Sample Employer to Employee

Date: 19.02.19

Dear Ms. Samantha,

As per our records, you will be leaving our organization on 28.02.2019.

You are requested to make all necessary arrangement of handing over all your duties and details on ongoing project to Mr. John Black by 25.02.2019 to keep things comfortable for you as well as the organization.

On behalf of AB Growth Bank, I extend a warm Thank You for your service. Wishing you good luck for the future.


Richard Brown

Human Resources Manager

AB Growth Bank

Handover Job to Colleague Email Sample – Employee to Colleagues

Date: 19.02.19

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing this email to inform you all the I am leaving AB Growth Bank on February 28th, 2019. I would like to extend a warm thanks to all of you for being a wonderful support and inspiration to me. Also, I would like to introduce Mr. John Black as my replacement in the company. He will need all your guidance and support to fulfil his roles and responsibilities.

Again a very big thank you to all of you. It was a great pleasure and honour to be working with you all. Wishing you all a very good luck for future.


Samantha Lu

Handover Email to Colleague after Resignation

Date: 19.02.19

Dear Robin,

I have been updated that you have been appointed to take over all my responsibilities when I leave my position with the company on 28.02.2019. Therefore, I am writing this email to arrange a meeting with you so that we can discuss the important dimensions of this role and to make sure that I can handover all the important documents and information on projects that I have been working on swiftly.

Please let me know when you will be available to have a meeting.


Samantha Lu

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