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Sandwich Leave Rule Policy In Simple Words

Sandwich Leave Rule Policy is a Saturday Sunday leave policy followed by many companies. It implies that when term holidays fall between two availed leaves then in that case they all merge together and they are considered as sandwich leaves. For example, if Sunday is an official holiday in a company and an employee takes Saturday and Monday as offs then in that case, Sunday, the official holiday, will also be counted as a leave making it a sandwich leave of three days. This is basically Sunday holiday rules followed by companies in order to prevent their employees from taking long holidays by utilizing the weekends.

There are different Sandwich leave formats followed by companies subjective to their rules. Sandwich leave policy is legal and counts official holidays as leaves if they are sandwiched between leaves.

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How to write a Leave Letter

Sometimes we happen to step away from our current job for a couple of days or weeks or months. Due to certain reasons, we have to stay away from work to deal with a situation but we are keen on returning back on the job and resume our responsibilities. In such a situation, you must write a formal leave letter to your employer or HR manager stating the reason and the duration for which you will not be able to be present at work. Such letters are important in order to communicate your reasons to the management in an effective and clear manner so that there is no confusion and you can easily and comfortably get back to work once things are fine at your end.

Guidelines for Writing Formal Leave Letter

Given below are the steps which you can follow to create a perfect professional leave letter which contains the reason, the duration for leave along with expressing your intention to join back. Use these guidelines to write a complete formal letter without any mistakes.

Keep Notes Handy

Before you start writing the letter, you must write all the essential points that you want to include in your letter on a piece of paper. This will help you have a proper flow of information in your letter and will include all the details in a refined manner without causing any confusion.

Highlight Important Details

You must include all the important details which must include the duration for which you will not be attending the office. Also state the reason because of which you are taking such a step as it will make your letter more authentic and informative. You must also mention the date when you are expected to join your job again.

Always Thank

You must express the gratitude to the company and the employer. Saying thank you never hurts and it always leaves a positive impression.

Keep it Professional

You must make sure that your letter follows a formal format. Keep the tone polite. Check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Keep it formal, short and sweet.

Double Check

It is important to check with your employer that your letter has been received. Double check that the details are effectively communicated to him so that there is no confusion at his end.

Format of Leave Letter

Here is the format of the leave letter which must be followed:


This is the beginning of the letter which must be short and sweet. It should contain the introduction along with stating the purpose of the letter in a clear manner.


This is the main body of the letter which elaborates the purpose stated in the introductory part. It must contain more information on the reason for leaving, duration for leaving and the expected date when you can rejoin the job. This part must also include anything that you expect the employer to do like monitor something during your absence or handle some issue.


This is the end of your letter which should contain a thank you note. Keep your final sign off polite.

Mistakes to Avoid in Leave Letters

Here are some of the most common mistakes that we all make while writing formal leave letters:

  • Forget to mention contact details

Make sure that you state your contact details so that in case of emergency your boss can contact you. In case, you don’t want to be contacted, mention that in the letter.

  • Giving wrong details

We sometimes end up giving wrong details like wrong date of departure, wrong date of joining or wrong reason for leaving. All this needs to be double checked before submitting the letter.

  • Room for misinterpretation

Sometimes the details that we share are incomplete or often they are misinterpreted. Make sure whatever details you are stating are clear and don’t leave any room for misinterpretations.

  • Too much information

You don’t have to give too much information in your letter. Keep it short and simple and there are chances that you may end up giving unnecessary details. Do not make your letter longer than a page or two as it might also get quite boring for the employer to read it.

Use these steps to create a perfect leave letter which will keep things clear and simple.

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Explanation Letter for Absence without Official Leave

Sometimes there is some urgent situation because of which you miss on sending an official leave application to your manager seeking permission for absence. But once things are under control, you must write a formal letter explaining the reason for absence from work. This is essential because it shows your concern towards your job and also informs your manager about the reason because of which you could not make it to work.

Given below is the sample of explanation letter for absence without official leave which you can use for creating a personalized letter with necessary details. Generally, these letters are short in length and explain the reason.

Format of Explanation letter for absence without official leave

Mathew Jacob

46 Agastha Apartments,

Herald Street,

New York

Date: 12th April, 2016


Julia Mars

HR Manager,

XYZ Development Bank

42 Richmond Street,

New York

Dear Ms. Julia,

I would like to bring to your notice that on 11th April, 2016, I had to abruptly leave the office because of some medical emergency in my family. My grandmother had fallen seriously ill and I had to take her to hospital immediately that day. Because of the seriousness of the issue, I was not able to inform my team leader for leaving work all of a sudden. I have not filled in leave form today for yesterday and I hope you are going to consider my absence as leave.

My grandmother’s condition is not stable and my sister is there to care of her. Now I will be able to focus on my job and will not be missing any work.

I am hopeful that you will show your consideration on this issue.

Thanking you.


Mathew Jacob

Marketing Executive

XYZ Development Bank

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Leave Letter to Manager for Personal Reason

Whenever you are applying for leave from work, you are expected to mention the reason for your absence. But sometimes it happens that you are not in a position to disclose the reason behind your leave request because there are some situations in which you are not able to mention the reason. It is either very personal or you don’t wish to disclose it officially. If you are in need of framing such a letter then refer to the format sample given below.

Use the example to write a formal and customized leave request letter for personal reasons.

Format of Leave Letter to Manager for Personal Reason

Andrew Cullen

123 Prospect Ave, Apt 111

Ph: 123-456-78

Date: 02th March, 2015

John Smith
HR Manager
ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
123 Park Avenue

Subject: Leave Application for Personal Reason

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am in need of leave for a week, from 20th February, 2015 till 26th February, 2015, due to some personal reasons. Because there is some serious situation in my family, I need to be there with my family members and I cannot even state the reason for my absence.

Hopefully, on 27th February, 2015 I shall be able to resume my work. I have handed over all my work to Ms. Julie Jackson and she will be managing the project in my absence. During this time, you can contact me on phone at 123-456-78 or you can email me at [email protected] as and when you need my assistance.

Thanking you for your kind consideration in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Cullen

Marketing Executive

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Leave Register – in excel

Please find the attachment of Leave Register.

Click Here To Download Leave REGISTER IN EXCEL

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Leave Record Format

Find attach is the Leave Record Format.

Click Here To Download Leave_Record

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Leave Record Format

Attached herewith Leave Record Format.
Please note that some formulae have been used for few specific cells. Hence before using this please check the formulae implemented cells.

Here are the abbreviations :

OB: Opening Balance
CB: Closing Balance
CR: Credited
LWP: Leave without pay

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Employee Leave Card

Sharing a model Employee Leave Card.

Click Here To Download Employee Leave Card

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Annual Leave Card

Attaching a model Annual Leave Card.

Click Here To Download Annual Leave Card

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Employee Leave Application Form

Attach herewith Employee Leave Application Form.

Click Here To Download Leave Application Form

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