Sample Letter Inquiring About Hiring Decision

We all are keen on knowing the status of the application once we are done with the interview. But not all of us take pains to write to the company for a follow up thinking it to be a waste of time or we are not confident enough to enquire about it. Remember writing a letter inquiring about hiring decision leaves a positive impression on the employer as it shows your seriousness towards the job.

Here is an example template to help you frame a professional letter addressing the HR department to ask about the status of your hiring. Personalize it as per your need and find out about the hiring decision.

Sample Letter Inquiring About Hiring Decision

Adam Smith

22, Nicholas Street


Ph: 1234-5678

Date: 25.09.15


Andrew Joseph,

HR Manager,

ABC Technology Pvt. Ltd.,

52 Park Street


Dear Mr. Joseph,

The purpose of writing this letter is to find out about the status of my job application. I have applied for the position of Marketing Manager at ABC Technology Pvt. Ltd. My interview was scheduled on 15th September, 2015. I had the chance to meet you in person and know more about the company which made me more interested in joining your prestigious organization.

I would like to express my interest in this job opening as I am quite sure that my qualifications and experience are going to suit the profile. As discussed during the interview, I have wonderful organizational skills that are essential for planning, managing and executing. I have profound knowledge of complete procedures that are needed to carry out marketing projects of all possible lengths. As now I am more informed about ABC Technologies Pvt. Ltd., I feel I can come up with wonderful marketing plans which will help the organization grow. Not only that, I already have so many ideas coming up which just need right planning to come up with wonderful results.

I would like to thank you for taking out time from your hectic schedule to interview me. I am really very excited and hopeful for joining your esteemed organization. Looking forward for a positive response from your side. You can contact me at 1234-5678or email me at [email protected].

Yours sincerely,

Adam Smith

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Famous HR Punchlines both in International and Indian Markets

I have attached famous HR punchlines both in International and Indian Markets.


By changing your thinking,

You change your beliefs;


When you change your beliefs,

You change your expectations;


When you change your expectations,

You change your attitudes;


When you change your attitudes,

You change your behaviors;


When you change your behaviors,

You change your performances;


When you change your performances,

You change your life!

“Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s success”. 


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EPFO Circular No.WSU/5(1)/2003/11146

Please find attached EPFO Circular No.WSU/5(1)/2003/11146 dated 20th July 2012 for your information.


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Probationary Procedure

Probationary Procedure

I/ Goal:

– To recruit suitable employees for the business strategy and recruitment plan of the company.

II/ Applicability:

– Applied to the whole company.

III/ Definition:

– No definition

IV/ Content:

1. Probationary contract signing:

– After sending the recruitment announcement to the applicant, personnel staff will have to contact him to confirm the information and invite him to the company for probationary contract.

– If the applicant agrees with the invitation, personnel department will write a recruitment decision by sample then forward it to the director to sign.

– When the applicant comes, personnel staff needs to explain him the terms of the probationary contract. If the applicant agrees with the terms, personnel staff will set up a probationary contract signing ceremony, then give the applicant the original contract and keep for themselves one copy.

– Personnel staff will set up a probationary plan by sample and send it to the applicant. After that, the copies will be sent to direct and indirect management staff, security staff and one for the record (along with recruitment decision).

– As for the situation in which formal contract is signed immediately without probationary period, personnel department will proceed with the formal contract right away. However, in this situation, some procedures are still needed such as learning about internal regulations, professional knowledge, introduction meeting, work assigning, and facility handover… as mentioned in integration training procedure.

2. Probation preparation:

Based on the probationary contract and program, personnel staff will coordinate with other department to perform the following tasks.

– Prepare all the necessary facilities and equipments for the new employees.

– Work with the new employee’s manager to map out the probationary and training program. Employee management staff will set up the program by sample first.

– Prepare the internal regulation and rule training program.

3. Staff introduction to the new employees:

– Personnel department will have to set up a meeting introducing the staff to the new employee. Participants include: the new employee, personnel staff, relevant employees and the direct managers.

– In the meeting, the process will be conducted through the following steps:

• State the reason for the meeting.
• Announce the recruitment decision.
• Introduce the new employee.
• Introduce the relevant individuals, position and their work briefly.

4. Hand over workplace as well as necessary facilities:

– Administrative department will work with the manager of organizing department about handing over the facilities, table, chair to the new employee.

– The handover work has to be recorded in a form, a copy of which will then be sent to the HR department for the record.

5. Learning about internal rules and regulations:

– After being handed over all the facilities, the new employee will be instructed about the internal rules and regulations of the company.

– The new employee will have to learn about the rules of the company in the training program for relevant positions in the integration training program.

– The training process will include: personnel staff instructs about the regulations, new employee’s seft learning, new employee’s explaining about the content of the regulations and signing in the minutes of training.

6. Assignment:

– After learning about the internal regulations, personnel staff will give a job description table to the new employee who will then have the responsibility to forward it to the direct manager.

– The direct manager will be responsible for explaining the content of the description table after signing and returning it to the employee. Then, the employee will have to return the table (with necessary signatures) to the personnel department within 3 days at least on receipt of the table.

– After explaining the table, the direct manager gives the employee the probationary assignment form to sign (one copy will be given to the indirect manager later) and explain the assignments in the form. The minutes of assignment is done by sample form.

– The direct manager will take responsibility for training the employee work skills as planned in the professional training program for that job title.

7. Probation evaluation:

– Deadline for evaluating after a probationary period is 5 days (for contract of 1 month), 15 days (for probationary period of 2 months). The direct manager will be responsible for evaluating the employee’s performance using a specific form.

– The minutes of evaluation has to be signed by the indirect manager and the divisional manager and will then be sent to the personnel department.

– If personnel department doesn’t receive an evaluation form after probationary period, the probationary will be considered to be accepted to become a regular one by his department.

– As for employee’s not meeting the job requirement, personnel department will call and explain to the employee the content of the evaluation process and announce the finish of the probationary contract, instruct him about probationary payment procedure.

8. Signing of formal recruitment contract:

– Personnel department informs the department manager to invite the applicant for official labor contract signing by national law and in sample form.

– Personnel department will perform all the necessary procurements to make the formal labor contract with the applicant.

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Hiring Process

Hiring Process

1. Recruitment process

In this step, we conducts tasks such as:
• Get the required recruitment
• Market research recruitment
• Identify recruitment channels suitable
• Planning recruitment
• Implementation plan recruitment

Above steps in details are in the process of recruiting.

2. Selection process

In this step, we conducts tasks such as:

• Receiving records
• Conduct test and evaluation of candidates through the test and interview etc.

Above steps in details are in the process of selection.

3. Job Negotiation

The negotiations of job include the works in the following:

• Probation duration
• Salary of probation
• Contract duration
• Official salary
• Working conditions
• Working instruments
• Policies of compensations and benefits…

All above information should be in written evaluation form with the signature of the director, then move this form to HR dept to finishing probation procedure.

4. Sign probation contract

a. New employees must:

• Supply the entire profile as stipulated by the company.
• Read the internal labor, employee handbooks and regulations involved.
• Read and sign the probation contract.

b. For HR staff:

• Send employee handbook and labor rules to new employees.
• Explain the rules of the company.
• Create and implement procedures for contract probation.
• Guide administrative procedures for new employees.
• Transfer new employee to head of department.
• Making the minutes of handing over the tools for new staff.
5. Implementation of probation process

a. One week after first day of probation

• HR manager need to meet department heads to review probation for any supports and make preparations if the new employee does not meet the job requirements.
• Meet new employee to hear their requests for timely support.

b. One week before the end of probation

• Transfer probation self-appraisal form to new employee.
• Transfer probation appraisal form to department head.

6. Considering the test results

• Need to organize meetings with the hiring authorities, department heads to determine recruitment results.
• Ensure that the probation result must be sent to new employee at least 2 days compared with days of the final probation.

7. Sign contract official

• If new employee can not meet the requirements, HR dept should conduct liquidation procedure of probation contract.
• If new employee reach the requirements, HR dept will make labor contract with signature of director and staff.

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