Internship Agreement Sample

Whenever a company selects an intern for the internship program then it is important that both the parties sign an internship agreement which is nothing but a legal contract which has all the details on rules and regulations. This includes the duration of internship, the stipend (if any), the starting date and the date on which it ends. This is important for security of interests of both the parties.

Here is a sample internship agreement given below which you can use for your personal reference and create a one with all the points.


This internship agreement is between ……………………………… (“Intern”), a student of ……………………………. (Name of the College or Institution) and …………………………………… (“Company”). The purpose of this internship is for the Intern to learn about the functionalities of business at the Company and gain experience and insight about the working.

The term of the internship starts on ………………….and ends on …………………………….

The stipend for the internship will be $ …………….(Amount in Words) per month.

Conditions of the Agreement:

  • The internship may be terminated by either party at any time.
  • The internship is for educational purpose only and it doesn’t promise or guarantee permanent employment with the company.
  • The Intern does not replace or displace any employee of the Company.
  • The learning during the training is for express benefit of the Intern.
  • The Intern will be supervised and guided for better learning.
  • Company does not stand liable for any injury or health condition that may arise during the course of internship.

I,__________________ (Name of the “Intern”), acknowledge that I have been given a golden chance to experience the professional world. I have understood the scope of work that will be covered in the internship and I am confident that I can meet and shoulder the responsibilities that have been described in a professional manner within the time limits. I also acknowledge that the purpose of this internship is for academic and education. My performance will be evaluated on the criteria mentioned below:

  • My ability to deliver professional performance. For instance, ability to report on time, ability to achieve the targets within the deadlines, ability to be a proactive learner, ability to interact with supervisor and coworkers to learn better;
  • My ability to learn different things during the course of internship, as indicated by my caliber to fulfill the scope of my work, to develop new skills etc.;
  • Evaluation done by my supervisor;
  • A formal written report that has to be completed within two weeks after finishing the internship, describing my learning experience in the internship.

I accept the internship, which has been awarded to me by the ……………………… (Name of the “Company”) and I understand the following points mentioned below:

  • I will be responsible for travelling to and fro from the place of work where internship will take place.
  • I will be observing all the rules and regulations, directives and procedures of the Company;
  1. To maintain confidentiality of all unpublished information made known to me by the department of the office during my internship. Not to publish any reports or papers using the information that was obtained during this period, both during the internship and also after completing it.
  2. Not to engage in any activity that would adversely affect the Company or the receiving department and not to refrain from any activity that is not in accordance with the objectives of the Company.
  3. To submit a written application in case of illness or any other kind of emergency which prevent me from completing my internship.
  4. To complete the evaluation questionnaire at the completion of internship and to submit it to my supervisor who has been mentoring my internship.
  5. To agree that the information that is attached in Student Information Format is complete and true to the best of my knowledge.

Mentor Agreement

I,_______ (Name of the Mentor), agree to mentor as an intern at ……………… (Name of the “Company”). I acknowledge that the course of internship is going to be an academic experience as well as a professional experience for the intern. I also agree to provide all the learning assistance and supervision to the Intern throughout the internship. I certify that during the internship, Intern will gain experience with the skills outlined in the attached work plan. I also agree to consult with both the Intern and the internship coordinator before making any major changes to the work plan.

Academic Advisor Agreement

I, __________ (Name of the Academic Advisor), the academic advisor for the intern, have thoroughly analyzed and studied the attached scope of work and agree that it will be a wonderful academic learning experience for the student. Based upon my interactions with the student and their previous academic performance, I am quite sure that he/she will be able to meet all the targets outlined for the internship n the scope of work in a successful manner.

Intern’s Signature


Mentor’s Signature


Academic Advisor’s Signature



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