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Maternity Leave Expenses Disbursement Letter Format

In many companies, female employees are entitled for maternity leave and in some companies, companies take care of the maternity expenses of that employee. In case, you also work for such a company then you can always write a maternity leave expenses disbursement letter to the management. Just like the maternity leave application, this letter has to be small and precise.

In this post, we have come up with a format for Maternity Leave Expenses Disbursement Letter. You can use this maternity leave letter format in order to ask for disbursement from your company for the expenses that have incurred during the maternity phase.

Sample Format For Maternity Leave Expense Disbursement Letter


Samantha Brown

54, Richville Apartments


Date: March 29, 2022


Mr. Robin Smith

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies

Subject: Regarding disbursement of maternity leave expense

Dear Mr. Smith,

The purpose of writing this letter is to request you for the disbursement of all the maternity expenses that I have undergone during my maternity leave. According to our company’s policy, each and every female employee is entitled for a paid maternity leave for a total of nine months which can be used during pregnancy or after delivery. I have also been given the maternity leave but all the expenses were made from my own pocket.

Therefore, I am writing this letter in order to request you to kindly compensate all the expenses that have taken place during the maternity leave as I am witnessing some financial issues at my end. Please find attached the receipts of all the expenses that are required to be disbursed.

Thanking you.


Samantha Brown

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Sample Maternity Leave Letter to Employer

Maternity leave from work is a right of every pregnant woman which gives her enough time to recover from birth and also develop a bond with her baby without worrying about her professional life. Under FMLA (Family and Medical Act) of 1993, it is a protected right an expecting woman.

If you are a working lady and you are expecting a baby then you can also take break from work by writing a formal maternity letter to employer announcing your pregnancy and mentioning the dates and duration when you will be taking the leave along with the time when you intend to return to work. It is important to inform your employer about your condition and your need for leave well in advance so that you can enjoy a tension-free and stress-free pregnancy. Here is a format template given for your reference.

Sample Maternity Leave Letter to Employer

Angela Jones
Marketing Executive,

Marketing Department,
123 Jackson Lane
New York

Date: 28th February, 2015

John Smith
HR Manager
ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

123 Red Rock Road
New York

Dear Mr. Smith,

The purpose of writing this letter is to inform you of the news of my pregnancy and the due date of my baby is 15th May 2015. Hence, I would like to apply for maternity leave from work for 12 weeks starting from 10 weeks from now i.e. from 25th April 2015 till 25th July 2015, barring any unforeseen complications. Please find all the necessary documents attached with the letter consisting of my doctor’s confirmation of my pregnancy. I would like to avail my complete maternity leave along with all the benefits for which I request you to please guide me through the process.

I will keep you informed about any changes in my plan due to unforeseen circumstances. I will also make sure that I am able to complete all the unfinished work before I go on my leave so that there is no confusion or loss to the company because of my absence.

I appreciate your consideration as I really need the benefits of maternity leave so that I am able to recover from birth, bond with my baby and take good care of his health along with regular visits to the doctor and other necessary medical check-ups. During this time, if in case you need any help from my side then I will be available on telephone 123-456-78 and you can also get in touch with me via mail at [email protected]. Please feel free to call me if you need any clarification in this matter.

Thanking in anticipation

Angela Jones

Marketing Executive,

Marketing Department,

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Ph: 123-456-78

Email: [email protected]

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How to Write a Maternity Leave Letter?

If you are working and you are expecting a baby then to enjoy a well-arranged pregnancy, you must pen a maternity leave letter to your boss or HR manager so that there is no hassle when your due date is approaching or when you plan to resume your work. But if you are confused about how to frame your letter then this article unfolds all the important steps that one must keep in mind while writing a professional and informative maternity leave letter. Follow these steps to create a perfect letter so that you can enjoy your pregnancy with ease.

Steps in Writing Professional Maternity Leave Letter

  • Addressing the Letter to the Right Person

The first and the foremost point is to address your letter to the right person. Mostly, it is either your boss or the HR manager to which you should be addressing your request letter. Make sure you start with the left hand corner on top, mentioning the name, designation and contact details of the person to whom you are addressing your letter to.

  • Always Include the Subject

The next important point is to mention the subject to bring clarity on the subject even before the person has opened the letter. Keep it short, sweet and informative. For instance, “Application for maternity leave” is a well framed subject which makes everything clear and easy to understand.

  • Start With Greetings

It is always the best way to begin your letter. Start with greeting the person to whom the letter is addressed to. For example, if you are addressing it your HR Manager, Mr. Adam Cullen, then you must start with “Dear Mr. Cullen,” and end it with a comma. It is good to be specific.

  • Focus on the Body of the Letter

Body of the letter has to be nicely framed. It has to be informative and complete in every sense so that there is no confusion in stating your condition or your requests. In the very first paragraph, you must begin with stating that you are pregnant. Do not miss on mentioning it thinking that it is obvious.

Then the second paragraph must talk about your application for maternity leave and full maternity benefits. You must also mention the date from which you wish to start your leave and the duration for which you will be absent from work. Do mention your planned return date. But keep your dates flexible as you really don’t know about the situation once you have delivered the baby. Make sure you mention that you will confirm your return date.

  • Thank the Reader

It is good manners to thank the reader for taking out time to read your application and also express your gratitude towards considering your request.

  • Sign the Letter

In the end you must write ”Sincerely” and sign it after you have written your name.

  • Mention Your Contact Details

Do not forget to mention your contact number, email id and address once you have signed the letter.

Points to Remember

  • Save a copy of your leave application
  • Submit the letter to the concerned person 10 weeks before you plan to go on leave so that things can be managed accordingly.
  • Make sure that you have read your company policy about maternity leave before submitting the request for leave.

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Forms Required to be Maintained Under Maternity Benefit Act 1961

Please find attached the Form A & annual return Form KLMN as per Haryana government rules.


(See rule 3)

Muster Roll


             Name of the Establishment                                       M/S  


  1. Serial Number


  1. Name of the women and her father’s                      Mrs.         W/o Mr. Arun Bajaj

(or if married husband’s name)


  1. Date of appointment                                               03/04/20


  1. Nature of work                                                        ??/


  1. Date with month and year in which



Month No. of days employed No. of days laid off No. of days not employed remarks
JAN 31
FEB 28
MAR 31
APR 30
MAY 31
JUN 30
JUL 31 20   (on MaternityLeave w.e.f31     12nd July 07

30      to 9th Oct07)


AUG 31
SEP 30
OCT 31
NOV 30
DEC 31




6.         Date on which women gives notice under section 6


7.         Date of discharge or dismissal, if any


8.         Date of production of proof of pregnancy under section 6


9.         Date of Birth of child :                                                   18/07/2007


10.       Date of production of proof of delivery of miscarriage

of death


11.       Date of production of proof of illness referred to in

section 10


12.       Date with the amount of maternity benefit paid in

advance of expected delivery


13.       Date with the amount of subsequent payment of

maternity benefit .


14.       Date with the amount of medical bonus, if paid under

section 8.


15.       Date with the amount of wages paid on account of

leave under section 9.


16.       Date with the amount of wages paid on account of

leave under section 10 and period of leave granted.


17.       Name of the person nominated  by the women under

section 6.


18.       If the women dies, the date of her death, the name of the

person to whom maternity benefit and or other  amount

was paid , the amount thereof and the date of payment.


19.       If the women dies and the child survive the name of the

person to whom the amount of maternity benefit was

paid on behalf of the child and the period for which

if was paid


20.       Signature of the employer of the establishment

authenticating the entries in the must Roll.


21.       Remarks Column for the use of inspector;


 Click Here To download annual return form KLMN

Click Here To download Form for maternity benefit act 1961

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