Sample Promotion Letter For Employee

                                                        Letter of Promotion

October 13, 2013

<Employee Number>

Dear _______,


We have been thoroughly impressed by your performance in the company. We feel that you are ready to take up higher responsibilities and therefore have decided to promote you as (new position) of our company.

Your compensation is hence revised as w.e.f. ______ and your new CTC will be ________. It will include the following:

1. Rs.________ as a fixed component of the pay plan

2. Rs. _______ as a variable component of the pay plan (this will depend on your performance)

3. Rs. ______ as a one time performance award due to your excellent performance in the company

We are confident about your potentialities and trust you completely with the new responsibilities.

We take this opportunity to thank your family for their support to help you deliver the best.

Best Regards,

<Name of the Business Leader>

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