Useful Tips and Advice on Getting a Promotion

Who doesn’t desire a promotion? Well each one of us looks forward for it. But it doesn’t happen all the time that you are offered a promotion by your manager without even asking for it. In such a case, you have to make efforts from your end by requesting a promotion from the manager in a diplomatic manner in order to increase your chances of getting promoted.

This post sincerely takes into account the useful tips and Advices which are very effective in putting up your formal request for promotion. So read on and explore how to accomplish this difficult job with effectiveness.

Process of Asking for a Promotion

Follow these guidelines while asking for a promotion and you will definitely nail it, if cards fall in place.

Be Ready to Ask

You should never be hesitant in asking for a promotion if you have strong points to support your demand. Not always you will have your manager come to you with a promotion. So be prepared to ask. In fact, there are so many companies which expect you to apply for it and only then you can enjoy the hike.

Talk it Out With Your Boss

It is very important that you let your immediate boss know that you are applying for a new position in the company. This is essential because all your references will be checked and he should also be prepared for it. Do not miss on discussing it with him or else finding out from the HR Department will not be a very good thing for your relationship.

Go with the Formal Application Process

It is always good to follow the application process in the best possible manner rather than assuming that you will be able to get the job. There are so many people working in the company and not every hiring manager knows everything about you. So make sure that you submit your updated resume and attach it with a formally drafted cover letter. Following the process will keep you in the competition.

Letter of Recommendation

You can get extra points if you can ask your boss, supervisor or other senior staff members to write a letter of recommendation for you. Getting references from higher-level staff with whom you have worked in the past can help you get lots of points. So do not miss on it.

Be Ready to be Interviewed

Make sure you are thoroughly prepared for a promotion interview. It is not necessary that just your resume and letter of recommendations are enough. Prepare well to be interviewed and impress the interviewer with your talent.

Thank You Letter Counts

Once you are done with the interview, sending a formal Thank You note or email message makes a remarkable impression. Do not forget to thank the people who took out time to interview you.

Bid Adieu Formally

When you have got selected for the promotion, make sure you take out time to say goodbye to your present team, supervisor and everyone else who is a part of your working team and stay in touch with them. It is important to share the news with them before a formal announcement to keep that warmth in your relationship alive.

Tips on Getting a Promotion

You can only ask for a promotion, if you have done the necessary things to earn it. Given below are some of the tips which you must keep in mind so that you are confident about the demand that you are planning to put across the management.


It is very important for you to perform well in your job before asking for a promotion. You need to have earned impressive performance reviews in order to create a strong image in your company. This will surely help you stand out in the competition.


You really need to be committed to your work. You must always be on time and always present to shoulder responsibilities. These are important to communicate the managers that you are ready to shoulder more difficult responsibilities and face more challenges.

Network and Socialize

You must make sure that you attend all the company gatherings. You need to connect with more and more people at work so that more and more people know you. Managers would prefer promoting a person whom they know rather than someone they are not even aware of.

Stay Ahead with Education

Never miss on the opportunity of joining a refresher’s course or any other professional development program offered by the company as it will help you stay updated and fresh.

Be a Team Player

You need to impress everyone with your ability to work in a team. Be ready to volunteer yourself for different projects. Offer help to co-workers and managers as and when you can. You must work hard to be popular as a strong team player with whom everyone wants to work with.

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