Training Needs Analysis Template Excel

Training Needs Analysis Template Excel – TNA Sample Format

Write brief about What is training need analysis? an following are templates which are required to done the analysis

Training Need Analysis is used to identify the gap between the needs of training and the training of employee. This forms the first stage of the process of training to know whether training can resolve the issues that have been identified. TNA comprises of training needs analysis worksheet which forms the training needs analysis form for employees. Sample Training Needs Assessment template and Training needs analysis questionnaire are very helpful in this process.

Given below is a Training Needs Analysis template in Excel format. Use this organizational training needs analysis template subjective to your needs.

Training Need Identification Format in Excel

Given below is a Training Need Identification format for your reference. This format consists of functional and behavioural aspects along with proposed area for development. This form also defines the criticality of development.

Use this Training Need Identification sample designed in Excel format. You can download it and use it to have all your needs met.

Learning History, Education Qualification and Experience

It is a self declaration format which consists of complete declaration of an employee. It includes history of his learning in form of training programs he has been a part of, his professional experience, his academic qualifications, his professional qualifications, his professional memberships and details on his work exposure. This gives complete detail on the knowledge, experience and learning a person possesses.

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Domestic Travel Policy for Employees in India

Companies roll out policies for everything to ensure smooth and controversy- free working with their employees. In some companies, employees have to travel often, domestic or international. For that purpose, they design Foreign Travel Policy for employees and also Domestic Travel Policy. This policy has clearly state company travel policy and procedure. It works as company employee handbook with Local Travel Policy for employees in India along with travel reimbursement policy for employees.

In this post, we have come up with a sample corporate travel policy for employees. This business travel policy sample includes all important points that are a part of the policy.

Domestic Travel Policy

Here are some of the essential points that are included in Domestic Travel Policy of a company in India:

  • Complete format for travel policy
  • Details of company’s travel policy, rules and procedures
  • Details on boarding and lodging as stated in the HR policy
  • Travel guidelines to be followed by employees on their official travel
  • Arranging conveyance in the city
  • Details on entitlement for different levels
  • Defining different categories of cities
  • Defining entitlement of cities
  • Details on Per Diem
  • Rules on safety and security of employees

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What is the Best Way to Manage Sandwich Leave?

When you take leaves on Saturday and Monday then Sunday is also counted as a leave as per Sandwich leave name. This kind of combination is called Sandwich Leave concept when a paid holiday gets sandwiched between two leaves. Sandwich leave policy is followed by many companies with an intention to stop their employees from taking leaves at a stretch and also enjoy benefits of paid leaves. There are various other policies in this like Sandwich Leave Policy for earned leave.

So if you plan to take leave between two holidays then get prepared to witness the loss of pay. In this post, we have come up with some small and smart moves to make the most of your leaves along with Sandwich Leave policy rule in your company.

Managing Sandwich Leave

Here are some points that you must keep in mind while submitting your sandwich leave application:

  • If you are planning to take Saturday and Monday as off then you must serve your office for half day either on Saturday or Monday.
  • You can keep your loss to minimum by taking off on Friday and Saturday along with Sunday or Monday and Tuesday along with Sunday to at least enjoy one paid leave instead of no paid leave.
  • If your company allows work from home then you can work from home one day before or after Sunday and take one day as leave.

This is quite a debatable issue and is very subjective to the HR policies of the company. Therefore, have everything clarified with your HR Manager before taking an off like that.


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Design the Leave Policy of your company using the draft as the base for customization.

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Employee Retirement Policy in India For Pharma Company

Just like companies have recruitment policies, leave policies, they also have employee retirement policy in India. As an employee of a company, you must know the company retirement policy and procedure to avoid any confusions. Retirement policy in private company differs from the ones in government organizations.

We bring sample Retirement Policy for pharma companies in India for your reference. You can use it for developing one for your own organization by customizing it a little. Download and use it for free.


Click here to download Employee Retirement Policy For Pharma Company


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New Employee ID Card Request Form – Identity Card Application Format

New employee ID card request form is an official document using which employees can submit their formal request to the company to issue the identity card to them. This application for new ID card in office is great help to employees as they can easily write to the concerned department about this. It is a very simple request form which contains all essential details about the employee like his name, age, gender, address etc.

We have a ready to download New Employee ID Card form template in PDF and Word format. Use this identity card application format by printing it or customizing it as per your need.

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Format for Employee Verification Email to HR

Employee verification is an important process before finally recruiting any person in the company. For this, you can submit a request for employee verification to the company where the employee is presently working or has worked in near future. Some companies have HRs doing this job while some companies hire third party services to do the same. Warning Letter for not submitting documents for Employee Verification and email for the same are few important formats you might require.

Given below is a formal employee verification email format. Customize and use this employee verification email sample and template as per your requirement.

Employee Verification Email Format Addressing HR

Date: 03.07.2018

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,


I am Ritu Maheshwari and I am working with Zenith Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as Asst. Human Resource Manager. You must be aware the during the process of recruitment, employee verification is an important step and therefore, I am writing to you, to seek your assistance in verifying the details given below of the following candidate:

Name of the Candidate: Mr. Arun Kumar

Company’s Name: Authentic Automobiles

Employee Code: 12345/2015

Position/ Profile: Marketing Executive

Kindly provide the following details of the above mentioned candidate.

  • Date of hiring
  • Date of joining
  • Salary Gross/ CTC
  • Reason for Leaving
  • Eligible to hire (Yes or No)

Name of the Verifier:

Position of the Verifier:

We will look forward for your responses and would appreciate if you could fill the details at the earliest. Please get in touch with us at 9898989898 or revert us on the same email.

We are thankful for your time and help.

Best Regards,

Ritu Maheshwari

Asstt. HR Manager

Zenith Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Click here to download Employee Verification Email to HR in Word Format 

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How to Change/Correction Employee Name in ESIC Portal – ESIC Name Change Letter Format

Often we come through many queries seeking the proper way of changing the employee name in ESIC portal. However, these queries are always left unanswered due to lack of knowledge about the correct process. To help those people, here we are providing detailed descriptions about the proper process of changing or correcting the employee name in an ESIC portal. Some of the guidelines to remember before the process:

  • The ESIC name change process can only be done in offline mode. There is no online platform or process for changing employee name in ESIC portal. However, an employer can change the nominee details, details of family members and other additional details in ESIC employer portal.
  • Before knowing the process to change employee name in ESIC portal, one should sought out the reasons for wrong names in ESIC portal. Wrong names generally happen when the employer misspells an employee name during the registration process in the portal.

How To Edit Employee Name In ESIC Portal

In order to successfully change the IP name in ESIC portal, the employee needs to submit a proper request letter seeking correction of his/her name in the regional ESIC office. The request letter, however, should be attested effectively by the employer. Without any attestation, the Employee State Insurance Corporation would never change the name of the employee. Kindly refer the sample ESIC name correction letter format for application.

ESIC Name Change Letter Format


To                                                                                                                                                     Date: 05-03-2018

The Branch Manager,

ESIC Office Address.

Sub: Change Of IP name RAHUL CHAWLA bearing insurance number 7422xxx469

This to draw your attention to that the name of the above employee RAHUL CHAWLA, ESIC No: 7422xxx469 has been entered wrongly during the registration process. The correct name of the person is RAHUL CHAWLA, but in ESIC portal it has entered as RAHUL CHAWLA. As such, we kindly request you to please correct and enter the name properly to RAHUL CHAWLA.

Thanking you in advance.

For Maheshwari Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Authorized Signatory

Establishment Code: 7422005xxx469748


Note: This letter and esic correction form should be taken a printout on company letter head. After preparing the letter, either the employee or employer needs to submit it in the nearest regional ESIC office. The ESCI would make the necessary corrections to employee name within a span of 15-30 days.

Click Here to Download ESIC Name Change Letter In Word and PDF Format.

How to get a UAN number through a PAN/ Aadhar/ PF Account number

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How to get a UAN number through a PAN/ Aadhar/ PF Account number

The universal account number (UAN) is given to every employee working in a registered company of India. UAN number is necessary for checking EPF balance. If UAN number is not known then UAN number can be obtained by registering in Unified Member Portal and EPFO Unified Portal. Every employee who is working in a registered company in India, makes some contributions from monthly income to provident fund. This PF amount is linked to unique account number by Employee. The employee has many benefits by saving in EPF. With the help of UAN, an employee can check the status of his EPF balance, transfer or withdraw the amount saved in PF. Sometimes the employee forgets his UAN and tries to get it from PAN or Aadhar card number He will have many questions and queries regarding how to get UAN from PAN.

Generate UAN Number From PAN & PF Number { Immediately }:

Every employee who works in registered office in India ill have PF account. He will be asked to submit his/her PAN number for taxation purpose. This PAN number will be linked to UAN number. If the linkage is not done, it is not possible to get UAN number. Usually the payroll department of the employer takes care of all this procedure.


Steps To Get UAN Number From PAN Number:


Step 1: Login to UAN member portal and select know your UAN status on home page.

UAN member portal and select know your UAN status

Step 2: You will get different options to get UAN through PAN or Aadhar card or PF number. Select PAN and enter PAN number and other details.

get UAN through PAN or Aadhar card or PF numbe

Step 3: Click on get authorization Pin, then you will receive OTP to the registered mobile number. Enter OTP and click on validate and get UAN.

receive OTP registered mobile number

Forgot UAN Number


There is every possibility that you may forget your UAN number. Then the question arises what to do.

1. If your UAN is activated, and you have updated your mobile number for provident number then you can give a missed call to this toll free number 011-22901406. EPFO will send all your credentials in SMS.

2. Your employer will definitely have your UAN number. Reach out to him and ask for UAN number.

3. Go to EPFO site. Under “Our services” option, click on for the employees option and then click on UAN helpdesk option. You will be directed to another page, where you have to define your problem, provide updated mobile number and PAN details. A OTP will be generated and sent to your mobile number, which has to be filled on the portal in the given space. You will receive an application id. EPFO will resolve your problem and will send UAN number and details to your mobile number.


How to Generate UAN Number

Every employee working in any registered company in India will have a UAN linked to his PAN card. If your company has not given or has not generated, you can generate UAN number yourself.

Step 1: Visit the official website of EPF Unified portal EPF Portal (http://www.epfindia.com/site_en/)

Step 2: Click on the establishment registration

Step 3: Fill up the complete form

Step 4: Enter words from Captcha

Step 5: Check the declaration and click on Registration button.

Step 6: You are done, the process is complete.


UAN Members EPFO Services Check UAN Status

Every employee can check the status of UAN online. Go to the EPFO portal. Select your state and provide the EPFO account number to check UAN status.


Employee UAN Number Download

Initially the UAN was allotted to all the EPF members. But subsequently the UAN is being allotted by the EPFO to the new members on the declaration of the employers. This list is available in UAN menu of OTCP. Employers have to download the list and pass on the UAN number to its employees. When the download UAN list button is clicked, a screen will appear and the employer can view and download the UAN in PDF format. There are five options given to the employer to download:


  1. UAN List (Ascending order of member ids)
  2. UAN list (Descending order of member ids)
  3. UAN list (order by UAN creation date)
  4. UAN list (for distribution to members)
  5. UAN list (for distribution to members)

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Informing Accounts Team for Annual Meet Presentation through Mail

A professional get together purposed to exchange ideas and innovations in the business sector; Annual Meet Presentation unleashes the requisite understanding of growth prospects. It allows senior professionals to put a spotlight on the achievements in varied department’s productivity and plans to enhance productivity in the near future through work email templates to accounts team. Certainly, it has to be professional email templates mailed to the colleagues at all levels. This is a formal invitation for the accounts team.


Date of Composition: January 18, 2018

Mr. Ajay Banerjee,

Accounts and Finance Department,

Sify Technologies,

258, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase 3, New Delhi -20

Subject: Invitation to Annual Meet Presentation

Dear Sir,

On behalf of our company (Sify Technologies), I would like to invite you for the Annual Meet Presentation that will unveil the achievements of every department by throwing light on the progress reports of the company professionals. They are valuable assets of the company, who have added to its effective functioning. This Annual Meet Presentation will be held at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi from 11am to 1pm, which will be followed by lunch. Our 15th Annual Meeting will unleash the potential of the company personnel and give an insight into the adoption of newer technologies on work front. The highlighting point of the meeting will be our CEO’s motivational conversation with us, which is powered by innovative thinking methodologies.

Your presence in the Annual Meet Presentation is Vital!


Shreya Hassan


Click here to Download Informing Accounts Team for Annual Meet Presentation through Mail in Word Format

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Build Your Team with Games and Fun Activities

No organization can negate the importance of an effective team and to build that companies organize various team building programs. Having a strong team is good for organizations in more than one ways. Not just it results in stronger performance but it also ensures that employees stay associated with the company for longer.

How Games Help Build Teams

Well, there are various ways of building a strong team and games and fun activities one of them.

  • Engaging in any kind of playful activity makes a person happy from within.
  • Not only this, it helps in inculcating relationships, abilities to solve problem and come up with new ideas.
  • Compared to other ways, games are never boring and promise a good break from work.
  • Help in establishing stronger bond with co-workers, team leaders etc.
  • Help strike a balance between different strengths and weaknesses to get optimum results.
  • Help people relax and have a break from monotonous life.

How to Incorporate Games into Work

To make meetings at work more interesting, you can plan to induce some games or fun activities into it. As a manager, you can even decide your team members to gather post working hours and have one of the team members do all the planning in context of the meeting, but make sure he keeps it short without losing on the main point.

Do not miss on arranging some refreshment and maintain the element of surprise to keep all the team members excited to know what is going to happen.

Guidelines on Including Fun Activities to Build Team

Attending meetings every now and then surely becomes boring and monotonous. And games at work are a great way of inducing some fun time. Here are some tips that can be of great help to you.

  • Arrange team building activities at least once a year. You can go for more such activities as they help connect people.
  • Planning outings is definitely a great idea. Focus completely on the games and say a big no to work on that day.
  • If possible then you can arrange for some outdoor activity that is a different experience. For instance, a cooking competition seems to be a great thing.
  • In case you don’t have the budget or the time then you can include some fun activities during or after the meeting on a regular day.

So don’t just let your employees work, allow them to have some relaxation time which will help them bond better, go beyond their targets to work as a stronger team. A little play time can charge up their bodies and brains and will them focus better and perform better.

Don’t wait and start planning some playful activities to build stronger teams and have a stronger organization.

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