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Salary Negotiation Email in Response to Job Offer

If you have managed to crack the interview and you have also received the offer letter for job but the salary that you have been offered is not as per your expectations. In such a scenario, you must write a formal email to the hiring manager negotiating the salary with him. It is important that before turning down the offer, you try and negotiate it with the concerned person and if your demand is reasonable then you might end up getting it.

Here is a sample salary negotiation email in response to job offer given below. Use this template to create a formal email politely presenting your negotiation.

Sample Salary Negotiation Email in Response to Job Offer

Dear Mr. Jacob,

Thank you for extending me the offer for joining ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. for the post of Marketing Manager. The opportunity to interact with you and other executives was a delightful experience. It was a wonderful experience to know about the growth plan of the company.

After considering your offer from every angle, I feel that the salary that has been offered is lower than I had anticipated. Since I have an experience of 12 years in the field of marketing where I have worked at different levels and earned experience of planning and executing marketing plans for various companies, I strongly feel that I will be an asset for your company. My ability to design intense marketing plans and experience to execute them in effective manner will help your company grow.

I am keen on accepting this job offer but I feel that we need to discuss the salary before moving ahead with this offer. I will get in touch with you to schedule an appointment with you for a personal meeting.

Thank you again for the opportunity. I am hopeful that we will be able to reach an agreement.


Sam Brown

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Marketing Managers: Education, Salary and Expected Growth

Marketing managers are the most creative minds who know how to make the best use of their limited resources and their innovative ideas to come with the finest advertisement and marketing campaigns that can take the sales of a company to a completely new level. All those people who work for this profile usually enjoy wonderful salaries which come with greater job security because it is quite an important position in an organization as this is one person who has to make the optimum utilization of available resources in order to come up with the most effective and versatile plans that are helpful in increasing sales.

This article brings to you complete information on the educational qualification requirements, expected salary and future prospects in context with this job. So in case you are planning to apply for such a job then make sure that you have complete detail before sending your application.

Marketing Manager: Roles and Responsibilities

Before going further, let us know what all roles and responsibilities this profile brings along.

  • He is the one who is responsible for analyzing the complete demand for products and services that are offered by the company.
  • He also researches on identifying the best markets where these offerings can be sold effectively.
  • He is also responsible for coming up with ideas for creating products that can meet the unattended demands of the customers. He needs to take into account every small detail concerned with demographics and geographical locations.
  • He needs to design the complete marketing campaign in order to launch and promote the company and its products.
  • He needs to perform tasks that are assigned to him by the company for which he works.

Marketing Manager: Educational Qualifications

If you desire to grab the job of Marketing Manager in some good company then you need to make sure that you have the right education which can help you get the job with ease. Here are some educational needs that you need to fulfill:

  • You need to have a Bachelor’s degree in a business-related field.
  • You can also be educated in some of the fields which include economics, business law, mathematics etc. This kind of combination in education will give you better standing in front of your competitors as you will be able to deal with various other everyday problems like dealing with numbers or understanding tactics to have better SEO for your website and various other things.
  • You can have a Master’s degree in some business related course.
  • Having internship or projects in marketing can also help you have better opportunities for getting selected.

Marketing Manager: Salary

As per Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, the average annual salary for the position of was around $119,480 in May 2012. This is quite high than the pay which is earned by advertising and promotions managers.

  • The lowest pay for this profile is around $62,650 per year which is earned by 10% of the people working at this position.
  • The highest pay is around $187,200 annually for the candidates working at this post which are around 10% of the total numbers.

The reasons for this kind of fluctuation in the salaries are the state in which a person is working and the company with which the person is employed. It also includes the work experience and educational qualifications of a person as they help in having better pays.

Expected Growth in Future

It is expected that by 2022, the employment of marketing managers is going to grow about 13%. This is according to the BLS report. As mentioned above, this job ranks above other jobs in terms of security as this is one position which has significant role to play in order to generate revenue for the company. For years to come, companies are going to need experienced and creative managers who can come up with amazing ideas to promote their offerings and help them generate more and more money with these innovative ideas and wonderful understanding of markets and trends.

For sure, all this information is going to be extremely helpful in finding the right kind of job for yourself. Being a marketing manager is fun and with these details you can have more knowledge about this profile.

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Sales Manager Job: Salary in Different Industries and Locations

The profile of sales manager is considered to be a very important position in an organization. This is so because he is one person who is responsible for making sales happen. He is the one who leads the team of salesperson and coordinates with other departments to make sure that company sales are on the rise and product offerings are delivered to the customers. They have a critical role to play because of which they are offered quite handsome salaries. The salaries that they get depend on various factors like industries and the location in which they have been placed.

This article brings complete information concerning the salary of the sales manager which has been categorized on the basis of industry, location and the future prospects of this job profile. If you are planning to apply for this job profile then you must have complete information on how much salary you will be getting.

Average Salary for Sales Manager

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary of a person working on the profile of sales managers is approximately $105,260 in May of 2012. The highest and the lowest paid 10% earned more than $187,200 and less than $52,950 respectively, which is an indication that there is quite a lot of fluctuation in the profile of sales manager. There are various reasons for such kind of fluctuation which include reasons such as the state in which the individual is working, his educational background, the size of the company with which he is working, his experience in the field and also the industry in which he is working. All these factors contribute in the package of a candidate.

Salary of Sales Manager as per Industry

it is very important to study the status of salary as per industry. Almost all the industries require sales managers but one industry which pays them with the best of the remunerations is the stocks and commodities exchange sector. They are paid an average salary of $216,300 per year. The next best paying industry is the securities and commodities contracts intermediation and brokerage industry. In this sector, they are paid about $191,220 annually. In other industries, the average package for this profile is about $182,340 per year. They are paid around $171,520 per year in the investment pools and funds industry. In the apparel, piece goods and notions merchants industry, they are given a remuneration of around $165,110 annually.

Salary for Sales Manager as per Location

Location is one of the most important factors which cause variation in salaries of a sales manager. The salary package of this profile is highly dependent on the state in which he is placed. As per Bureau of Labor Statistics, the topmost five states that are known for making highest payments to sales manager are the following:

  • New York, which pays around $174,210
  • Delaware, where an average salary of a sales manager is $162,060
  • Massachusetts, which pays approximately $139,000 to sales manager
  • New Jersey, which pays $138,200
  • Rhode Island, which pays $134,610 annually to sales manager.

Future Prospects of Sales Manager

Before applying for this profile, you must know how bright the future of this profile is. As per Bureau of Labor Statistics, the sales manager jobs will increase at a rate of 8% from 2012 and 2022 which is quite the same for all the industries. This profile is one of the very important positions in the company and the job security will depend on the performance of the company which is employing the candidate. The success or failure of the company will determine the job security. As this is quite an important and essential position, the chances that it will be contracted out are least. The future of this profile is quite promising. Though there is quite a lot of competition but it is a safe job.

How to Get Hired?

There are lots of people applying for this job. As the competition is intense, you need some tips to help you get hired for this profile.

  • To make your mark, you can have a relevant Master’s degree in a good subject which can help you have more points.
  • You can even have a recommendation letter from your previous employee talking about your performance or excellence at work.
  • Highlight your experience in your resume in a smart and appealing way by talking about all the roles and responsibilities.

Keep these points in mind and surely you will stand apart. Despite high levels of competition, you will be able to get that job.

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CTC Breakup of 16 Lakh

Find the attached file of Salary Breakup for Rs.1600000L CTC.

Click Here To Download CTC Breakup for 1600000L

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How to make a Salary Structure?

Please find attached Salary Structure Format.

Click Here To Download Salary Structure

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Format for Consolidated Pay Slip

Find attached Sheet of Salary Break Up.

Click Here To Download Salary Break UP

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The goals of Salary System

The goals of wage (salary) system

1. Introduction about salary system:

Wage rate is used mainly to attract good employees that are suitable for the work in the organization, to keep and motivate them to do their best at work. When reaching a decision of wage rate, there are some goals that need to be considered simultaneously.

2. Goals of salary system:

a> Wage system has to be legal: the wage payment system of the organization has to be based on terms of regional rules.

b> Wage system has to be satisfactory: it has to be “big” enough to attract good employees to work for and to keep them stay with the organization.

c> Wage system has to be employee – motivated. It should create motivation and encourage employees to have high and effective performance.

d> Wage system has to fair: if this system is not fair, it will kill the working motivation. Payments both inside and outside the organization need to be fair.

e> Wage system has to be ensured: this means that it make the employees feel their monthly incomes are guaranteed and they can know and guess them.

f> Wage system has to be effective and productive: it is required that the organization needs to manage the wage system effectively and has supportive financial funds to ensure that the system can be maintained for a long time.

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Types of Payment

Types of payment

1. Payment by time

Payment by time is the type of payment in which the employee is paid according to the real working time at the company:

• Monthly salary is the salary paid fixedly each month based on the employment contract.
• Weekly salary is the salary paid for one working week, calculated by monthly salary multiplied by 12 and then divided by 52.
• Daily salary is the salary paid for one working day, calculated by monthly salary divided by 26.
• Hourly salary is the salary paid for one working hour, calculated by daily salary divided by the standard number of working hours ( 8 per day or 40 per week).

2. Payment by results ( or by products):

Payment by results is the type of payment in which the employee is paid based on the number and quality of the product he (or she) produced.

3. Payment by work:

This is the type of payment in which the employee is paid according to the amount and quality of work he (or she) is required to do.

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Types of Piece Wage

Types of piece wage

Piece wage payment may be applied under different forms:

1. Payment by individual direct products:

This method is applied with direct production workers in the condition that their work is comparatively independent, countable and is checked and taken over independently and specifically. Applying this method to have suitable product standards and wage lists.

2. Payment by group products:

This method is applied with the work required a group of people to cooperate to finish, for example: equipment assembling, line producing, mechanical repairing and so on. In case of various and unrepeatable work, production norm principally depends on scientific basis, but in fact, people often define the wage payment for the whole group on the basis of experiences.

In case of fixed products, production norm should be used to calculate the wage payment for the whole group.

3. Payment by indirect products:

This payment method is applied with additional employees. Their work has a great impact on the performance of regular ones who are paid by piece wage. For example: repairing workers, weaving machine operators, operators in mechanical factory….

The wage of additional employees is calculated by multiplying the amount of work completed by regular employees with the wage rate of additional ones.

This payment method motivates additional employees to serve regular ones better, make it easier for them to improve the volume of products.

4. Group payment:

Applied in work of which partial details shouldn’t be assigned separately but the whole work should be assigned to a group to finish in a certain period of time. This payment method is widely applied in capital construction, in agriculture or in mechanical repairing….

Like payment by products, after receiving the wage for finishing the work, the wage redistribution among group members is often based on the level of each member’s contribution to the group work.

This method will set incentives to employees to not only try their best at work but also call the others’ attention toward the final result of the work.

5. Payment by standard hour:

This payment method is similar to payment by products.

Employees will have additional bonuses according to the percentage of excessive work they have done. For example: As rule, employee X has to make a product per hour and works 8 hours a day, therefore it will be 8 products per day. If he makes 10 products instead of 8, it is similar to the situation that he has worked 10 standard hours. Employee X has performed a work excess of 25%, therefore his wage will be increased by 25% as rule.

The advantages of this method are that it motivates employees to reduce the working hours. Besides, it is easy to understand and doesn’t rely on price per product.

6. Employee incentives for guaranteeing workday:

To motivate employees to go to work regularly, many companies usually offer regular rewards for employees for maintaining working day or working hour system, give them “day – off” in the end of the year or in the next year or offer compensated money.

7. Payment by products or payment by progressive products:

This method is applied when the company has to quickly finish some work in a certain time. For example: Delivering goods to buyers on time as mentioned in the contract. Actually, this payment method is the combination of payment by products and bonus (or progressive wage) at a fixed rate to the products based on norm.

With this payment method, the increase in wage rate exceeds that of products; therefore it is useful in setting incentives for employees to work harder.

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Contribution pay?

It combines elements of both performance and competency based pay schemes by recognizing employee achievements and competencies.

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