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5 Useful Tips to Get Fast Promotion at Your New Job

Switching to a new job will surely open doors of new opportunities for you. But if you think that you really need to make the best use of the new job then you can make some efforts to earn a promotion which can surely help you climb the ladder at faster pace. This post brings to you the 5 useful tips, which if followed with perfection, can actually help you earn a faster promotion at your new job. So read on and find out these guidelines for quick promotion.

  1. Don’t Go with Easy Projects: Pick Projects with Impact

Whenever you are picking any task or project then never go with something that is way too easy and simple. Remember that the opportunity to succeed lies in what is difficult. It is very important to pick projects that are challenging and come with maximum impact. Hence, it is very important for you to analyze a project from different angles while picking it to make sure that what you select can actually help you create a strong impression in your company. It is a wonderful opportunity which you must never let go.

  1. Always Know What Your Boss Likes

You have to impress your boss if you are aiming for a promotion. One trick that is very essential in this respect is to know what your boss likes. You have to be observant and understanding to find out about the likings of your boss. This will surely help you become proactive so that you are prepared with suggestions to impress him. When you know what your aim is, stay prepared for the performance.

  1. Always Make Your Boss Look Great

If you will help your boss look good by helping him get recognized for his job then he is surely going to return you the favor when it is your turn for promotion. For this, you need to know how is your boss judged and what points can help him get a hike or bonus. Once you have the basic information, you can always work upon helping boss build his image.

  1. Be Important

You really need to learn the right trick to make yourself look important to your company. And for doing this, you work hard to reach on to a position in which your company cannot afford to lose you because you are one who deals with an important client or you are the one who has made a strong impact on clients as the face of the company. You do not need to brag about it but you silently have to float this message that you are important to the company and you should always be a part of it for greater success.

  1. Know Your Team and Colleagues

Do not make friends on the very first day at your new job. Be slow with it and take your time to know each and everyone you are working with. This is important to know who is what. You need to understand that you have to develop healthy and strong association with your boss and also your colleagues. So become friends with your colleagues, once you know about them. Do not simply be friends with just one person on the first day and forget the rest. Developing relationships is very important.

Keep all of these 5 simple and very effective tips in mind so that you can bag a promotion at your new job and rise high in your career.

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5 Things that Every Employer Wants to Know

When a company is hiring new people, there are a few things that every employer wants to know about. The idea is to be sure about the people that will be selected. No employer wants to waste his time, energy and resources in hiring a wrong person. In order to make sure that they have selected the right man, they need some information which is very useful in helping them have a smooth decision making process.

This post talks about 5 most important things that every employer wants to know from the job applicants. So if you are able to pass on this information to the employer in a clear manner, then you have better chances of getting selected.

  1. Relevant Experience or Training

No company wants to hire fresher as lots of time and energy goes into training a fresh mind. Employers are interested in knowing how much experience you have in relation with the job for which you have applied. They are also interested in knowing the training programs you have undergone in past. The idea is to know how much aware you are about the profile for which you have applied, the roles and responsibilities attached with it, the work flow and general understanding about the profile for better working. This always helps in earning extra points.

  1. Criminal Record in Past

Companies want to make sure that the people they are hiring do not have any criminal record or any past related with violent behavior. It is important for the safety and confidentiality of the workplace and the workforce. Some companies go for a thorough credit check to ensure that everything is in place just before hiring the new candidate. So make sure that you don’t have any such records or they can adversely interfere with your future.

  1. Reliable and Discipline

When a company hires any person, it wants to make sure that the person is reliable and honest with his job. Employers are not interested in hiring individuals who never respect the deadlines, who arrive late at work, who are absent from work too often, who are not disciplined, who don’t follow the rules of the company. To get an insight on these behavioral points, they contact the references to know the conduct and reliability of a new candidate. You are selected only when you are able to earn points on conduct and commitment.

  1. Self Motivation

In order to grow on a personal level and in order to help your organization grow, you need to be self motivated. Employers always chose those individuals who are strongly self motivated. Such a person doesn’t need surveillance to deliver results. He doesn’t need a boss to tell what to do. He is a proactive person who is self motivated to find out ways to work even when not guided. He can manage the show on his own and can responsibly complete the assigned work. Not only this, such people are able to motivate people around them which help the organizations grow.

  1. Group Behavior

Employers look for candidates who are great team workers. They do not want to hire someone who cannot work in a group. It is very important for the employers to make sure that the work environment is pleasant and positive and for that to happen, they need employees to be interactive. They always look for people who can interact in group effectively, who are able to get along with all kinds of people. Anti-social people are just not loved by them.

So make sure that all these 5 things are highlighted in your resume or interaction with the hiring manager as they can help you win a wonderful job.

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5 Strategies to Keep the Job on Being Hired

It is seriously not easy to find a job as per your liking and once you are hired, it doesn’t mean that the battle is over. Being hired for a job doesn’t come with a guarantee and therefore you have to make sure that once you are onboard you work with the best of your abilities and commitment so that you don’t give the employer a chance to fire you.

To make sure that you are able to stay on your new job, here are the 5 strategies which can help you survive the crucial times and also assist you in creating job security.

  1. Understand the Job and Expectations of Employer

The first and foremost thing is to know about the position you have joined. It is mandatory for you to know what roles and responsibilities it brings along or what duties come under your profile. This is essential so that you know what is expected of you and you are able to deliver the same without any confusion.

In order to have clarity about your profile, make sure that you have gone through the job description. Not every company gives a written job description but to avoid miscommunication. Once you have everything in written, you are well aware of what the employer expects from you.

  1. Connect and Interact with Right People

When you are new at work, you need people who can guide you right, help you with understanding the process so that you can settle down in a smooth manner. It is very important for you to spot the right set of people who can help you deal with the initial phase. Connect with your supervisor or senior manager for guidance. Interact with your co-workers and understand how your job relates with their work. Ask for tips from your predecessors. The idea is to expand your knowledge to know more about the business in order to deliver better.

  1. Always Work on Polishing Your Skills

You need to stay ahead of the competition in order to survive it. You need to prove to your company that you are most valuable asset to them so that they can never afford to lose you. To be able to do that you must keep polishing your skills and expanding them on gradual basis so that you are able to offer the best of your services to the organization.

Enroll for a course, join some training program, go for seminars to push your boundaries and keep adding new skills to it. Sky is the limit for someone who is passionate about learning. So impress your employer with your ever expanding skills.

  1. Keep Asking For Feedback on Your Performance

It is important to know where you stand. Waiting for an annual review on your performance is not the right thing to do as it gives you no time to improve on your weak areas and alter your mistakes. When you have completed a couple of weeks in your new company, go to your supervisor to ask for his feedback on your performance. If he is able to highlight some weak areas, seek guidance on improving them. This will not only help you correct yourself but will also show your proactive approach to deal with your work.

Keep comparing yourself with your co-workers from time to time. This is another way of learning good things and letting go the bad ones.

  1. Be Interactive and Socialize

When you are working in a company, it is important for you to socialize and interact with people. You will find all kinds of people at work. Some of them will be engaged in bulling others, some love to gossip, some don’t want to work. You must learn to deal with all kinds of personalities in order to have comfortable relationships with all. It is not good to stay disconnected with others. It is important to socialize and talk to others in order to have a cordial working environment.

Use these 5 strategies to keep your job once you are hired.

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