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Work From Home (WFH): A Boon or a Bane

Working from home during COVID-19 pandemic has become a routine across different industries which earlier, were out of the purview. The outbreak of this pandemic has transformed the work pattern in a significant way. With WFH becoming a usual pattern of work, both employees and employers have been benefited in different ways.

In this post, we are going to be discussing whether work from home is a boon or a bane. Before moving ahead discussing whether Work From Home (WFH) is boon or bane, we must remember that both come with their own positives and negatives. Let us browse through work from home boon or bane points to get more clarity on the subject.

Advantages of Working From Home (WFH)

  • Employees have performed better while working from home.
  • Employers have been able to save on a lot of overheads.
  • There has been a serious deduction in costs that involve commuting to and from work.
  • Employees have been able to save on a lot of commute time on daily basis.
  • There has been a better work-life balance for the employees.
  • The pollution levels have gone down.

Disadvantages Of Working From Home (WFH)

  • Many companies had to invest in developing the IT infrastructure which they otherwise lacked.
  • Companies had to work harder to monitor the performances of employees.
  • Not all kinds of jobs were fit for work from home pattern.
  • Employees were compelled to work beyond their usual working hours.
  • Work from home added on to internet and electricity expenses of the employees.
  • Every day turned out to be a working day for many employees.

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with work from home that certainly make it a boon as well as a bane in different situation for different people.

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12 Best Advantages of a Professionally Written Resume

Your resume is the introduction to your professional skills. The better your resume looks like the better impression you are able to create of your accomplishments in front of recruiters. With the huge impact of new media on the masses, recruiters go online on various social networking sites and job portals to pick up desirable candidates. With deadlines and number of applicants for a certain position, they get only the time to go through your resume for a minute or two. Hence, it should be appealing enough to grab attention and separate you from the masses. Professionally written resume does the trick here.

Advantages of a Professionally Written Good Resume

Here are the top 12 advantages we can think of a professional resume. Read through:

  1. Professional looking resume enhance marketability of the applicant. It has more of a result oriented appeal.
  2. Formal resume increases job search effectiveness by increasing compatibility with applicant-tracking systems and online searches.
  3. Resumes are independent representation of career accomplishments. Professionally written ones turn this statement more viable.
  4. With good resume you make good first impression and are able to cut down on job search times
  5. The better your resume, the better your self confidence becomes.  You also tend to focus on those areas which were previously forgotten or communicated less powerfully.
  6. Professional resumes always stand out from the crowd. It is bound to get special attention.
  7. Such resume keep the recruiter entertained only to schedule you for an interview.
  8. It by and large illustrates about your superb skills and career accomplishments that will come handy for the position applied for.
  9. Recruiters and employers never lose interest on expertly presented resumes.
  10. The gist of your skills and achievements can be figured in a nut shell in professional resumes.
  11. With better organization of your information, you get a heads up on your achievements and short comings.
  12. Professional resumes are normally scan friendly adds as a plus.

What market analysts and researchers opine in this aspect is that, a professionally-done resume ends up getting more interviews than the ones written by self. Therefore, even if you have to pay a few extra bucks to get your resume done by experts, go for it. With professional resumes in your file, you will never be at loss.

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