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Group Discussion Topics for Engineering Students 2020 – GD Topics

Group Discussions have been an integral part of studies in India. Whether you are seeking an admission in a college or facing an interview, you might have to participate in GDs. Therefore, it is extremely important to stay updated with GD topics on current affairs along with Engineering GD Topics if you are from that field.

In this post, we have come up with latest GD topics for engineering students. These are the easy topics for group discussion for college students, civil engineering students and electrical engineering students on which one must have thorough knowledge.

Here are the 20 best group discussion topics for engineering students for the year.

1. Future of cryptocurrencies.

2. Present day challenges for IT industry.

3. Is India ready to have 5G?

4. What is more important- Innovation or Invention?

5. Technology impacting job opportunities.

6. Can human intelligence be replaced by artificial intelligence?

7. Government’s contribution to IT industry.

8. China- A threat to Indian software industry or not?

10. Education in India versus Education Abroad.

11. Role of technology in saving environment.

12. Whose responsibility is environment?

13. Is China a threat to India?

14. Role of MNCs in growth of India.

15. Pros and cons of blockchain technology.

16. Importance of globalization.

17. Dependence on computer- Good or Bad?

18. How is technology affecting our health?

19. Are MNCs devils in disguise?

19. Advertising is nothing but wastage of resources.

20. Indians are poor team performers.

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The Current Topic for a Group Discussion in the HR interview Round?

Group discussions have become an integral part of job selection process as they reflect now only your knowledge about the subject but also your ability to standout in the group. So if you have cleared the HR interview round and GD is the next thing in line then it is important to study latest GD topics. Just like you prepare for HR interview questions, you must also prepare yourself for Group Discussion topics.

In this post, we have come up with the latest Group Discussion Topics 2019. Make sure you have prepared well for these GD topics to crack your group discussion and get yourself a job!!!

15 Group Discussion (GD) Topics for HR Interview Round

1. Do you think GST has been a good move for India?

2. Do you support demonetization?

3. Social media is responsible for spreading fake news.

4. Reliance Jio 4G has transformed the Telecom Sector of India.

5. Is linking ADHAR card to Voter’s ID is a good thing?

6. Importance of subsidies in Agriculture in India.

7. Technological advancement is good for people?

8. Is Indian ready to become a cashless economy?

9. Is FDI a good thing for Indian economy?

10. Ease of doing business in India ranking: Will it help or not?

11. Is startup India is boosting entrepreneurship?

12. Will India be able to double up the farmer’s income in next five years?

13. Poverty in India: Causes and Solutions

14. How beneficial is the merger of public sector banks?

15. What is the priority for India: Agriculture or Industries?

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