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Social Media Policy for Employees Template & Example

In recent times, social media has gained a lot of popularity and that’s the reason that it has now become an important part of everyone’s life. That’s the reason that each and every company should have a social media policy for employees. By sharing social media guidelines for employees, a company can clearly state what is expected of employees while using social media as it can have an effect on the company.

Examples of Company Social Media Policy for Employees

Understanding Social Media

There different types of online communications that feature under social media like private chats, blogs, YouTube, forums etc. A company should define that is considered as social networking and social media by the company because each company and each person can have a different perceptional about social media.

Using Social Media at Work

It is very important for a company to communicate social media policy guide to their employees. This is helpful in knowing employees whether they can use their social media during working hours and to what extent. A company must not forget that it is important for employees to connect with their customers and social media plays a significant role in it. Therefore, a personal social media policy for employees is must to bring clarity on this front.

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Maintaining Confidentiality

While using social media, maintaining confidentiality is of extreme importance and that’s what social media policy for employees in India and in other countries must define. There has to be a clear discretion between what information is appropriate to post on social media platforms and what is not or else it will make the world of social media extremely complicated as well damaging for the company.

Maintaining Truthfulness

Using real identities and names on social media is another important thing a company must focus in its social media policy template. This is so because it brings much needed clarity and transparency in the working which helps a company and its employees gain more credibility amongst the customers.

Using Content Responsibly

Always mention in your social media policy examples for nonprofits or profit based organization that just sharing any image available is not right. Mentioning the source or giving credits is very important while using content or images from other sources.

Follow Social Etiquettes

Building relationships is the idea behind social media presence and while doing so, social etiquettes must be followed. A company’s social media policy must always define these etiquettes that must never me missed on.

While drafting social media policy 2021, keep these points in mind so that you do not miss on anything important that must be a part of your policy to avoid any complications later on.

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Social Media Employee Code of Conduct Use in the Office

In recent times, social media has become an inseparable part of our lives and therefore, has influenced our lives in so many ways. That’s the reason that many companies have come up with use of social media in the workplace. In order to control and define the rules conduct for social media use in the office, companies have rolled out social media policy for employees that gives them complete clarity about using this platform while at work.

In this post, we have come up with social media use in the office code of conduct. We have drafted the policy for using social media in the workplace.

Creating Personal Accounts

  • Be very clear whether you will be using your personal account for personal, professional or both kind of use.
  • You are free to have a personal social media account that will be entirely person with no mention of the company name. In this case, you can use your account as you like.
  • Always keep in mind following the code of conduct while using social media, even when you are using your personal account for posting personal content.

Creating Professional Accounts

  • If you choose to use social media account that links with the company, you must abide by the rule.
  • Mention your role at the company in your biography but also make it clear that it is not a corporate channel but an individual channel.
  • Do not include the name of the company in the name of your profile.
  • Do not use the name of the company in your avatar.
  • You are not allowed to share the client confidential content.

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Responsibility of Content

  • Whatever you are going to post on social media, you will be responsible for your words.
  • Speak as an individual.
  • Be transparent in giving your name


  • Your conduct should be in synch with the business ethics of the company.
  • Keep a respectful tone.
  • Do not behave in a manner that is not acceptable at the workplace.


  • Do not share any information online that you are not going to be sharing with clients or competitors.
  • Do not violate any of the non-disclosure obligations.
  • Do not disclose any piece of information about colleagues etc.

There are many benefits of using social media in the workplace and therefore, using social media in the workplace to communicate and otherwise must be clearly defined.

Click here to Download Code of conduct for social media use in the office PDF

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Resignation on Whatsapp/Social Media Acceptable in Companies?

Though communication on different social medias like WhatsApp, Facebook have become quite common in recent times, it is still not considered to be a formal mode of communication in the professional world. There are various companies across the world which do not allow WhatsApp in the workplace as the official platform for having any kind of professional communication. In fact, many companies have strict policies and Social Media guidelines when it comes to using WhatsApp for business communication to bring in more clarity on the subject.

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Using WhatsApp for Resignation

If you are resigning from your company then the ideal way to go about the procedure is by writing a formal letter or sending an email to the concerned person. It is not accepted by companies that you resign from your job over social media by simply sending a WhatsApp message. And in case the employee has submitted the resignation over WhatsApp then the company can always ask the employee to send the resignation over email or letter which are considered to be the professional mode of communications.

We must understand that workplace WhatsApp is not very much encouraged for official communications and each and every company has its own rules and regulations for using WhatsApp for communicating for different reasons.

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Importance of Social Media in Recruitment Process

Importance of Social Media in Recruitment Process

Gone are the days when the recruitment process used to be a severely tedious job. With the heavy influx of social media sites today, it has become an integral part of recruitment in most companies. Various recruiting software providers are seen building applicant tracking and assessment processes around social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. All the HR department needs to do is to post openings on these sites. It helps them generate valuable leads in form of potential candidates and make their task all the more easier. New age technology has helped social media circles to widen its talent pool and get better outsourcing.

Plus in the social media platform, the wider spectrum of passive candidates can be reached out with better dimension and better result.

Statistical Analysis of Social Media in Recruitment Process

On a closer analysis of the statistical data in the recruitment process we came across the following facts and figures:

ü  92% of companies are seen using Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for recruitment

ü  45% of the firms include links to social media on their website

ü  93% of the companies favor LinkedIn

ü  66% of the companies favor Facebook

ü  54% of the companies favor Twitter

ü  73% of the companies have successfully hired through social profiles

ü  1/3rd gets rejected because of something disturbing found in their social profiles

Effective Tips to help in the Recruitment Process

Here are a few tips to help you out in the recruitment process upon considering social media as a platform in this aspect.

1. Know where you will be able to find your target group. Browse large social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook where you will get active users of these sites. On the other hand, industry-focused sites offer smaller but a focused audience base.

2. Update your status with information about new openings at your firm.  It costs nothing but you can gain immensely as status is visible to your entire network.

3. Be courteous and professional and treat others the same way. Do not only just post jobs, rather make an effort to attract people in your area of expertise.

4. The trick behind the success of these social media platform is the reach. Hence grow your network in such a way that it yields maximum benefit.

5. Social Media is a two way venture. If you are looking out for candidates, they are looking out for you too. Hence, always keep your Facebook, and LinkedIn pages updated with provisions for better view of your company.


Hence, it can be concluded that social media platforms help a lot in internal knowledge sharing thereby helping you land on the right and desirable candidate for you organization. This internal capacity, in the process helps you establish a brand name for yourself in the market leading to social capital is the bigger picture.

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How to use Social Media to Get a Job

How to use Social Media to get a Job in India.

Job hunting can be immensely tedious at times. Spending countless hours making personalized cover letters that no one actually goes through and then anticipating call for the next round becomes too frustrating at times. But with the impact of new media, the job climate over the past few years have changed drastically. Almost everything is conducted online today and as such your online portfolio has become as important as your resume today. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are a few of the platforms where hiring get processed. Recruiters use these social media for apparently checking for grammar and spelling to check the credibility of the job seekers.

Below are the top social networking sites that have been functioning actively in recent times:


Recent studies showed that almost around 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn. An entire suite of the site has been dedicated to recruiting solutions. LinkedIn Recruiter contact candidates directly and hence allow recruiters to reach passive candidates as well.

When it comes to connecting in LinkedIn, since it provides networking opportunities, it is always okay to connect with strangers. The site also has jobs board that actively highlight available opportunities. It has provisions for recommendations and endorsements to boost up the likability of your page.


Twitter is all about playing with 140 characters or less at your advantage. This networking site has provisions to store job applications and professional networking pages for a wider reach. In tweeter you need to tweet often to get into touch with like-minded folks in your profession.

In the search bar, type ‘jobs’ and click on ‘People’ on the left-hand side. This way you can find all the Twitter accounts with ‘jobs’ in the username. Browse through and click ‘follow’ to remain updated.


Facebook is another mostly used platform by recruiters to land on potential job seekers. It has been estimated that one of every four recruiters finds candidate on Facebook.

The ‘like’ option helps you stay connected to recruiters. ‘Stay updated’ keep your work and education info up to date that helps creates a positive impact on your current position and past experience. ‘Professional Skills’ help optimize your professional appeal.


Pinterest is not all about wedding inspiration and delicious recipes. With the Pinterest board you may ‘Pin’ your resume to highlight the major aspects of your experience along with sharing photos and links. With the ‘Follow these pages’ option you are exposed to numerous tips and job opportunities.


Tumblr uses GIFs and rabid fandoms to help you connect with the right employer. Search for terms like ‘hiring’ and ‘jobs’ and you will end up with plethora of options for you to choose from.

With Tumblr you get an opportunity to accustom your interests with original content. These appeals a lot to your potential employers and you get better exposure.

No matter how far you excel in getting connections on social networking sites, simply asking someone to meet over coffee widen the horizon even more. Sharing ideas with someone you respect and consider to be your role model will act as an icebreaker in your career endeavors.

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Effective Use of Social Media To Hire Talent For Your Company

Effective Use of Social Media To Hire Talent For Your Company


The social media network has become a major part of our day to day lives today. Media sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin and more are the players of hiring world today. Recruiters use these websites to fill in their positions today.

Linkedin is awesome in this regard. Professionals who do not prefer to post their resume on job portals like,, find linkedin to be a safer. Recruiters simply search and connect with these professionals with their existing connections, and bang! They get what they want!

Let us discuss about the effectiveness of these social media sites on hiring talents for a company today:

Advertize for open positions in your company on Social media

Here are few tips:

Tip 1: Majority of social media websites put restrictions on the number of words to be displayed. This is because no one will like to see a lengthy post. Also put up one job opening at one time. This will help people sort openings according to their likings.

Tip 2: Since it is not possible to give complete information about your job opening, due to the word limit, you may hyperlink your company’s site or the webpage where the job seeker may look for more details. But, it case you do not have a website, mention the required information in the post itself, but short and precise.

Tip 3: Use simple and plain English. Clearly mention what is required of the applicant to avoid confusion.

Tip 4: Use friend connections to spread your post. This way it reaches out to more people.

Tip 5: Details like email id or contact number is most important of all for candidates to approach you.

Tip 6: What happens in social media is that your post can be viewed by your friends or connections only. Therefore, make efforts to like or share the post to relevant wall.

Tip 7: You may also post your job opening on various groups. This way you can reach out to more seekers.

Make connections with positive potentialities

It is one of the most effective ways to increase your chances to reach out to potential candidates. With people from your domain in your connection list you are open to contact them whenever needed. Do not break the interactive flow with these connections. This is important because most senior professionals do not prefer to express themselves due to lack of communication. Interaction for that matter increases the chance of openness.

Promote the brand name of your organization

Job seekers are sensitive about the kind of company they are joining. Many a times they do not hesitate to go for background research like inquiring about the company, its work culture from existing employees. Understanding this demand, many job portals today provide options to candidates like links to the employees of the applied company through various social media.

Thus social media plays a very important role in helping organizations built their brand image. Most companies dedicate a corporate communication team entirely for brand image.  One such social media integrated version is the

Paid version of social media

There are various social media out there who provide paid hiring solutions. It is seen that job portal database are nearly worn out and recruiters are in desperate need of alternative solutions. One such is provided by the social media. Examples will be linkedin hiring solutions.

Whatever might it be, job portals are still not losing their grip in this field. But social media is rising as a miracle too, especially on the senior level hiring.

Do share with us your experience as a recruiter in the field of social media. Your contribution will be highly appreciated.

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