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Best Online Video Interviewing Platforms India

Technology has impacted every facet of our lives. With changing times, the face-to-face interviews are not replaced by interviews on videos. Seeing the high demand, in a short span of time many video interview websites using different video interview tools have made a name in the market.

Whether you are looking for the best free video interviewing software or best virtual interview platforms in India, you have come to the right place. We bring to you the best options for video interview recruitment in India. Browse through these best video interviewing platforms in India that make recruiting so much easier and convenient.

Top Video Interviewing Platforms in India

skype video interview Platform

Skype is a popular software that is designed to enable online conversations beyond boundaries. Used by millions of businesses and individuals, this is one of the best video interview software that allows us to make group calls, one-to-one voice calls, video calls and also share files and send instant messages with the other people present on Skype using our mobile phones or computers.

Zoom: Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, interview

Zoom: Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, interview

In 2020, Zoom has become the most popular software apps for video conferencing. Known for its user-friendliness and features, this is a platform which allows you to interact virtually with co-workers and clients and the good thing is that it is not just limited to the professional world but off late, it is widely used for social events. Designed to have meetings and chats with clients, conduct video webinars and online conferences; it makes a one-stop solution of video interviewing.

Google Hangout

google hangout video interview

Google Hangouts is a communication service designed to allow members to communicate over text chat, video chat or video call with an individual or with a group. This cross platform messaging app was developed by Google and makes one of the most popular choices. It is available on both Android as well as iOS devices.

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10 Innovative and Creative Recruitment Methods – Recruitment ideas

Innovative Recruitment Methods – Recruitment ideas
Innovative and Creative Recruitment Ideas

Recruitment is one of the most important things for any organization to ensure most effective hiring. HR managers use different types of recruitment methods to have more and more potential applicants. They come up with innovative recruitment methods to find the most perfect candidate for any job opening. These days digital recruitment trends are the latest addition to the effective recruitment strategies and practices.

In this post, we will be discussing innovative and creative recruitment ideas that are used by HR managers. Find out the emerging trends in recruitment and selection process and alternative recruitment methods used in present times.

Best Recruiting Ideas – Creative & Innovative Ways to Find Talents

  1. Structured Employee Interviews

Companies conduct structured employment interviews in which there is a set of questions which are asked to every applicant and based on that selection is done. This is a promising method of recruitment which doesn’t get affected by biases. Here, the interviewer has to research and develop effective and smart questions to be posed during the interview which can help them select the right candidate for the profile.

  • Video Interviewing

This is another way of recruiting and is surely a very convenient and effective way to interview when your candidate is sitting at some other location altogether. With video recording, you not only save on your time and money but you can also have an access to a bigger pool of candidates to interview. To get much finer results, collecting data on body language like movement of eyes, any kind of non-verbal communication will be very helpful.

  • IQ Tests

It is extremely important that the person you are selecting has some level of IQ in him for a particular profile. Also known as GMA or General Mental Ability test, it is very helpful in measuring a person based on his academic knowledge. No matter which position it is or which sector it is, IQ tests reveal the speed to learn new things and also how successful will be a person in a particular job. Though IQ is not everything but it does help in rejecting the candidates who are not that competent.

  • Programmatic Advertising

This is a smart recruitment method when you are hiring online. In this kind of recruitment method, there is an automatic posting of job ads that focus on the candidate profiles you are in search of. This involves recruiting on niche sites which is definitely a creative way to recruit. It is all about making your good prospects see your job posting advertisement and apply for the job.

  • Job Knowledge Test

With a Job Knowledge Test, you can have a deeper insight of a person’s expertise in a particular role. The results of this test help a manager know that what all things the candidate already knows. In short, the results indicate everything that a person knows in relation with the profile he has applied for, thereby, making the process of selection easier and more accurate. But this test has some limitations as it just highlights the procedural knowledge of a person but doesn’t predict the decision-making abilities.

  • Connecting with Passive Candidates

There are various passive candidates out there who are not looking for any kind of job change as of now. By establishing a connection with them using social media platforms, you can lay road to future connections when they are looking for a job change. This kind of approach may not benefit you in real time but in long term, companies can make their recruitment methods a lot more diversified with passive candidates included in their list.

  • Integrity Test

Just like knowing the knowledge aspect of a candidate, it is also important to know his behavioural aspect. Integrity Test aims at finding these behavioural traits because though knowledge is important but how a person behaves in a situation is even more important. With this test, you can know about the level of honesty, dependability, commitment and dedication a person has towards his work which again is extremely helpful in recruitment process.

  • Social Media

In the digital recruitment trends, social media is an amazingly impressive alternative recruitment method. You can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to develop connections with all those who are looking out for a job. This will help you have applications from different locations which will give you a much bigger candidate pool to make the best of the selections for whichever post you want.

  • Employer Review Site

Employers must not miss on Employer Review Sites because they play a very strong role in recruitments. Sites like Glassdoor should always be given importance. Job seekers are always looking for information about the companies for which they are applying and if they find bad reviews about a company then it is a serious loss for the employer. Don’t miss this effective recruitment strategy and practice which can help you save yourself from losing a good candidate.

  • Employee Referrals

This is another recruitment method used by HR managers. Though you have kept your options for hiring open but you must not forget that you can use your employee referrals as well. This is a smart way of reducing your cost and saving your time. Not only that, this method ensures highest ROI. So before you step out and look for candidates by spending a lots of your money, ask your employees for referrals and there are bright chances that you might just get lucky.

These are some of the innovative recruitment ideas used by HR managers to hire the most potential candidates.

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Recruitment Methods

Recruitment can conduct by 9 methods as follows: –

1. Recruitment by Campus method

Campus is the location of a university, college, or school’s main buildings. This method is based on recruitment at university, colleges…

2. Recruitment by Job centers

Job centers often specialize in recruitment for specific sectors. They usually provide a shortlist of candidates based on the people registered with the agency. They also supply temporary or interim employees.

3. Head hunting.

Head hunting are recruitment agents who provide a more specialized approach to the recruitment of key employees and/or senior management.

4. Recruitment by Advertisements

They can be found in many places such as:

• Newspaper
• Job posting on job sites
• Ads on websites related to positions recruited.

5. Database search on job sites.

Company can buy data from job websites for a week or a month to search candidates.

6. Employee referral

This method often refer to as ‘word of mouth’ and can be a recommendation from a colleague at work.

7. Contract staffing.

Company can buy staffing contract from HR outsourcing.
8. Word-of-mouth recruitment
9. Free online ads

You can post your recruitment ads at free websites such as forums, blogs…

10. Internal recruitment

Internal recruitment can conduct by types of:

• Present permanent employees (based on programs of career development).
• Present temporary / casual employees.
• Retired employees.
• Dependents of deceased disabled, retired and present employees.

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