Process of Writing Warning Letter to Employee

Warning Letter to Employee

Warning letters are written by employer in order to bring in notice Here is the process of writing a warning letter to employee which ensures a disciplined behavior.

Step 1

Show you concern over the deficiency in performance. Mention about the indiscipline noticed by some person over the behavior or actions of the other.

Step 2

Mention about the specific expectations for performance which have been laid out by the organization. There can be a reference of the clause mentioned in the terms and conditions mentioned by the company.

Step 3

Ask the employee to present clarifications and answers in response to the letter stating the reasons for such behavior.

Step 4

Do mention the time deadline within which the employee is suppose to respond. If he fails to respond then he will assumed as the offender and required action will be taken against him.

Step 5

Make sure it is signed by the authorized person for authenticity.

This is a short and simple process for writing a professional and crisp warning letter to employee containing all important information and details.


Writing a Warning Letter to Employee for Poor Attendance
Every employer educates his employees about the HR policies, leave policy, and attendance letter at the time of on boarding.