Warning Letter to Employee for Salary Deduction

Employee Warning Letter

Sometimes employees cause serious damages to company’s property, assets and reputation or being undisciplined. In such cases, it is essential for companies to warn them for deductions to recover the damages from them and make them more responsible and vigilant towards them in future. Follow the sample format for Warning Letter to Employee for Salary Deduction to write a customized formal letter stating all important points.

Here is the template for your reference.

Sample of Warning Letter to Employee for Salary Deduction

Ana Jackson

Designation: HR Executive

Date: 01.08.2014

Dear Ana,

This is a written warning being issued to you for being negligent in handling company documents resulting in leakage of important information.

We have noticed that you had left important documents related with employees on the reception on July 28th, 2014. As you are responsible for handing these confidential papers and files, this kind of irresponsible behavior can cause major loss to the organization.

Due to this incident, 2 days salary will be deducted from your monthly salary for July. We hope that you will be more responsible in handling the confidential documents of the firm.


Adam Grant

Managing Director

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