Warning Letter For Alcohol Consumption During Working Hours

Every company has some ethnics which every employee is suppose to be following. If the employee fails to adhere to the rules and regulations set by the company then serious actions can be taken against them; they can even be terminated.

If you are an HR Manager of your company and some employee is found consuming alcohol during working hours then you must issue him a warning letter stating the consequences. You must warn him in a strict way and make sure that you are able to deliver the message that in case the warning is not taken seriously then he can face strict punishment or action. Here is a formal example designed to help you frame a customized letter. It consists of all the essential points that are required to be included in your letter.

Template of Warning Letter For Alcohol Consumption During Working Hours

Julia Mars

HR Manager,

XYZ Development Bank

42 Richmond Street,

New York

Date: 13th July, 2015


Mathew Jacob

46 Agastha Apartments,

Herald Street,

New York

Dear Mr. Jacob,

On 10th July, 2015, you reported late for duty at 10.30 a.m. when your shift starts sharp at 9 a.m. and you were in a drunken state. Because you smelled of alcohol, you were advised by your team leader, Mr. John Smith, advised you to go back home when he noticed your weird behavior at the reception of the company. Instead of following his advice, you misbehaved with him and abused him. As you were quite loud, your behavior and abusive words were noticed by two other staff members, Mr. Adam Gibbs and Ms. Samantha Brown. Mr. Gibbs tried to calm you down but you did not pay any attention and you moved to your working station.

As mentioned in your appointment letter that as per company’s rules and regulations, coming to office under the influence of alcohol or any other substance abuse is a punishable act. The company has the authority to terminate the employee who fails to adhere to company ethics. You have not only disobeyed the company rules but you have also misbehaved and abused a fellow employee which is again against the regulations.

This is the last and final warning to you and in case you are found drunk or under the influence of any such substance then you will be terminated without any notice. The company is issuing a warning because you have been an amazing performer and there has been no complaint against you since you have joined the company.

In case, there is some issue that is bothering you then we can arrange a meeting with the company counselor who will help you sort your life. For any queries, contact me at [email protected].


Julia Mars

HR Manager,

XYZ Development Bank

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