Resignation Letter to Quit for a Better Opportunity

Resignation Letter to Quit for a Better Opportunity

We all look for better working opportunities in order to move ahead in our career and if we have found a better opportunity and we wish to resign from our present job then we have to write a resignation letter to quit for a better opportunity to our manager or boss.

In this post, we have shared with a format sample for resignation letter that you can customize and use it as per your requirement in order to inform them about your intent to resign in a formal manner.

Format for Resignation Letter to Quit for a Better Opportunity


Richard Smith

54, Henry Street

New York

Date: August 16, 2023


Mr. Adam Brown

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies

New York

Sub: Resignation letter

Dear Mr. Adam,

The purpose of writing this letter is to express my intention to resign from the post of Marketing Executive at Zenith Technologies, effective August 30th, 2023.

We all aim for better professional growth in order to take our careers to new heights. I have received a job offer from another company and I strongly feel that this job opportunity will help me grow on the professional front and is more suitable for the experience and skills I possess.

It was a wonderful experience working at Zenith Technologies and I am grateful to you for giving me this opportunity to gain such a rewarding experience. Thank you for your support throughout this association.

I would be happy to help you to make sure that this transition is smooth. You can get in touch with me over email or phone. I wish you and your company great growth and success.

Thanking you.


Richard Smith