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Format Letter for Announcements for the Company Received an Award

Award Announcement Letter is a formal declaration of winning an award to tell everyone about the winner. Award write ups for employees’ nomination, employee recognition award letter, award announcement letter for company receiving an award are a few different kinds of announcement letters. There are also congratulation letters on winning an award complementing these announcements.

Achieving an award is surely a great moment and when your company is getting awarded, it is a cheerful moment.  If your company has achieved some award then you must write a formal award announcement letter to share this wonderful news with your employees.

Here is a wonderful award letter template which you can use for creating a personalized announcement letter write up keeping this example as base.

Award Announcement Sample Letter

Dear Employees,

As the Chairman of KP Business Solutions Private Limited., it is my pleasure to announce that our company has been awarded with volunteer award for year 2016. This award is given to companies who have met the quality standards set by the government in the industry.

I am proud to share this news with all our employees who have worked very hard to maintain the quality standards of the production. It is because of the combined efforts of each one of our employees that we have managed to achieve this success.

I congratulate all of you on behalf of the company on being a part of efforts made in this direction. To celebrate this proud moment, we shall soon be organizing a celebration. This is just one milestone and we have more such awards to bag.

Congratulations to all and all the best for the journey ahead.


Adams Smith


KP Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Staff Resignation Announcement Email

Being the HR or the Manager of your company, when some of your employee is leaving the organization, you must share this information with other staff members by writing a formal email which contains all the important points related with the work tenure, working and resignation of that particular candidate.

Given below is a sample format of the staff resignation announcement email which you can use for creating a personalized email with essential points that are must to be included.

Sample Staff Resignation Announcement Email

Subject: Staff Resignation mail

Dear Staff Members,

With deep regret, I am announcing the resignation of Mr. Adam Smith from the Marketing Department of our company. He is resigning from his job because of some personal reasons, effective from 1st July, 2016.

Mr. Adam has been a committed employee of our company for more than 7 years. Since 2009, he has been associated with the company and has always worked hard in his field to take company at greater heights. He has been one of the most efficient Marketing Managers our company has seen. Under his leadership, the performance of Marketing Department has created new benchmarks. He has always put forward the good of the company and worked with utmost dedication to deliver his best. He was a wonderful and valuable asset to our company for all these years and his resignation will be a loss to all of us.

On behalf of ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd., let us all wish Mr. Adam best of luck for all his future endeavors. Let us bid him a happy and cheerful farewell on his resignation. The company is hosting a small farewell party for him on 26th June, 2016 to bid him goodbye. I would look forward for your presence at the party so that we can together wish him luck for the future. He would also be very happy to have all his co-workers and staff members around him when he leaves the company.

Thanking you!


Samantha Johnson

Manager, HR Department

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Letter for Announcement Of New Employee Joining

Whenever a new employee joins a company, it is the duty of the management to welcome him with open arms and announcing his arrival publicly. This is a way of formally informing the other staff about the entrant, his profile, the work he is going to do etc. This also includes the date of joining. This is nothing but a way of informing.

If you are in the management of your company and you are suppose to be framing a letter for announcement of new employee joining your company then you must have a look at the sample format given below which takes into account the right way of writing such letter. Use it in a customized way to create your personal letter.

Sample Letter for Announcement Of New Employee Joining

Date: 26.08.15

Dear Staff,

This is to inform you all that Robin Smith is joining ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. to fill our vacant position in Marketing Departments as Assistant Marketing Manager. His first day will be on Tuesday, August 1st, 2015.

Robin possesses a rich experience in the marketing field and we are happy to have him in the marketing team of ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. If you get to see Robin in the premises, be sure that you welcome him to the organization. For the first few weeks, he is going to be participating in the orientation program and on boarding activities.

Mr. James Mark is going to mentor Robin and if you have any question or you need to meet Robin then you can speak with James before he joins the company.

Robin will be working in the Marketing Department and going to assist the Marketing Manager in all important decisions and plan implementations.

Thanks for joining me in welcoming Robin to the company.


Amanda Joseph

HR Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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Announcement Letter of Leaving Employee

Whenever an employee leaves a company, it is an important moment as someone from your professional family is leaving. In such a situation, as the HR manager of your company or as the owner of your organization, you must write a formal announcement letter informing about the departure of the employee. Such letters are normally divided into two parts. The first part contains the basic details in relation with the departure and the second part expresses the emotions and feelings of the company.

Here is an example of announcement letter of leaving employee which contains the right amount of information which needs to be included in such kind of letters to make them perfect. Use the format sample given below which will help you create a personalized letter with all necessary details.

Sample of Announcement Letter of Leaving Employee

Date: 26.08.15

Sub: Retirement of Ms. Ana Joseph

This is to inform you all that Ms. Ana Joseph will no longer be working with ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. as she is retiring on August 31st, 2015.

It is quite an emotional moment for our company as one of the most important employees of our organization is leaving us. Ms. Ana Joseph has been a wonderful employee. Her contribution to ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. has been just amazing. She is one person with whom the HR department was started and over the span of 13 years, she has put the best of her efforts to bring HR department at par with other departments by planning and managing things so well. She is the one because of which all our employees are so happy and connected with the organization. Let’s hope that she is always available with her useful advice at the time of urgency.

I request you all to congratulate Ms. Ana with me on the beginning of her new innings of her life. The family of ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. is always going to miss you.

We wish you all the best for your future.


Adam Jacob

Managing Director

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