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Sample Termination Letter to Employee Due to Cost Cutting

When a company is facing financial difficult times, it has to cut its cost and laying off employees is one of the ways for cost cutting. In such a scenario, issuing termination letter to employees is the most important thing as an employer. There are various types of termination letters such as termination letter due to budget cuts or termination letter due to company loss. Sometimes companies are have to give Termination Letter for Abandonment and Insubordination. And when employees fail to deliver expected outputs, termination letter for poor performance are issued.

We bring to you sample Termination Letter to Employee due to Cost Cutting. Use this format template to create your own letter.

Example Format for Termination Letter Due to Cost Cutting


R.K. Sharma

Human Resource Manager,

Advent Medicines Ltd.

New Delhi

Date: 28.07.2018


Vinod Khatri

54, Sahara Enclave,

Goregaon (E),


Dear Mr. Khatri,

With deep regret, we are writing to notify you of job termination with Advent Medicines Ltd., effective from August 14th, 2018 as the company no longer requires your service.

The company is shifting all its operation to the headquarters in New Delhi branch as the company is suffering serious losses and therefore, the Management has decided to downsize all other branches in India. We highly appreciate your services and we are confident that an efficient employee like you will not find any difficulties in finding a better job.

This termination is not because of your poor performance and your relieving letter will include words of appreciation for your dedication and efficiency. We will always have your contact details in our database and will surely get back to you in future if there is a suitable profile for you. The company will compensate you for the inconvenience caused while settling down all your dues at the time of relieving. You will have our HR Team help you with the complete process.

Wishing you good luck for all your future endeavors.

Best Regards,

R.K. Sharma

Human Resource Manager,

Advent Medicines Ltd.

Click here to download Termination Letter to Employee Due to Cost Cutting in Word Doc Format

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Steps for Writing Formal Resignation Email with Format

These days, we all are switching from formal letters to formal emails. The content in both these formats is same except one difference i.e. in letters you put date and address on the left hand side which is missing in emails.

If you have to write a formal resignation letter and you are not very much sure about how to being writing a professional resignation email then here are some very useful tips given below, using which you can create a perfect formal email without making any mistake. Follow these steps one by one, to frame a fool-proof email with essential details.

Step wise Process for Writing Formal Resignation Email

Let us read through the steps that help you write a perfect resignation email:

Clear Subject Line

Start with a simple and clear subject line which should convey the content in the email. Do not make it look like something alarming. Do not use bold or capital letters. You have to keep it polite and clear. Submission of Resignation is the finest of all the choices.

 Addressing the Concerned Person

As you begin writing the email, you must start with the right opening format. Depending upon your association with your boss, you must select the beginning of the email. If you share a friendly association then you can start with “Dear Sir or Ma’am” and if your relationship is formal then replace “Dear” with “Respected”.

Clearly State Your Intention

Begin with clearly mentioning the reason for writing this email which is resignation. Do not make it look vague in any sense so that your boss thinks that there is room to retain you by negotiating with you or resolving your issues. Your email must deliver that after thoughtful consideration, you have finally decided to resign. You must express it as your final decision.

Talk About Notice Period

Different companies have different notice periods depending upon their norms. Notice period is the duration when you have to work with the company once you have signed the resignation so that the company has enough time to find a replacement.  During this time you have to share your work related details with your co-workers. So make sure you mention it in your email.

Mention the Reason for Leaving

There is a reason behind resigning and you must state the reason in your email. Though it is not compulsory to mention it but employer is always keen on knowing the reason for quitting the job. By stating the reason, you might get some alluring offer from your employer like a similar profile, salary hike or promotion, something which you had always wanted.

Express Willingness to Help

You have to be helpful. You must state in writing that you would be happy to help out the company during this transition period by assisting in recruitment process or training your substitute. Always offer yourself to the employer for any kind of assistance that is needed from your end to make it a smooth and comfortable process. This is important as it will leave a positive impact on him.


You must always thank your employer for his support and guidance and for the wonderful learning experience you had under his supervision. It is very important to thank him by ending your letter with a kind note. You must also thank your co-workers and team for their support.

End it Formally

Make sure that you end your letter in a nice and formal manner. Once you have written a thank you note, you must wish the company an amazing growth and bright future.

Once you have followed all these points, end your letter by writing “Sincerely” on the left hand side bottom and finish it by including your name under it.

With all of these steps mentioned above, you will have a perfectly framed formal resignation email. But before sending it to your boss, read it twice to make sure that there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Once all this is done, just click and send it.

Formal Resignation Email with Format

Subject: Submission of Resignation

Dear Ms. Julie,

The purpose of writing this email is to inform you that I have decided to move on to pursue another opportunity which I feel is going to give my career great growth. I hereby submit my resignation from the post of Marketing Executive at ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. today, 12th April 2016. I will be                                                                  serving the notice period of one month.

The reason because of which I am leaving my present job is that I have received a wonderful opportunity which will not only give me a salary hike but will also bring along lots of new opportunities which will be very helpful in my career in long term.

I would be happy to help you with a smooth transition phase by helping in the process of recruitment and training of my substitute. Please let me know if you need any kind of assistance you require from my side to keep this process smooth.

I am very thankful to ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. for giving me wonderful opportunities to perform and move ahead in my career. These 5 years have been years of learning and gaining experience. I have always been supported by my supervisor and team members to take up new challenges and perform better.

I wish the company an amazing growth and bright future.

Thanking you


Andrew Smith

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No Dues Certificate Format

Whenever a person leaves an organization or institution, he is suppose to attain a No Dues Certificate from the management which states that he is not required to clear any dues and is free to leave the organization without any charges on him.

If you are the department head or supervisor with a company and you are required to sanction such a certificate for one of your employee who is leaving the company to the HR manager then here is a format to help you. Use this sample to create a formal customized no dues certificate which consists of all the required details. It is basically a very short and crisp document.

Sample No Dues Certificate Format

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd., New York

Marketing Department

Date: 04.06.15



The Manager

Human Resource Department

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

New York

This is to certify that Marketing Department has ‘NO DUES’ against Mr. James Smith, Marketing Executive at ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Authorized Signatory

Adam Samules

Manager, Marketing Department

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Employee Resignation Letter Template

Here is the employee resignation letter example. You can also download this letter in .doc format.

Resignation Letter


Boss / Reporting Officer ( RO) Name
Company Name

Subject: Resignation Letter

Dear Sir,

I, (Your Name ), after careful thought and consideration and with deep regret would like to inform you that due to some unavoidable family reasons I will not be able to render my services to this esteemed organization. ( Your Company Name) has indeed been a milestone for my career.

I would like to thank you for providing me with an excellent opportunity to develop my skill set. My tenure at ( Your Company Name) indeed has been a learning experience. I also would like to thank all my seniors, peers and colleagues who have directly or indirectly helped me in discharging my responsibilities and achieving my present level of experience.

Kindly accept my resignation and relieve me of my duties by ( Leaving Date ).

Yours sincerely

Your Name



Employee Code / No

Click Here To Download Employee Resignation Letter

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Welcome Letter Format for New Employee

Sample of Company’s HR Welcome Introduction Letter Format to New Employee in word.


Date: 07 /10/2013

Dear Nishant,

Welcome to the Rocket Sales family.

At Rocket Sales we work like a team getting ready for an important game. We carefully choose the members of the team who would represent us, we give them intensive training, we make them feel comfortable, we get inspiring captains and competent managers to take care of all the aspects. In each of these roles we have some of the best people in the industry, be it our sales Team, our induction and training programs, our Human Resource Policies, our leaders and our back end departments.

Rocket Sales success has largely been due to its fair people practices and I am sure you too will be proud to be with us. We will definitely be proud to have you in our team.

To help us make our records complete and updated so as to serve you better, kindly fill in the enclosed Joining Report and submit the same along with required document to the HR department.

For any clarifications your HR department is just a click or a call or a step away. Drop in for clarifications, guidance or just plain words of wisdom. They love to have you around.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Best Wishes

Kirtika Singh

Human Resources


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Salary Certificate Format for Bank Loan Free Download

Template for Salary Certificate Format for Bank Loan in Word doc.

September 15, 2013


                             TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN



This to certify that Mr Narayan is working with us since 01.01.2012 and now he is promoted as a General Manager (Finance), posted at Delhi.

During his tenure, we found him to be honest, sincere, hard working & creative.


We wish him all success in his future life.







Click Here To Download Salary Certificate Format For Bank Loan

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Salary Certificate Format in Word

Download Example of Salary Certificate from Indian Company or Employer in (.doc) Word Format.


This is to certify that we have paid salary to Mr  Ranjan during the financial year 2012-13 as under :

Consolidated Salary
House Rent Allowance
Special Allowance
The following amounts have been deducted from his salary during the period :
PF own contribution
Professional Tax
Income Tax
                                                                    For Sales CORPORATION LTD.

                                                                    AUTHORIZED SIGNATORY

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Undertaking Letter Format for Service Tax

I have Attached Undertaking Letter Format


Accounts & Finance Department,

Company name and address.

Subject: Undertaking for Service Tax,

Respected sirs,

This is regarding service tax which is unpaid to our company and meeting held on ….01 September 2012, 01 PM at your office.

Hereby we assure you that please pay us the service tax amount which is due to be paid to us, so that we can submit all the chalans.

Further please do not deduct our service tax amount and we assure you that we will submit service tax chalIans time to time.

We thank you for your kind support & guidance.

With warm regards,
For .


Click Here To Download Undertaking Letter Format

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Writing a Research Paper Report

Please find attached a general format for preparing a research report.

A. Preliminary Section
1. Title Page
2. Acknowledgments (if any)
3. Table of Contents
4. List of Tables (if any)
5. List of Figures (if any)
6. Abstract

B. Main Body
1. Introduction
a. Statement of the Problem
b. Significance of the Problem (and historical background)
c. Purpose
d. Statement of Hypothesis
e. Assumptions
f. Limitations
g. Definition of Terms

2. Review of Related Literature (and analysis of previous research)

3. Design of the Study

a. Description of Research Design and Procedures Used
b. Sources of Data
c. Sampling Procedures
d. Methods and Instruments of Data Gathering
e. Statistical Treatment

4. Analysis of Data


a. text with appropriate

b. tables and
c. figures

5. Summary and Conclusions

a. Restatement of the Problem
b. Description of Procedures
c. Major Findings (reject or fail to reject Ho)
d. Conclusions
e. Recommendations for Further Investigation

C. Reference Section

1. End Notes (if in that format of citation)

2. Bibliography or Literature Cited

3. Appendix

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Sales Incentive Calculation Format In Excel

I have Attached Sales Incentive Calculation Format in Excel.

Total Sales Incentives
S.No. Month Incentives (Month Wise)
1 Apr-12 3250.00
2 May-12 0.00
3 Jun-12 0.00
4 Jul-12 0.00
5 Aug-12 0.00
6 Sep-12 0.00
7 Oct-12 0.00
8 Nov-12 0.00
9 Dec-12 0.00
10 Jan-13 0.00
11 Feb-13 0.00
12 Mar-13 0.00
Total 3250.00


Click Here To Download Sales Incentive Calculation Format

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