Warning Letter for Employee Regarding Attendance

Sample Warning Letter for Employee Regarding Attendance



Mr/ Ms. ____________
Mr./ Ms. _____________,

This is in regards to our letter dated (date) which was sent to your last known address via registered post. In the letter we had asked you to submit a written explanation within 48 hours for your uninformed absence from the company. However, since then you have not resumed your duties or explained the reason for your unauthorized absence either.

As it was already mentioned in the terms and condition section of the appointment letter that any kind of absence without prior approval of your superior (including overstay on leave/ training) for a long period would lead to losing lien on your service and you will be terminated without any prior notice or intimation from the company.

You are thereby informed that you have lost all liens on your service as (designation) from (company) and your relationship from the company has been terminated with immediate effect from (date). We consider that you have abandoned the employment at your own wish.

You are requested to collect your final settlement dues from the Accounts Department, if any at the earliest.

For ____________,


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