Permission Letter to Leave Office Early

Permission Letter to Leave Office Early

There are times when you need to leave the office early. For instance, it is your wife’s birthday or you have to attend some function. In such a case, you must write a professional permission letter addressing your HR Manager or immediate senior or team leader asking permission for leaving the office earlier than usual.

For writing a perfect permission letter, it is important to include few important things in your draft like the reason for which you need to leave early, how early you wish to leave etc. If you are still not clear about framing a formal letter then refer to the template example below which will help you frame a perfect letter with all the needful information.

Format Permission Letter to Leave Office Early

Mathew Brown

A-42, Park Avenue Street

New York

Date:23th February 2015


Sheila John
HR Manager

Amazing Technologies
1234 Park Avenue Road
New York

Dear Mrs. Sheila John,

I would like to request you to please allow me to leave 3 hours earlier on Thursday, 19th February, 2015, because I have to attend my brother’s engagement, something that I cannot afford to miss. But I promise that I will finish my job early so that nothing is left incomplete or unattended. And I also assure that I will compensate this time by staying an hour extra on Friday, Saturday and Monday so that there is no work loss to the company.

Thanks for considering my request. Thanking in anticipation

Yours sincerely,

Mathew Brown


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