Announcement Letter of Leaving Employee

Whenever an employee leaves a company, it is an important moment as someone from your professional family is leaving. In such a situation, as the HR manager of your company or as the owner of your organization, you must write a formal announcement letter informing about the departure of the employee. Such letters are normally divided into two parts. The first part contains the basic details in relation with the departure and the second part expresses the emotions and feelings of the company.

Here is an example of announcement letter of leaving employee which contains the right amount of information which needs to be included in such kind of letters to make them perfect. Use the format sample given below which will help you create a personalized letter with all necessary details.

Sample of Announcement Letter of Leaving Employee

Date: 26.08.15

Sub: Retirement of Ms. Ana Joseph

This is to inform you all that Ms. Ana Joseph will no longer be working with ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. as she is retiring on August 31st, 2015.

It is quite an emotional moment for our company as one of the most important employees of our organization is leaving us. Ms. Ana Joseph has been a wonderful employee. Her contribution to ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. has been just amazing. She is one person with whom the HR department was started and over the span of 13 years, she has put the best of her efforts to bring HR department at par with other departments by planning and managing things so well. She is the one because of which all our employees are so happy and connected with the organization. Let’s hope that she is always available with her useful advice at the time of urgency.

I request you all to congratulate Ms. Ana with me on the beginning of her new innings of her life. The family of ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. is always going to miss you.

We wish you all the best for your future.


Adam Jacob

Managing Director