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5 Things that Every Employer Wants to Know

When a company is hiring new people, there are a few things that every employer wants to know about. The idea is to be sure about the people that will be selected. No employer wants to waste his time, energy and resources in hiring a wrong person. In order to make sure that they have selected the right man, they need some information which is very useful in helping them have a smooth decision making process.

This post talks about 5 most important things that every employer wants to know from the job applicants. So if you are able to pass on this information to the employer in a clear manner, then you have better chances of getting selected.

  1. Relevant Experience or Training

No company wants to hire fresher as lots of time and energy goes into training a fresh mind. Employers are interested in knowing how much experience you have in relation with the job for which you have applied. They are also interested in knowing the training programs you have undergone in past. The idea is to know how much aware you are about the profile for which you have applied, the roles and responsibilities attached with it, the work flow and general understanding about the profile for better working. This always helps in earning extra points.

  1. Criminal Record in Past

Companies want to make sure that the people they are hiring do not have any criminal record or any past related with violent behavior. It is important for the safety and confidentiality of the workplace and the workforce. Some companies go for a thorough credit check to ensure that everything is in place just before hiring the new candidate. So make sure that you don’t have any such records or they can adversely interfere with your future.

  1. Reliable and Discipline

When a company hires any person, it wants to make sure that the person is reliable and honest with his job. Employers are not interested in hiring individuals who never respect the deadlines, who arrive late at work, who are absent from work too often, who are not disciplined, who don’t follow the rules of the company. To get an insight on these behavioral points, they contact the references to know the conduct and reliability of a new candidate. You are selected only when you are able to earn points on conduct and commitment.

  1. Self Motivation

In order to grow on a personal level and in order to help your organization grow, you need to be self motivated. Employers always chose those individuals who are strongly self motivated. Such a person doesn’t need surveillance to deliver results. He doesn’t need a boss to tell what to do. He is a proactive person who is self motivated to find out ways to work even when not guided. He can manage the show on his own and can responsibly complete the assigned work. Not only this, such people are able to motivate people around them which help the organizations grow.

  1. Group Behavior

Employers look for candidates who are great team workers. They do not want to hire someone who cannot work in a group. It is very important for the employers to make sure that the work environment is pleasant and positive and for that to happen, they need employees to be interactive. They always look for people who can interact in group effectively, who are able to get along with all kinds of people. Anti-social people are just not loved by them.

So make sure that all these 5 things are highlighted in your resume or interaction with the hiring manager as they can help you win a wonderful job.

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Salary Negotiation Email in Response to Job Offer

If you have managed to crack the interview and you have also received the offer letter for the job but the salary that you have been offered is not as per your expectations. In such a scenario, you must write a formal email to the hiring manager negotiating the salary with him. It is important that before turning down the offer, you try and negotiate it with the concerned person and if your demand is reasonable then you might end up getting it.

Here is a sample salary negotiation email in response to job offer given below. Use this template to create a formal email politely presenting your negotiation.

Sample Salary Negotiation Email in Response to Job Offer

Dear Mr. Jacob,

Thank you for extending me the offer for joining ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. for the post of Marketing Manager. The opportunity to interact with you and other executives was a delightful experience. It was a wonderful experience to know about the growth plan of the company.

After considering your offer from every angle, I feel that the salary that has been offered is lower than I had anticipated. Since I have an experience of 12 years in the field of marketing where I have worked at different levels and earned experience of planning and executing marketing plans for various companies, I strongly feel that I will be an asset for your company. My ability to design intense marketing plans and experience to execute them in effective manner will help your company grow.

I am keen on accepting this job offer but I feel that we need to discuss the salary before moving ahead with this offer. I will get in touch with you to schedule an appointment with you for a personal meeting.

Thank you again for the opportunity. I am hopeful that we will be able to reach an agreement.


Sam Brown

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Letter for Announcement Of New Employee Joining

Whenever a new employee joins a company, it is the duty of the management to welcome him with open arms and announcing his arrival publicly. This is a way of formally informing the other staff about the entrant, his profile, the work he is going to do etc. This also includes the date of joining. This is nothing but a way of informing.

If you are in the management of your company and you are suppose to be framing a letter for announcement of new employee joining your company then you must have a look at the sample format given below which takes into account the right way of writing such letter. Use it in a customized way to create your personal letter.

Sample Letter for Announcement Of New Employee Joining

Date: 26.08.15

Dear Staff,

This is to inform you all that Robin Smith is joining ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. to fill our vacant position in Marketing Departments as Assistant Marketing Manager. His first day will be on Tuesday, August 1st, 2015.

Robin possesses a rich experience in the marketing field and we are happy to have him in the marketing team of ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. If you get to see Robin in the premises, be sure that you welcome him to the organization. For the first few weeks, he is going to be participating in the orientation program and on boarding activities.

Mr. James Mark is going to mentor Robin and if you have any question or you need to meet Robin then you can speak with James before he joins the company.

Robin will be working in the Marketing Department and going to assist the Marketing Manager in all important decisions and plan implementations.

Thanks for joining me in welcoming Robin to the company.


Amanda Joseph

HR Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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Tips on Training Employees for Managerial Posts

It is always good to train an employee from within your company than to hire someone who is new to the organization. This helps you have a better manager who is more informed about the work culture and business, something at which he doesn’t need to be trained.

Now the question is how to train your present employees to help them become efficient managers. This article talks about some very useful tips on training them so that they are ready to fit in the new role. Read through these amazing guidelines which are extremely helpful for both small and big businesses thereby helping them save hiring costs and have a much competent person handling the managerial position.

  • Go For Overall Training

It is important that you train your employees in general and not specifically in relation with a particular profile. This is helpful in increasing the productivity of the employee and also helps in their retention as they are able to handle things which are outside the purview of their present job profile. This is essential because a manager needs to know every job so that he can have an understanding of the nitty-gritty attached with it.

  • Encouraging Learning Environment

It is extremely important for an organization to have learning culture so that the employees are always proactive in learning new things. They are able to learn the trick to learn new things in varied situations for better performance. With this you can have all your employees develop a level of comfort when it comes to learning. They would not shy away from catching up a new skill or understanding new style of working. They will always be positive about learning something new.

  • Train Them to Use Right Tricks

As a manager, a person needs to know various skills other than his job profile that are important for him to perform his managerial duties. These include skills to delegate the tasks amongst different people, to ranks tasks in order of priorities, to define goals for the team for better productivity and performance, to manage people, to define communication channels, to be able to design a plan and put it to execution and to exercise their leadership skills in the most effective and impressive way. All these tricks are essential for everyday working.

  • Train to Develop Comfortable Communication

Communication is the soul of any company and it is the duty of the manager to maintain a smooth and comfortable channel of communication between the employees so that the working is not hampered. This includes having a friendly approach to communicate, to be able to use the technical terminology while talking and to have interactive sessions.

  • Train to Develop Leadership Qualities

When we talk about manager, the most important quality for such a profile is leadership. If a person misses on this skill then he can do no good to the company. Therefore, the employee needs to be trained on this quality. Not only this, he should also be trained on how he can help his team member become leaders in whatever work they do so that they care able to perform their duties with better authority and confidence. This can be done by making the employee handle small leadership situations so that he learns to lead the situation and generate better performance. You must start training him from low level opportunities so that he can gradually learn the way to lead.

  • Develop Better Understanding

If you want to hire a manager from within your organization then in order to have him attain corporate skills, you must help them have a better understanding of the business by introducing them to the information about which they are not aware at present. They should be made aware of the importance of their profile and the job they do so that they can see how their working affects the working of their employees and hence has an influence on the performance of the company. A manager should always have a macro view of every situation. He cannot survive on a smaller picture. Therefore, it is very important for the company to train the employee look beyond what he already knows and think out of box in order to deal with everyday challenges.

These are a few points which talk about the training tips which can transform your regular employee into an efficient and smart manager who knows how to lead, plan and act in the most amazing manner which helps your company grow.

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Guide To Manage Part-Time Employees in Summers

Summers are the times when you can hire lots of part-time employees who can be really beneficial for your business. There are various stores and restaurants that hire seasonal staff which includes college interns. If you are also doing so then here is an article unfolding the useful tips on managing the part-time summer employees in an effective way. Make sure you read this comprehensive guide and keep it organized or else it can turn into a big mess for you.

Follow these tips to make optimum utilization of these seasonal job seekers. Here are some points that you must consider.

It Begins With Faith

Faith is the first and foremost point. It is difficult for managers to trust seasonal employees as they know that they are in the company for a couple of months and hence they cannot resist themselves from keeping a check on them. But then this adversely affects the performance of the employees. So make sure that you trust them and they will be able to deliver better performance. You must have confidence that you have hired the right person.

Do Not Pay Pennies

It is just not fair to pay these part-time workers pennies because they are joining you just for summer time. A fair pay is important to motivate the workers and to keep them committed and energetic. You must pay them a competitive price for their work so that they don’t feel exploited. Also make sure that you take into account the laws on minimum wages, taxes etc. so that you are following all the laws.

Keep Standards High

It is all about expectations. The more you expect from your employees, the harder they work in order to meet your expectations. Do think that because there are joining you for a couple of weeks so they are not going to perform. In fact you must think that they are the fresh and energetic lot and they have the potential to set new records. If you are able to express your high expectations then they will work hard to meet them.

Train Them

It is extremely important that when you are hiring new summer interns you train them. Without giving them a basic training about how your company functions, what role they need to play, what responsibilities they need to shoulder, it will become very difficult for them to understand the working and deliver expected performance. But when you train them and educate them about all of these points, they are able to deliver better performance.

Make Them a Part of the Team

As the summer employees are going to be around for a couple of months, it is important that they are treated as the part of the organization. For that you must introduce them with the other team members so that they feel comfortable. You can have a small introduction session where you can have them introduced with your staff. You must also give them name tags or IDs to bring a consistency.

Design Projects for More Commitment

Instead of giving them just any task, you must allot them small summer projects so that they work with greater commitment and focus. You need to understand that they are coming to you to learn something, to gain some experience. You must not allot them with simply anything but a proper project which will help them stay committed to their work and they will make sure that they are able to complete it with desired output. This way they will be able to learn something and have this experience added to their resume.

Allow Them Experience Various Aspects

Do not just limit them to one thing. As they are here for a small time, they feel disconnected. To help them learn better, you must help them touch different aspects of the working instead of just one thing. This will help them have a macro view of the company’s working which will help them have better understanding of business processes. This will bring more clarity in the way they look at companies and their working.

Don’t Miss on Feedback

When you have a seasonal employee in your company, you must always ask him for feedback on different things to get a different view on the present status. This is a good way of bringing in notice the problem areas in your company and resolve the conflicting situations that are adversely affecting the performance of your organization.

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5 Indications That Your Employees Are Going to Leave the Company

The success of the company lies in hiring and retaining good employees in the company. A company should work hard to make sure that all good people stay in the organization. But sometimes despite all the efforts, these valuable assets leave. Therefore, you must stay vigilant so that you don’t end up losing them. This is only possible if you grab the warning signals on time and save the good men leaving your company.

This post talks about 5 indications that every manager or company owner must look for in order to avoid such a situation.

1. Look for Signs of Cheating

You may also come across employees searching for new jobs during the office hours by checking out the internet job postings or making calls to other companies when they are free or going for job interviews by taking a leave. If you observe any of these signs then you must act before it is too late.

Solution: You must ask the employee that reason why he wants to leave the company. If he gives some reasons like he is not comfortable working in the team then you can suggest him possible solutions. If he is looking for more a hike in career then you can show him possibilities that lie with your company which can help you retain him.

2. Crisis at Personal Ends

One must not forget that every person has a professional and personal life and problems in one can adversely affect the other. If there is an employee in your organization who is undergoing some problem in his personal life like a demise of a family member, serious health issue in family or divorce then of course priorities in his life are going to change. He may start looking for better options which fit his list of priorities.

Solution: As the manager or company owner, you must always be aware of the personal life of your employees. Asking them about their families is a way of expressing your concern. You can even give them small break from work so that they can take care of their personal problems effectively without bothering about their job.

3. Expectations and Jealousy

There are all kinds of people working in a company, each with a different attitude and aptitude. In the midst of all this it sometimes happens that a go-getter in the company doesn’t get promoted and someone else does. This can be a situation wherein chances of jealousy increase because that employee was expecting a promotion based on his good performance.

Solution: Whenever you notice any employee talking about his hurt feelings or is angry or upset then you must address to the situation at the earliest by talking it out with him. You must make him understand the situation and reassure him that his efforts are acknowledged by the company. You can also help him enrolled for some additional training program.

4. They Simply Say it

If your employee tells you on your face that he is not happy working with the company then chances are bright that soon he is going to put up his resignation. Most of the times, employees don’t want to express themselves but sometimes they actually say it because they are deeply frustrated or disturbed. This is a sign that they are deeply unhappy with the organization and they want to leave.

Solution: If at all you find any employee making such a remark then never ever let it go. Ask him what he doesn’t like or what he desires. This will give you an insight to the problem and you can work out feasible solutions.

5. Don’t Stay Extra

If your employee leaves as soon the clock strikes the closing time or leaves just before it then it is one of the very first few signs that can be observed. It shows that he is not interested in investing any of his personal time at office because he is not connected with the company anymore. He doesn’t wish to stay longer to complete his pending task which otherwise would have been a matter of concern for him.

Solution: As soon as you see your employee leaving the office just on time then you must talk to him at the earliest or this is soon going to change into an intense situation in which his behavior will reflect his disinterest in the organization. So act before it is too late.

It is always good to act when you see sign warning signs in your company in order to retain your good people but make sure that you don’t do such a thing at the cost of the norms of your company because otherwise it can be really very damaging. You must know the best possible solution without making unreasonable compromises.

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How to Handle Employees After Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is an important and interesting time for every employee because this is the time when the performance of every employee is reviewed over a certain time period. This also involves feedbacks on his working and appreciating his dedication and work. But when managers send these appraisal letters there are all kinds of emotions seen amongst employees; some are happy as they have been fairly rewarded and some are disappointed as they have not received what they were expecting. Workers never utter a word when they have received a good hike but they always have complaints when appraisals don’t go as per their expectations.

Hence, it is extremely important for the managers to handle employees after their appraisal because it is essential for the organization and its performance. This article talks about some of these points.

Congratulate the ones who have received a decent appraisal

As a manager you must never forget to appreciate and congratulate the worker who has either good a hike in his salary or has been promoted. This is important as desires your acknowledgement and it works as a dose of motivation for him to work with more of dedication and enthusiasm to deliver better performance. Also a person who has worked with honesty, dedication and discipline throughout the year deserves to be congratulated and appreciated for this performance. It is a sweet gesture which infuses him with energy and zeal.

Attend the ones who have received a bad appraisal

These are the most sensitive employees at present because after for one year, they feel all their efforts have gone down the drain because the appraisal that they have received is not what they had expected. As a result of this, suddenly they become extremely negative about the organization, about the reviewing authorities and about their immediate supervisors and managers. Well, such a behavior is quite expected when you are expecting something big. Hence, it is the duty of the management to handle these employees with utmost care because the way they behave after a bad appraisal is negative and immature. You need to sit with them and ask them to look for reasons because of which they have not been able to achieve what they had desired for. As a senior, it is your duty to show them a positive path and ask them not to lose to lose hope. You must cheer them and help them revive their confidence levels so that they can start working with greater force. You need to tell them that thinking negative about the organization and fighting with your colleagues will not do any good to you.

Here are some steps which you must keep in mind while speaking with them.

  • Help them find reasons for such an appraisal

It is very much important that you ask them to look into reasons because of which they have been given a bad appraisal. This will help them find negatives in their working which they can improve and give their performance a boost. Self introspection is something that they need. This will help them not to think negative about the situation rather find out reasons for failure so that they can develop and become a better person. And for sure they will be able to look at the positive side of the situation and take a lesson from what has happened. And you would also come to know if your worker is facing some problem while delivering his duties. This way you will become aware about the weak aspects of your organization which you can also improve. Such a session can be mutually beneficial.

  • Ask them to speak their heart to vent out the frustration

It is important to help these candidates find a vent to let their frustration and irritation out. This will help them speak their heart out. What they feel about management, what wrong has the managers done to them and various other things will help them feel at ease. You can send them motivational mails and quotes to help them perform better and not lose hope. You need to encourage them to work better and read motivational books. You can even ask them to talk their heart and they will surely feel better. You can even guide them to do the right thing. You will have to be really very patient with them.

So keep all these points in mind to make sure that you are able to deal with your workers in the most effective way once they have been appraised. If the one who is happy is not appreciated then he feels sad and likewise, the one who is not satisfied is not counseled rightly then he may feel negative about the organization.

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Effective Ways to Handle Employee Grievances in Your Company

When you are the manager or the company owner, you will come across lots of things which are bothering your employees. These grievances can be defined as something real or imaginary feeling of dissatisfaction that an employee has for his job or concerning the management and their policies or the company procedures. Such kind of issues must be expressed by the worker by bringing it in the notice of the management so that best possible actions can be taken to resolve it. In case these grievances are not addressed in time then they can lead to bigger problems or disputes in the company which may affect the working and performance of the company as the whole.

This article talks about different effective ways with which these employee grievances can be handled by the managers or the company so that the workers working in your organization work with greater efficiency and enthusiasm. Addressing such issues is extremely important otherwise it may cause dissatisfaction, lack of interest, lower productivity and frustration amongst workers.

Reasons of Grievances

There are various reasons which may cause such a situation:

  • Usually the cause of grievances is when the expectations of the employees are not fulfilled by the company which causes dissatisfaction in them.
  • When the rules and practices of organization are violated.
  • When the working conditions are not up to mark. For instance, there are no basic facilities, the place of working is unsafe, the relationship with manager is not cordial etc.
  • Due to illogical practices of management. For instance, frequent transfers, demotions, overtime, and weird structure of remuneration.

These are some of the probable reasons because of which a person experiences dissatisfaction and frustration in his professional life.

Addressing Grievances

It is must for managers to immediately address such situations amongst his employees and take necessary steps to rectify them. This is important not only for the performance of the company but also for the relationship of employer and employee. This way the employee remains honest to the organization.

Here are some of the steps that must be taken to handle grievances in the most effective way so that the issue can be resolved without causing any damages.

Taking a Quick Action

The moment some kind of grievance arises in the company, it must be given all the attention. Make sure that managers in your organization are trained from time to time to handle grievance situations in an effective manner. A fast action can reduce the damages and can also help in reducing the frustration levels in employees.

Acknowledge and Address

The next step is to acknowledge the problem. This way the worker will be able to develop confidence in the manager as he feels that management is interested in resolving his problem. It shows that administration is eager on solving it and would take the best steps to ensure that the best and authentic decision can be taken without any biases. This will give a very positive message.

Finding the Facts

The next step involves going some fact finding. This will work as the platform on which you can take a wise and genuine decision. Make sure that all these facts are properly placed in a file so that they can be used at the time of grievance redressal. This will bring clarity about the situation.

Look Into Reasons

Now once you have facts in hand then you must work to know the cause of grievance. You must find out the real cause of the problem because based on that information you will be able to take remedial actions which will not only help you address the problem in present but will also help you not repeat it in future.

Decision Making

Now it is time to take the decision based on all the facts you have able to find keeping the causes in the picture. Make sure that whatever course of action you are planning to take, you are aware about the present result of that action along with its repercussions in future. Every decision needs to be thoroughly analyzed before implementation so that you can make the best move.


Once you know what decision you are suppose to be taking, you must execute it at the earliest. You must look at the bigger picture while doing so and not just be focusing on one person.


After everything is done, you need to review your decision to make sure that grievance has been resolved properly and completely and now there are no issues.

If you will follow all these steps then you will be able to handle the situation effectively. This will keep the environment of your office cordial, positive and encouraging. Hence, make sure that you address grievances as soon as you feel them that they exist to keep your employees happy and loyal towards the company.

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Different Methods for Training Employees for a Company

Training is an essential part of any organization because it is the technique which is used for helping employees learn new technologies to hone their skills and enhance their capabilities in order to have better understanding and knowledge of various new things in the market. This is important for growth and development of employees and also for the organization. It is helpful in widening their ability to think so that they can come up with innovative ideas and think beyond the obvious so that they can become improvised and more beneficial resources for the company.

Here is this article to help you introduce training in your organization so that even you can enjoy workforce which is more skilled, talented and in synch with the present technologies and market trends. But before that you must understand that lots of money, time and energy goes into training individuals hence, managers must know about the weak areas of their teammates which require attention so that a well focused training program can be developed for them which caters these requirements. It can be for existing employees and also for the new entrants.

Training Methods

Let us have a look at the different methods of training which are used by organizations to make their employees competent.

On The Job Training

The best way to learn is in the practical world. On the job trainings have been designed keeping in mind this logic. They are given to employees at the office or the workplace by their managers or superiors. The superiors train their teammates regularly in order to tell them about new market trends, train them on new technologies, help them acquire skills which are supportive in their working. This makes employees better aware of their roles, responsibilities and the right way of accomplishing their tasks.

There are different kinds of on job trainings which can be used to train your workforce.

  • Job Rotation

As the term suggests, in this method the employee moves from one position to another. The idea is to help him learn new skills and ways to perform different kinds of jobs that are related with each other to have better understanding of work. This way they become exposed to different jobs, how they need to be performed and what challenges they need to meet in order to accomplish those jobs. This makes them an all rounder.

  • Coaching

This is another method in which the manager allots different job responsibilities to different employees and then he monitors the performance of each one of them. He points out their weak areas, their mistakes and provides them with feedbacks so that they can improvise on their working. The idea is to make the team handle their job and learn the right way of performing it.

Off the Job Training

This is opposite to the above mentioned technique. In this kind of training, the process of training takes place outside the workplace. They are again of different types and kinds.

  • Simulation Exercise

In this process, the individuals are trained in an artificial environment which closely resembles their actual working area so that they can have better understanding of their job.

  • Seminars and Conferences

This kind of technique is very effective when the numbers of trainees. When the audience is large then trainers use seminar or conference methods to share relevant information with them; they also talk about the recent developments in the market, the latest technologies used in industry and various other topics they wish to cover. They even use case studies to make these sessions more interactive.

  • Vestibule Training

In this kind, employees are trained to work on a new machine or equipment they will soon be using at their actual workplace. This is done so that they are able to learn all the technicalities involved in using that particular machine so that they can clear their doubts and perform with greater effectiveness and lesser errors.

Induction Training

Whenever a company recruits new employees, it is the responsibility of the organization to familiarize these new candidates with the organization, its policies, its structure, its rules and regulations in order to make him feel part of the family. It is very important for the newcomers to become aware about the working process of the company so that he is able to deliver what is expected of him. These induction training programs need to be designed intelligently. You must know what all information you must put across on the first meeting with these new entrants and what information must be shared later. These programs have to be short and informative. You must not miss anything important and you must not make it boring and uninteresting. Make sure you strike a balance to make it effective.

Refresher Training Programs

You need to train your existing employees from time to time. These are essential for refreshing their knowledge and help them learn new skills, technologies and understand present market trends so that they are able to work in synch with the present markets. These are important to prepare your existing human resources and make them competent to meet the challenges in the market. This makes them more responsible and better learned individuals.

These are different kinds of training methods which are used by most of the organizations to keep their employees updated and competent because human assets are the strongest assets for any organization.

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Marketing Managers: Education, Salary and Expected Growth

Marketing managers are the most creative minds who know how to make the best use of their limited resources and their innovative ideas to come with the finest advertisement and marketing campaigns that can take the sales of a company to a completely new level. All those people who work for this profile usually enjoy wonderful salaries which come with greater job security because it is quite an important position in an organization as this is one person who has to make the optimum utilization of available resources in order to come up with the most effective and versatile plans that are helpful in increasing sales.

This article brings to you complete information on the educational qualification requirements, expected salary and future prospects in context with this job. So in case you are planning to apply for such a job then make sure that you have complete detail before sending your application.

Marketing Manager: Roles and Responsibilities

Before going further, let us know what all roles and responsibilities this profile brings along.

  • He is the one who is responsible for analyzing the complete demand for products and services that are offered by the company.
  • He also researches on identifying the best markets where these offerings can be sold effectively.
  • He is also responsible for coming up with ideas for creating products that can meet the unattended demands of the customers. He needs to take into account every small detail concerned with demographics and geographical locations.
  • He needs to design the complete marketing campaign in order to launch and promote the company and its products.
  • He needs to perform tasks that are assigned to him by the company for which he works.

Marketing Manager: Educational Qualifications

If you desire to grab the job of Marketing Manager in some good company then you need to make sure that you have the right education which can help you get the job with ease. Here are some educational needs that you need to fulfill:

  • You need to have a Bachelor’s degree in a business-related field.
  • You can also be educated in some of the fields which include economics, business law, mathematics etc. This kind of combination in education will give you better standing in front of your competitors as you will be able to deal with various other everyday problems like dealing with numbers or understanding tactics to have better SEO for your website and various other things.
  • You can have a Master’s degree in some business related course.
  • Having internship or projects in marketing can also help you have better opportunities for getting selected.

Marketing Manager: Salary

As per Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, the average annual salary for the position of was around $119,480 in May 2012. This is quite high than the pay which is earned by advertising and promotions managers.

  • The lowest pay for this profile is around $62,650 per year which is earned by 10% of the people working at this position.
  • The highest pay is around $187,200 annually for the candidates working at this post which are around 10% of the total numbers.

The reasons for this kind of fluctuation in the salaries are the state in which a person is working and the company with which the person is employed. It also includes the work experience and educational qualifications of a person as they help in having better pays.

Expected Growth in Future

It is expected that by 2022, the employment of marketing managers is going to grow about 13%. This is according to the BLS report. As mentioned above, this job ranks above other jobs in terms of security as this is one position which has significant role to play in order to generate revenue for the company. For years to come, companies are going to need experienced and creative managers who can come up with amazing ideas to promote their offerings and help them generate more and more money with these innovative ideas and wonderful understanding of markets and trends.

For sure, all this information is going to be extremely helpful in finding the right kind of job for yourself. Being a marketing manager is fun and with these details you can have more knowledge about this profile.

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