Offer Letter for Marketing Executive Format

Marketing Executive Job Offer Letter

We bring to you format of finest professional offer letter for marketing executives. Use it as the thread line for writing customized drafts on appointing the marketing executives in your company. Make sure it contains all important roles and duties related with the job profile along with the briefing of the contract. All of the information must be written in simple and easy language. Start your letter with the good news about the selection. Here is the template designed to help you.

Sample Offer Letter for Marketing Executive


Henry James

HR Manager

Sachs International,

22nd Park Avenue

Los Angeles

Date: 9th August, 2014


Simon Thomas

62, Autumn Gardens,

Los Angeles

Dear Mr. Simon,

We are extremely pleased to confirm your selection with our company, Sachs International on the post of Marketing Executive.

Job Roles:

Here is the brief on the duties related with your job profile:

  • Promotion of brand awareness and brand image, both internally and externally.
  • Using sales techniques to maximize the revenue while maintaining present customers’ loyalty.
  • Encouraging customers to make purchases or enroll for preview.
  • Creating better experience by recognizing opportunities to up-sell.
  • Answering queries and questions of customers by providing relevant information.
  • Receiving, recording and transmitting information and messages.
  • Working with zeal to increase sales.

Contract Inclusions:

The contract includes the following points mentioned below:

  1. Reporting: You will report to Andrew Hardy, Marketing Manager.
  2. Basic Salary: The offered position of Marketing Executive is at a salary of $ 800 per month.
  3. Work Hours: Your work hours will begin from 09.00 AM to 18.00 PM every day.
  4. Vacations: You are entitled for 2 vacations in a week.
  5. Compensations and Benefits: The compensation and benefits for the position of Marketing Executive include Group Insurance, Health Care, Transportation and Daily Allowance.

We are pleased to send this offer. Please sign a copy of this letter and send the same to us so that you can start with your job from 19th August, 2014.

We look forward to work with you. We wish you all the best for a successful career with our company.


Henry James

HR Manager

Sachs International

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