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Easy Tips for Writing Impressive Cover Letter

Quick and easy guidelines on drafting perfect cover letters that never fail to impress. We all have heard from our seniors and read in articles that we must never send resume or job opening enquiry without a perfectly drafted formal cover letter. But despite putting in all our efforts we don’t even know whether someone is going to read it or simply ignore it.

This post brings some of the simplest and easiest tips that help you write impressive cover letter that are noticed by the employer. So read on these tips and find out some of the easiest guidelines for framing cover letters that impress hiring managers without much effort.

  1. Know the Kind of Letter

It is important that before start writing a cover letter, you should know that you have picked the right kind of letter as styles of letter differ depending you are writing it for sending it with your resume or for mentioning some referral for any other purpose. So before you pen the letter, find out the type.

  1. Find Out Whom to Address

This is another point that can make a big difference. If you can find out whom you should be addressing you letter then it gives you the opportunity to personalize your letter and helps you take follow-up. This surely helps your letter stand out.

  1. Mention a Referral

If you want to get the attention of the employer on your application then you must find out if you have any friend or relative working for the same company. You can use Facebook or LinkedIn to find that and if you have someone who can refer you then this will surely add another star to your cover letter. Most of the times we don’t even make efforts to know if we have a referral.

  1. Don’t Make it Lengthy

Never go for long cover letters as no one has time to read them. Keep it short and sweet, roughly one page long. Only a couple of paragraphs are good enough to deliver your thought. Don’t use small font to stuff more words as this would again majke it unpleasant to read.

  1. Be Simple With Font

Any font is good as far as it is easy to read. Select from the standard fonts which include Arial, Times New Roman and Calibri. Avoid using artistic fonts as they are difficult to read plus add an informal appeal.

  1. Formatting and Paragraphing

You must use lots of white space to ensure high readability. Use space between paragraphs and signatures as they make your letter light in appeal and easier to read. With limited content and smart use of white space, you can make your letter impressive and readable.

  1. Coordination Between Resume and Letter

Whether it the format, font or content, there has to be a match between your resume and your cover letter or else they both will look unmatched and unprofessional. So make sure they synchronize with each other.

  1. Focus Only on Relevant Information

There is no need to repeat what is already included in your resume. Your cover letter should include relevant information which is not very much highlighted in your resume like your skills, personality traits etc. which are important for the profile you are applying for.

  1. Connect Your Skills with Job Requirements

In order to create strong impression, you must establish a connection between requirements of the profile and your skills as this will again add more points to your cover letter thereby increasing your chances of moving ahead in the hiring process.

  1. Keep it Customized

It is very important to customize your letter keeping in mind the company to which you are sending the letter. This customization is possible by including the name of the person whom you should be contacting, including the referrals and including few points specific to the job or the company.

With these tips, you can create an attractive and impressive cover letter which would never go unnoticed. So follow these guidelines and surely you will receive the interview call soon.

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5 Useful Tips to Get Fast Promotion at Your New Job

Switching to a new job will surely open doors of new opportunities for you. But if you think that you really need to make the best use of the new job then you can make some efforts to earn a promotion which can surely help you climb the ladder at faster pace. This post brings to you the 5 useful tips, which if followed with perfection, can actually help you earn a faster promotion at your new job. So read on and find out these guidelines for quick promotion.

  1. Don’t Go with Easy Projects: Pick Projects with Impact

Whenever you are picking any task or project then never go with something that is way too easy and simple. Remember that the opportunity to succeed lies in what is difficult. It is very important to pick projects that are challenging and come with maximum impact. Hence, it is very important for you to analyze a project from different angles while picking it to make sure that what you select can actually help you create a strong impression in your company. It is a wonderful opportunity which you must never let go.

  1. Always Know What Your Boss Likes

You have to impress your boss if you are aiming for a promotion. One trick that is very essential in this respect is to know what your boss likes. You have to be observant and understanding to find out about the likings of your boss. This will surely help you become proactive so that you are prepared with suggestions to impress him. When you know what your aim is, stay prepared for the performance.

  1. Always Make Your Boss Look Great

If you will help your boss look good by helping him get recognized for his job then he is surely going to return you the favor when it is your turn for promotion. For this, you need to know how is your boss judged and what points can help him get a hike or bonus. Once you have the basic information, you can always work upon helping boss build his image.

  1. Be Important

You really need to learn the right trick to make yourself look important to your company. And for doing this, you work hard to reach on to a position in which your company cannot afford to lose you because you are one who deals with an important client or you are the one who has made a strong impact on clients as the face of the company. You do not need to brag about it but you silently have to float this message that you are important to the company and you should always be a part of it for greater success.

  1. Know Your Team and Colleagues

Do not make friends on the very first day at your new job. Be slow with it and take your time to know each and everyone you are working with. This is important to know who is what. You need to understand that you have to develop healthy and strong association with your boss and also your colleagues. So become friends with your colleagues, once you know about them. Do not simply be friends with just one person on the first day and forget the rest. Developing relationships is very important.

Keep all of these 5 simple and very effective tips in mind so that you can bag a promotion at your new job and rise high in your career.

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Tips for Sending Email Cover Letters

Cover letters are the documents which are sent with resume for purpose of job application. These documents provide additional information on the kind of work you have done or on your achievements. They act as an interesting tool in giving an insight on your strengths, your experiences, your qualifications which can actually helpful in creating an interest in the mind of the reader. Moreover, you can also use it to express your interest in the job opening and the company. Attaching a cover letter with your resume can actually be very helpful in creating a positive impression on the reader which can help you earn extra points.

Cover Letters for Emails

In order to make sure that you are able to send an email with a perfectly drafter cover letter, you must take into consideration the instructions offered by the employer on submitting cover letter and resume. This will help you write email cover letters with utmost precision and complete information. But this doesn’t mean that you write anything in the letter. Make sure that your letter focuses on presenting your experiences, skills and qualifications in a way that match perfectly with the job.

Tips on Sending Resume with Cover Letter

Here are some very useful tips that must be kept in mind while sending a cover letter with your resume for a perfect professional conduct.

Format of the File

Make sure that your resume is either in PDF format or in Word Format, if the job posting asks you to send it as an attachment. But in case the employer doesn’t accept attachment then paste your resume into the email message. Do not get into giving it a fancy look. Keep it simple and sorted.

Addressing the Cover Letter

It is extremely important that your cover letter addresses the right person. You must find out to whom your letter should be addressed and send your letter to that person only as he or she is the one who is going to look into this process.

Content of the Letter

The letter must include a briefing about your education qualification, professional achievements and strengths. The idea is to establish a strong connection between your profile and the needs of the position. You should be able to express your interest in the job along with the company. Keep this content short and sweet. It has to be good enough to share complete information with the employer so that he is compelled to read your resume.

Subject Line of the Email

It is must that you include the position for which you are applying in your email’s subject line. This will bring clarity as there are various posts open and too many people are applying for all these positions. In order to avoid any room for any confusion, you must include the job post for which you are applying as subject of the email.

Do Not Forget Your Signature

When ending the letter, you must include your signature in it. You must also include your contact information so that the hiring manager can get in touch with you without any difficulty. Information should be handy.

Check for Grammatical Errors

It is very important to check that your letter doesn’t have any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. You must read it at least twice to ensure that your letter is perfect in its language and grammar as this is essential for your positive impression.

Try a Test Message

Before sending the final draft to the employer, you must send this to your own self to know that everything is in place. And if all looks good, it is time to send it to the employer.

Once all this exercise is done, it is time to send your email cover letter to the employer. A right cover letter can help you earn more attention and create a stronger impression.

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Tips for Apologizing to Employers and Colleagues

If you have done something wrong then apologies are the best thing to do but they are also the most difficult things too. And when you have to say “I am Sorry” at a professional setting, it becomes all the more challenging. But when you apologize from heart for your mistakes, things become a lot easier.

Apologizing is surely the best way to express your feelings on the mistake you have committed but while apologizing at workplace, people often consider it as your weakness. But people who are wise, know the importance of saying sorry and how it brings out your confidence in yourself to fix t he troubles with effectiveness.

Apologizing at Work Place?

While working at some professional setting, you cannot keep constantly saying sorry for small things. This is not a right thing to do as this would lead to creation of a weak image of your personality. It would show that you are weak and therefore you are apologizing for small things. You really need to know where you should be saying “I am sorry” and where you should be avoiding.

Apologizing While Searching for a Job?

While looking for a job, if you have done something wrong then you must sincerely apologize for your act. For instance, if you have showed up late for the interview then do not forget to say “I am sorry”. It is important because when you are in the recruitment process, you have to show your professional and personal qualities to the employer and demonstrating them correctly can help you get the job without any complications.

Tips on Apologizing

Depending upon the issue, every apology differs. You really need to know for what reason are you making an apology, to whom you are making an apology etc. This will give a clear picture of how you should be apologizing. Given below are a few tips that can help you say “I am sorry” in the most suitable manner, especially in the professional setting.

Never Delay an Apology

You should never take too long to apologize for your mistake. It is important to do to as soon as possible so that there is no room for the negative feelings to emerge. If there is some minor mistake that you have made, you can apologize for it at the moment. But if there is some major transgression then you cannot simply apologize right after the event. You must wait for a few hours to let the things settle down and then go and submit your apologies.

Do Not Use It As An Excuse

You should never let your apology sound like an excuse for your actions. For this, you must start with “I am extremely sorry” and then begin what you have to say. Do not include in your speech, words like but, if, because. The idea is to express your feelings without putting any conditions. You must keep it clear.

Take Responsibility of Your Mistake

Most of the times, we avoid taking the responsibility of what we have done and that’s when the problem starts. The best thing to do is to admit the mistake you have done. This would reflect that you are actually sorry about what has happened and you are not simply making excuses. This also reflects that you have admitted what wrong you have done which is a positive thing to do.

Talk About Fixing the Damages

Once you have apologized and taken responsibility of your actions, the next thing to is to talk about how you can fix your actions and what measures you will take to make sure that same issue does not happen in future. Do not simply get done by saying that it will not happen again. To sound more convincing, you should be able to come up with steps which will help you create a stronger impression of words you have said. You can also ask for any remedies from the person to whom you are making an apology and include them in your working.

Act on Your Words

If you said that you will never be late for the meetings then you should bring that into action. If you are unable to follow through your words then the apology has no meaning. You must act on your words with complete sincerity y so that you can add more value to your apology and your personality.

Decide How to Apologize

If the mistake is small then you can send an email saying sorry to your colleague. But if you have committed something big then you must go and see him in person in order to discuss the issue in detail.                                                             In case you feel that things will get difficult if you meet in person then writing a sincere mail with all the points is the best thing to do.

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Useful Tips and Advice on Getting a Promotion

Who doesn’t desire a promotion? Well each one of us looks forward for it. But it doesn’t happen all the time that you are offered a promotion by your manager without even asking for it. In such a case, you have to make efforts from your end by requesting a promotion from the manager in a diplomatic manner in order to increase your chances of getting promoted.

This post sincerely takes into account the useful tips and Advices which are very effective in putting up your formal request for promotion. So read on and explore how to accomplish this difficult job with effectiveness.

Process of Asking for a Promotion

Follow these guidelines while asking for a promotion and you will definitely nail it, if cards fall in place.

Be Ready to Ask

You should never be hesitant in asking for a promotion if you have strong points to support your demand. Not always you will have your manager come to you with a promotion. So be prepared to ask. In fact, there are so many companies which expect you to apply for it and only then you can enjoy the hike.

Talk it Out With Your Boss

It is very important that you let your immediate boss know that you are applying for a new position in the company. This is essential because all your references will be checked and he should also be prepared for it. Do not miss on discussing it with him or else finding out from the HR Department will not be a very good thing for your relationship.

Go with the Formal Application Process

It is always good to follow the application process in the best possible manner rather than assuming that you will be able to get the job. There are so many people working in the company and not every hiring manager knows everything about you. So make sure that you submit your updated resume and attach it with a formally drafted cover letter. Following the process will keep you in the competition.

Letter of Recommendation

You can get extra points if you can ask your boss, supervisor or other senior staff members to write a letter of recommendation for you. Getting references from higher-level staff with whom you have worked in the past can help you get lots of points. So do not miss on it.

Be Ready to be Interviewed

Make sure you are thoroughly prepared for a promotion interview. It is not necessary that just your resume and letter of recommendations are enough. Prepare well to be interviewed and impress the interviewer with your talent.

Thank You Letter Counts

Once you are done with the interview, sending a formal Thank You note or email message makes a remarkable impression. Do not forget to thank the people who took out time to interview you.

Bid Adieu Formally

When you have got selected for the promotion, make sure you take out time to say goodbye to your present team, supervisor and everyone else who is a part of your working team and stay in touch with them. It is important to share the news with them before a formal announcement to keep that warmth in your relationship alive.

Tips on Getting a Promotion

You can only ask for a promotion, if you have done the necessary things to earn it. Given below are some of the tips which you must keep in mind so that you are confident about the demand that you are planning to put across the management.


It is very important for you to perform well in your job before asking for a promotion. You need to have earned impressive performance reviews in order to create a strong image in your company. This will surely help you stand out in the competition.


You really need to be committed to your work. You must always be on time and always present to shoulder responsibilities. These are important to communicate the managers that you are ready to shoulder more difficult responsibilities and face more challenges.

Network and Socialize

You must make sure that you attend all the company gatherings. You need to connect with more and more people at work so that more and more people know you. Managers would prefer promoting a person whom they know rather than someone they are not even aware of.

Stay Ahead with Education

Never miss on the opportunity of joining a refresher’s course or any other professional development program offered by the company as it will help you stay updated and fresh.

Be a Team Player

You need to impress everyone with your ability to work in a team. Be ready to volunteer yourself for different projects. Offer help to co-workers and managers as and when you can. You must work hard to be popular as a strong team player with whom everyone wants to work with.

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Tips for Changing One Job to Another in the Same Company

Sometimes you want to change your job but you don’t wish to change your employer. There are various reasons because of which we look forward for transferring jobs instead or quitting and finding a new company.

Transferring job is an interesting option for giving your career a new direction. You can easily design a new career path without changing your present employer. If you are also planning to change your job within your present company then this post brings to you various tips that can be of great help to you.

Tips on Transferring Jobs with Same Employer

If there is some internal opening in your company at the same branch or at a different branch then use these tips for going for transferring jobs. You will surely have more chances of getting selected during the hiring process because you understand the working of the company but this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to follow the application process.

You will have to be a part of the process of recruitment just like any other fresh candidate, whether it is relocation or change in functional area. Use the below mentioned tips and guidelines which are very much needed in order to make your internal transfer request fruitful.

Start with Discussing it With Your Manager

The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is to discuss it with your present manager. This is the right step to begin with so that your manager doesn’t feel that you are not making him a part of your transfer. It is always important to take him in confidence because his guidance and support is important for you.

In case you feel your manager is a difficult personality to deal with then you will have to connect with prospective managers, your manager’s supervisor and any other person of the same or higher level. Make sure that you intelligently and carefully weigh all the options you have before moving ahead with your choice because once you have moved ahead, you cannot take a u-turn. So take time to decide and discuss.

Do Not Compromise with Your Performance

Once you have decided to move ahead with your new profile, do not be irresponsible at your present job. You are advised to keep performing with excellence in your present job so that your behavior or performance doesn’t reflect that you were unhappy or dissatisfied with your current profile. Keep doing your job until transfer with high energies and positive attitude. Remember that companies love their employees but they would never like any of their workers to feel discontented with their present working. So be cautious about your productivity.

Functional Transfer Demands Interaction

If you are looking for opportunities in some other functional area then it is important that you interact with staff from that particular department. Involving yourself in projects and activities that bring out your skills and talent is a good thing to do. Volunteer yourself so that more and more people know you. It is very important to have strong visibility and increased interaction so that you are popular also outside your department. So be proactive and participate.

Seek Help From Current Manager

It is extremely important for you to discuss your career path and development with your present manager. This will not only highlight things you need to work on but will also bring out a clear picture to you to plan your career in a more effective manner. Moreover, your manager is also going to feel happy because you are seeking his guidance. Ask for his help in planning your career; sit with him and discuss the available options and move ahead with his support and you will surely make it big.

Do Not Compromise on Resume

Most of the times we think that because we are applying for the job internally, so we can be casual with presenting our resume or highlighting our qualifications and skills, but this is the wrong approach. You have to be very serious in following the application process. Submit your updated resume by including all your achievements, qualifications and everything else that you think can help you score higher points. Including references can be an interesting addition. You have to market yourself with all your efforts and because it is an internal recruitment, you surely have higher chances to get selected.

So if you are interested in transferring job within the same company, follow these points and you will get selected for sure.

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Useful Tips for Writing Effective Letter of Motivation

When you are applying for a job, just submitting your resume is not enough. No matter how impressive your CV is but you need something extra to bring it in notice of the recruiters. And to make that happen you must write a professional letter of motivation along with your CV. For sure, you will have brighter chances of getting the job.

This post talks about the essential tips which are useful for writing your own letter of motivation in the best way possible. Use these effective guidelines that help you frame a perfect formal letter.

Study the Company

It is very important that before sending your CV, you have done enough research about the company and also about the position for which you wish to apply. This is useful because this information you are going to share in your letter.

Keep it Personal

This has to be a very personal letter. You cannot ask your friend to write it on your behalf. It is very important that you letter reflects your personality and is able to create the much needed impression on the recruiter. So let it have your feel.

Keep it Straight and Clear

The purpose of this letter is to tell the HR manager that what all you are looking for in the job and what all can you offer to the company. Highlighting mutual benefits is very important. Do not stuff your letter with unnecessary information as it is of n o use. All the content of your draft should reflect your strong motivation towards the job and the company.

Talk About Your Strength

You will only get a call for interview if you are able to flaunt your strong points. Remember that the competition is intense and this is your opportunity to bring out your strengths in the letter in the first couple of sentences. Your strong points should be able to connect with the profile for which you have applied.

Keep it Balanced

Your letter must be able to express your high motivation levels but make sure that you don’t sound arrogant in your letter as it can be a very negative point for you. Also make sure that you don’t end up underestimating your qualities. You must know the trick to strike the balance with perfection.

Don’t Make it Your Resume

You are going to attach your resume with the letter for sure, so don’t end up mentioning the details of your CV in your letter. Also do not mention anything in the letter that has not been discussed in your CV. It is a big blunder. CV and motivation letter have to be complementing. There has to be a logical connection in every detail you are sharing. Keep your draft interesting so that the recruiter is compelled to call you for the interview.

Professional Goals are Must

You must know your professional goals, as in where do you wish to see yourself 5 years or 10 years from now. Go for something positive and realistic. You can also talk about some of your achievements which are going to be helpful in attaining your objectives.

Explain Importance of this Job

You are suppose to be clearly stating the importance of this job for you. You are going to be discussing about your motivation by explaining why you are the right choice for the profile. Your letter has to be persuasive. Build a bridge between the qualities needed for the job and the qualities possessed by you. Explain how you think you are the suitable choice.

Justify What You Say

Just mentioning that you are committed will not help you. You should be able to provide strong reasoning on that. For that you can mention some incident which has happened in the past. Think well and quote smart examples.

Know Whom to Address

Addressing the right person is very important. If you don’t know the name of the recruiter or the HR manager then use internet or simply call the company office to enquire. This is very important because you cannot afford to address your letter to someone else as all your efforts are going to go waste.

Keep these points in mind while framing your personal persuasive letter of motivation to the recruiter. This can surely help you have a good impression which can help you land with an interview and finally get selected.

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10 Useful Tips for Writing and Sending Thank You Letters

Thank You letters are always special. They are a way of expressing your gratitude towards anyone and everyone around you. But to make them look impressive, you really need to know the tips which are highly effective.

Here are the best 10 tips for writing and sending thank you letters formally, especially after you have had an interview which can really make a great difference by helping you stand out.

  1. Timing is Important

You must always send the thank you letters right on time. If you take too long to send them then they are unable to create the impact for which they have been drafted. Write them and send them just after the event has taken place.

  1. Customize it as per Situation

If you are referring to a sample or you have an already framed thank you note then customize it according to the present situation. If it is for an interview then modify it as per the company’s profile. There has to be some detailing or specification about the event after which you are writing this.

  1. Email and Mail

As stated above, timing is the key so make sure that you send an email along with a formal mail to express your gratitude. Email is going to reach within a blink of an eye and mail is going to revive the richness of your thoughtful professional behavior which is going to impress the reader again without fail.

  1. Don’t Forget the Personal Touch

To make your thank you note has that genuine appeal; you must focus on keeping your personal touch alive in it. For that you can mention something that you felt was important for the interviewer or something specific that was mentioned by him. It is about reviving the interaction again through your letter.

  1. Mention Your Worth

It is good to express your worth through your words in a smart and indirect manner. You can do that by discussing a few of your skills or accomplishments which indirectly hint on hiring you for the job because you are competent and smart for a particular profile.

  1. Attach Your Resume

In the midst of all of this, do not forget to attach your resume with the thank you letter which expresses your intelligence, professional approach and zeal towards this opportunity.

  1. Mend the Mistakes

If you think you made some mistake during your interview then this is the time to mend it. The best way to do it by admitting your mistake and address to it in a brief and intelligent manner. Do not make it too long but just keep it simple and short.

  1. Handwritten is Always Better

If you can pen a handwritten thank you note then this is one of the best things to do. Whether it is a formal note or a personal note, writing it all by yourself adds more value to it. Even if you don’t have a beautiful handwriting, there is nothing bad is writing it. Just make sure that it looks clean and readable.

  1. Choose a Professional Thank You Card

If you are sending a professional thank you note then you must buy a formal card which is simple and elegant. Make sure that it is very subtle and classy. Anything loud can ruin the whole effect of it. Go with a simple plain background with thank you written on it. It is the best choice to make.

  1. Don’t Send The Same Note to All

It is just not recommended that you send the same note to one and all as it will have no meaning. Customize it and make it personal so that it can be cherished and appreciated by the reader.

All of these tips are very useful in helping you create a wonderful impression by exhibiting your professional attitude. So when you pen down a thank you note, use these points in framing the most amazing thank you notes that can win hearts.

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Tips to Have High Spirits of Your Team Members

Performance of a company is directly proportional to the performance of an employee. Hence, it is essential for the managers to ensure that their employees are performing well. They also need to know different strategies which are effective in keeping the moral of their employees high so that the team can deliver impressive performance. Happy and positive team always enhances performance and dull and disgruntled team always delivers unsatisfactory results.

This article unfolds some of the most amazing tips that are very effective in keeping the spirits of your team members high and motivates them to enhance their performance levels. Let us see what these tips are.

Always Praise Good Work and Achievements

Whenever a person does something good or achieves something, he wants people around him to acknowledge his efforts. Likewise, it is important that a manager tells his employees when they do some good work. Complimenting these team members at the meetings or writing a personalized note acknowledging their good work is a sweet gesture which makes the person feel that his boss knows about his work and has liked what he has done.

Wishing at Special Occasions

If you wish your employee of his birthday, anniversary or some other important events of his life like becoming a parent etc. then it is something really very small but has a wonderful impact on the person. It is all about making him feel special on his special day. Having a 5 minute cake-cutting ceremony in office on someone’s birthday or sending a greeting card on someone’s anniversary is just a thoughtful action.

Handover Responsibilities

Another important thing that managers can do is that they can handover more responsibilities to the employees. They will not only feel empowered but they will also feel as important part of the organization.

Presence of Top Management for Employees

If the top management is available for the employees then they feel secure and comfortable as they know that they are important to the company. If they feel comfortable in approaching the management for their problems then feel comfortable because they know that they have the administration to listen to their complaints, advices and suggestions and will surely help them have solutions.

Ensure Comfortable Work Area

It is very important to have a work area that is comfortable. If the basic facilities and amenities are missing in the setup then employees feel that their basic needs are not been taken care of. For instance, if the washrooms are not clean or if there is no proper ventilation or if there is no drinking water available in the office, all these things cause discomfort and are a disappointment.

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Ensure Transparency

It is good for the company to maintain transparency in working. In this way employees stay informed about what is happening in the organization, what changes are taking place in the system and this way they feel they are a part of the organization. If company fails to do so then they will always feel that the management is hiding something and they will waste their energy in looking for information. Hence, they will never be able to have a bond of trust with the company.

Perks and Benefits

Good companies surprise their employees by giving them some perks and benefits which make them happy. Giving them cash benefits, holiday packages and bonuses are some of the things which are loved by every employee.

As a manager, you can use all of these tips to keep the moral of your employees high. By using these tips, you can actually strengthen the bond that you share with them by making them feel like a family. This way your employees will work for the company with greater zeal and energy.

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10 Tips for Writing an Effective Resume

One of the most important things while applying for a job is your resume. It is the complete package of the information concerning your work experience, qualification, achievements, strengths and weaknesses etc. which you present to the company in which you are applying before any kind of physical interaction. It is the first step that gives you the opportunity to win the attention of the company.

Hence, it is very important that you learn to frame a professionally drafted effective resume that can win you extra points. This article talks about 10 important tips for writing a smart CV. Keep these points in mind and you can surely create that first impression.

  1. Always Mention the Goal or Objective

It is very important to mention your goal or objective in life. This presents your perception and attitude towards life. Always write what you really mean instead of just pasting a few good lines to sound great. Keep it simple but keep it interesting. It can be anything big or small, but something in which you really believe.

  1. Always Keep it Chronological

You need to follow a chronological sequence of events. This would make the flow of the information logical and easy understandable. You should always start from the latest event and then go up to the last even without missing on anything important.

  1. Start With Work Experience

It is advisable that you start your resume with your work experience. If you are currently employed with some company then do mention it. In case you are a fresher then you can always talk about your internship or project which can make your resume look impressive.

  1. Mention Your Projects and Qualifications

The next thing that you are required to include in your CV is complete information on your projects followed by your qualification. Make sure you include all the details like name of your university, degree and percentage etc. to make it informative.

  1. Talk About Strengths and Weaknesses

Another essential thing to mention without fail is your strengths and weaknesses. Whatever you mention, make sure you are able to justify it if you are asked a question on it. Present your weaknesses in a way that they seem your strengths. This will help you lead the interviewer to ask questions for which you already have answers.

  1. Personal Information

This part should contain your father’s name, marital status, date of birth, nationality and various other things. Make sure you mention all the basic things without missing on anything important.

  1. Always Sign It

It is advised that you sign your CV in the end along with putting the date. This gives a wonderful impression as you always stay up to date with all the nitty-gritty.

  1. Mention Your Contact Details

Your contact details should be clearly stated on your resume. Place it on left hand side top to make sure that the person doesn’t have to look for your phone number or mail id. It should be clear. Also include your address with it.

  1. Keep the Tone Professional

You need to use minimum language and give maximum information from your CV. Whatever language you use, it has to be highly professional and pleasant. Simplicity is the key to make your resume stand out.

  1. Use Proper Headlines

You must create a clean demarcation between different content by putting clean and short headings which will make it easier for the HR to read it section by section. Headlines must be bold and should be able to create a difference for the reader.

Keep all these points in mind while drafting your resume to make sure that you don’t miss on anything important which can become a hurdle in your success.

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