Ways in Which Employers Notify Applicants About Interviews

Once you have applied for the job, you are not sure when you are going to receive the call for interview or your application has been rejected or selected. Sometimes employers received hundreds of applications for a job because of which they fail to inform the rejected candidates and we all keep waiting for the response from their end. In some cases, companies mention that they will get in touch with only those candidates who have been selected for the interview and in other cases, companies do not state anything.

This post talks about different ways in which companies notify applicants about the interviews. It is important that you stay active and aware about these notification mediums so that you do not miss on being contacted.

You can het either emails or voicemail’s or messages from the employer, informing you about the interview. It is important that you keep checking your email and voicemail from time to time to ensure that you have not missed on any of these messages.

These messages will contain the pre-scheduled time and venue of the interview along with confirmation from your end. In case, the company wants you to be present with some preparations then you will be informed for the same in advance. The company will also inform you about the format of the interview so that you are prepared accordingly.

Various formats used by employers to invite job applicants include the letters and messages mentioned below:

  • General interview invitation
  • Panel interview invitation
  • Interview invitation with reimbursement
  • Second round of interview invitation
  • Interview invitation asking applicants to pick the interview date
  • Email interview invitation asking what to bring
  • Phone call invitation with a date of interview
  • Phone call invitation asking candidates to select interview date
  • Phone call invitation with options for interview dates

Once you have received an invitation for the interview, you must respond to it either by confirming it or by rejecting it.

These are different ways of notifying the applicants about interview opted by the companies.

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