7 Effective Tips To Increase Possibility of Candidate Joining After Hiring

 7 Effective Tips to Increase Possibility of Candidate Joining after Hiring

As a recruiter I guess you totally understand the loss you have to go through if a candidate does not join on his date of joining even after the hiring is confirmed. You tend to face a lot of problems in such cases like:

  • You have to go through the rigorous process of hiring from Step 1.
  • This will lead to loss of productivity and money for the company.
  • Immense pressure from the hiring manager who made a new plan based on the joining.
  • Problems related to low manpower.

We have therefore come up with a few tips to help you increase the chances of candidates joining your company after confirmation.

1. Do not hire candidate who change job frequently

Understand the psychology behind those candidates who change their job every year. They are not sure of their career yet. His intention is to get an offer and then start looking for job in market once again with more hikes in his salary. Therefore, better avoid such candidates.

2. Profile offered should be attractive to candidate

As recruiter make an attractive profile to lure candidates. Make sure that your profile make candidate interested and excited to opt for it. It happens many a times that candidates do take offer even if they are not very excited about the profile as they have no job at hand. They search for profile that look interesting and apply. Candidates scale the profile on the same standard as they scale the pay package.

3. Salary offered should be competitive

Now the logic behind this is simple. If you do not offer a salary higher than the current pay, why will the candidate join you? You will find very feeble number of people who join on the same salary, especially, if you do not have much brand value. Every candidate expect salary raise in new company and they hardly care about your budget. The pay package is always one of the primary reasons of leaving the existing company and joining the new one. Therefore, offer something in your budget and at the same time logical to the candidate.

Do not fool the candidate with higher CTC and lower in hand. Candidates are smart today and will never fall for such strategies.

4. Sale positives of your company, project, profile for which you are hiring

Every company has two sides, the good and the bad. While recruiting always focus on the good ones. Make the candidates aware of the various benefits your company offers. Talk about work culture, fun at work and so on. Do not simply close the offer letter with the salary. Get in touch with the hiring manager about project and position to hire. Try to sell all the positives about the project and make the candidate excited. Give him a brief introduction to his work, the learning he will get, his growth chances and many more.

This way you engage the candidate with the company before joining and hence increase the chance of his sticking on.

5. Call Candidate for interview 2-3 times

Call the candidate for more than two times for interview or discussions in a day. Take a few IQ test, EQ test, and technical test, ask them to submit salary proof related documents and take a few other related rounds. But, hang on! Do not call unnecessarily. They might get fed up. Set a process instead.

The concept behind this is simple. Candidate who will be really interested in joining your company will show enthusiasm in your questions and those not interested will simply make excuses. I believe you know what to do next.

6. Take resignation acceptance copy after you make the offer

Soon after you make an offer to the candidate, ask him to submit a copy of his resignation mail or letter and the acceptance of resignation to you. Make sure he does that 3-5 days within the offer made. This will make you sure that he has no connections with his existing company at least. If he delays in submission of resignation, you better start finding another candidate.

7. Pre employment Verification

This may be not directly related with the candidate joining but this will give an idea of sustainability in company. Many companies go for post employment verification to the credentials of the employee. If found negative, the employee is asked to leave the company thereby opening a closed position.

However, I feel that pre employment verification should be done instead of post employment verification. Mention firmly to the candidate that once they accept the offer and resign from the current company, you will conduct verification. In case, something smells fishy, you will have every right to cancel the offer.

Normally, recruiters do not spend much time finding a back up candidate. May be because they are too optimistic. But I would recommend you to always carry a plan B, just in case you are ditched by a candidate.

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