Sample Letter of Initial Job Offer and Notice of Appointment

Sample Letter of Initial Job Offer and Notice of Appointment

February10, 2014

<Name of the selected candidate>

Dear Mr. / Ms._________,

It gives us immense pleasure to offer you the role of (job position) at (name of the organization).

As mentioned during the interview process, you will be appointed in the Management Grade______ of our company. The compensation and other benefits are enclosure with this letter. We request you to go through it and return the enclosed duplicate copy as formal acceptance of the offer.

We will accordingly make arrangements for your date of joining in the detailed letter of appointment which will be issued soon. The date will be kept as per your convenience i.e. on or before (date).

In this new job position you will be effectively dealing with important and sensitive information, records and such other matters of the company. Hence, you will require signing a “Code of Conduct and Secrecy Agreement” with our company at the time of joining.

We look forward to your joining our team soon. Hope our company helps you build a bright career.

We also take this opportunity to welcome you and your family to our company.

Kind Regards

<Name of the Business Leader>

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