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10 Good Enough Reasons to Quit Your Job

Switching a job is surely not an easy thing to do. It demands lots of efforts from looking for a job to applying for it and finally facing the interview. There is one very important thing to do while you are going for the interview and it is to have a strong reason prepared for leaving your present job.

Well it is very important that you frame a proper reason before heading for your interview. So here are 10 smart reasons which are good enough for quitting your job.

1. Did Not Like What I Was Doing

It is quite genuine that you are leaving your job because you were not enjoying the work you were doing. May be the job did not turn out to be what you anticipated it to be at the time of job acceptance. There are times in our career when one day we suddenly realize that we are interested in something else on reevaluating our goals.

2. Don’t Gel With My New Boss

Yes, it does happen. When your old boss leaves and you are not able to work under your new boss, you decide you leave. The organizational changes in the company often result into many employees looking for a change because their bosses change and they no longer are able to work with the new bosses and deliver with their services.

3. Got a Better Offer From Another Organization

Many a times you leave a job because you have got a better deal with some other company. You have been offered a hike in salary, a promotion or you just wanted to switch the company, all these reasons work very well because employees switch jobs for better jobs, for higher salaries and it is very much acceptable.

4. Under-utilized or Over-qualified

We all look for jobs which are perfect for us, which perfectly satisfy all our needs but sometimes we end up accepting jobs which are not are dream jobs because our priority is to earn money. In such a scenario, quitting a job is the right thing to do because you are not doing justice to your skills and to your future and moving ahead is the right thing.

5. Other Goals to Accomplish

There is no harm is leaving a job when you realize that you have various other goals in life which you want to achieve. You can always include them as reasons for leaving your job but make sure these goals are for self improvement. You may want to travel, you may want to strudy….. know what your goal is and just say it all.

6. From Part-Time or Freelance to Full-Time

If you are working on part0time basis and not you want to want to head for a proper full-time job then this is again a very strong and valid reason for quitting for you to make a move towards a better job.

7. Personal Issues Needed Attention

Sometimes in life you have more important things to take care of over your career. You have to step back from a job and take care of the situation. It can be some emergency in the family or some medical condition that has compelled you to take such a decision.

8. Long Term Pending Promotion is Still Due

This is one of the worst things to happen. When you have given your best at your job and you are expecting a promotion and it doesn’t happen, it gets very frustrating. When the promotion is pending  for too long, it is always good to walk out of the job.

9. You Have Been Laid Off

It’s a bad news but you don’t have to feel bad about it provided you have not been laid off because of your ineffective working. Many a times during mergers and acquisitions, regardless of performance, you are laid off by companies.

10. You Were Fired

If you have been fired then surely this is not a very good thing to share in an interview but you must not even lie about it. And of course you will be asked about the reason for getting fired, so be prepared for it. While answering this question, make sure that you don’t end up saying anything bad about your employer. You have to be very cautious about the reason you state.

So with these reasons, you can always have your answer ready for quitting the job without any doubts. Use these reasons with smartness and you will crack it right!!!!!

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10 Secrets for Making Job Search A Great Success

We all work hard for making our job search process a success but despite the best of our efforts, we are not always rewarded with what we had expected. We must not forget that the competition in the market is very high and you need to give your best in order to make your job search a rewarding experience.

With this article, we have highlighted 10 secrets that can be very helpful in making job search process a success for all those who are hunting for a good job. With these secrets, you can actually beat the competition…so find out these tricks….!!!!

1. Go for Informational Interview

If the company in which you wish to apply doesn’t offer any openings for now then you can always go for an informational interview which helps you connect with people and the organization. This will help you make a difference when you will go for the actual interview.

2. Always Focus on Quality Over Quantity

All of us apply for hundreds of jobs because internet has made it so easy and comfortable to apply for jobs online. And when everyone is doing the same, you will never be able to make a difference if you are on the same wagon. To strike the right chords, be selective in your search and to make a difference, write personalized cover letters with your resume to make your application effective and impressive.

3. From Generalized to Personalized

We often copy paste the cover letters just because we must send a cover letter with our resume. And because of this, most of the recruiters don’t even pay attention to the resume because cover letter looks weak. To make it interesting, always keep it personalized. Include clear information and keep it specific to the job profile for which you are applying. This will surely make the reader interested in reading your resume.

4. Optimize on Connections

We know that connections make a big difference but in order to enjoy the benefits, we have to make a move. Get in touch with your former manager, co-worker, boss and any other professional connection to know if they have a job opening in their present company. With a connection mentioned in your cover letter, you can actually make a big difference and stand out in the competition without doing anything extra.

5. Clean Your Social Media

Before applying for any job, make sure that your profiles on various social networking websites are protected.  You surely don’t want the company to see your Facebook or Instagram profile. Keep your LinkedIn and Google Plus profile with your latest information on employment and other professional details. Having an online portfolio can work as an impressive addition.

6. Have an Impressive Portfolio

Having a portfolio which includes a cover letter and resume along with printed recommendations can do wonders for you. But having these documents can make you look professional and hardworking and is worth every minute invested.

7. Never Go Unprepared for the Interview

Always prepare well for the interview. You should have complete knowledge about the company you are applying to, the profile for which you are applying. Do not forget to rehearse the basic interview questions. If you are going unprepared, you are going to lose all the points. Seek help from your friends to prepare smartly.

8. Be Specific

Never answer any questions that bring no clarity to the interviewer. Whatever you speak has to be of some value. Saying that you are a hard worker will not get you anywhere but narrating an incident which explains this quality will be more effective. You should know how you want to lead the interview rather letting the interview lead you.

9. Create Impressive Last Impression

Last impression is as important as your first impression. Leave the interview room with a smile and firm handshake. Do not forget to thank the interviewer for his time. You can even ask for the business card and once you are home write a thank you email.

10. Always Be Helpful

It is important to work on your relationships and be helpful to others. This is important as it will always help you have better connections which might help you get a reference or a job. Being nice to everyone in the professional world is of extreme importance.

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9 Things You Should Avoid Wearing to a Job Interview

Find out about important things that you must never wear to a job interview in order to mark the right impression. When you are dressing up for interview, the focus is on creating the right impression because what you deliver in those few minutes, verbally and non-verbally will be responsible for your success or failure. Therefore, what you wear to the job interview is of utmost importance. For dressing smartly, you don’t need to spend loads of money buying the right clothes but keeping in mind a few things mentioned in the post below, you can save yourself from fashion faux pas to crack the deal and be a winner.

Read on to find out the 9 things that should always be avoided when you are going for a job interview, for a positive and professional impression.

  1. Casual Tees or Tops Under Blazer

You might think that by wearing blazer for the interview, you are sorted but what is equally important is what you wear underneath. For women, it is important that the plunging neckline is decently covered. Likewise men should avoid wearing a t-shirt underneath as it doesn’t look formal.

  1. Headphones

You might not realize that you have entered the interview office premises wearing headphone. From head to toe, you are dressing in fine formals but with earphones hanging around create a negative impression. They show that you are neither focused nor serious about the job interview. So before you enter the premises, keep them in your bag.

  1. Heavy Makeup

In order to impress, don’t end up wearing heavy makeup. You must look natural. Do not wear dark eye shadow or heavy foundation or very dark lipstick. Tinted lip balm with light coat of mascara promises an elegant look. For a summery day, you can have a refreshing look with a touch of powder.

  1. Loud Scents

You must avoid wearing strong perfume or cologne. Make sure that it should never be the first or the last thing that the interviewer notices about you. There is no harm in smelling good but keeping it too strong should be avoided.

  1. Casual Summer Clothing

You cannot wear a heavy formal suit for job interviews in summer season but then what to wear for summer interviews. Surely, no shorts, tank tops, dresses or casual t-shirts with flip flops. These are serious NO options. You can wear in smart tailored khakis. Match them with summery light colored polo t-shirts or elegant button down shirt. Team them up with decent pair of shoes.

  1. Old Fashioned Clothes

If you feel that your wardrobe has old fashioned clothes then you really need to buy some modern clothes that you can wear to the interview. Avoid wearing outdated clothes. The same rule applies to your shoes as wells. Make sure your clothes and shoes create a balanced and modern overall look. Be a smart shopper and don’t spend too much on wardrobe makeover.

  1. Striking Tie

If you are dressing in your best tie thinking that it is going to make a statement then make sure you don’t pick a tacky piece. Do not be very experimenting and keep your choices to stripes, paisleys or bold soothing colors that will promise a classy look.

  1. Too Many Accessories

Whether you are a man or a woman, you must always keep your accessories to minimum. Wearing too much jewelry is not a great idea. Wear elegant studs as they will look simple and classy. Do not wear any kind of heavy neckpiece or too big sunglasses or anything that is striking. Likewise for men, wearing tie pin along with loud cufflinks is not a great idea.

  1. Un-ironed Clothes

Make sure the clothes you are wearing are properly ironed. Wearing tidy and properly pressed clothes add a crispy and professional look to your personality. This would take a few minutes but will help you create the right impression.

Use these tips when it comes to wearing the right attire for the job interview. The above mentioned fashion disasters must be avoided at every cost so that you are able to impress everyone on the panel.

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Useful Guidelines on Finding Second Job

When expenses are more than what your present salary offers, you must start looking for a second job which can help you earn some extra money so that you can not only pay your bills comfortably but also add some more experience to your resume to make it more impressive. With a second job you can also make a gradual transition to a different career.

There are various factors that you have to look into while looking for a second job. Here are some of these points on which you need clarity:

  • What kind of job are you looking for
  • Place where you want to work
  • Number of hours of work you can give to the new job
  • Flexibility of work schedule and of future employee etc.
  • What kind of work category are you open to: part time jobs, free lance jobs, jobs with small business units

Once you have answered all of the questions mentioned above, it is time to move ahead and read the tips for finding the second job.

Tips on Finding a Suitable Second Job

Given below are some of the very useful guidelines using which you can land up with a good second job.

Begin Search with Job Search Engine

You can begin the search right away without investing much of your time and energy by using online job portals which help you search for jobs of your choice. All you need to do is to choose the right keywords, set the filters like income, place of work etc. and start searching for the best possible choices of job openings which match your constraints. As it is a second job, you really need to set the filters properly so that the results fit your requirements.

Look for a Part Time Job

If you are already working then you can manage to get a traditional part time job, as it is impossible to manage two full time jobs. There are various online job portals that offer part time jobs. You need to enter the right keywords and you will have a complete list of part time job opportunities. Moreover, you can directly apply for these jobs without much of hassle.

Look for Freelance Jobs

Freelance jobs are another good idea to have a second source of income. There are various industries like fashion, media etc. which hire freelancers for projects and they pay good. If you like to write or you are a professional designer then you can easily find freelance work. You can also pick up one such project or a job to work like a freelancer and enjoy additional income. Try Freelancer, Elance etc. for quality freelance work.

Look for Online Job or Work From Home Job

These days there are lots of opportunities when it comes to online jobs. Various work from home jobs are available on online job portals that are a wonderful way of increasing your income. But while doing so, you must make sure that you connect with genuine sites and do not get involved with fake job providers.

Seek Help from Contacts

You really need to create a strong social network of family, friends, relatives, neighbors and other social or personal contacts to inquire them about job openings in their respective companies or to inform you about a job opening they know of. You can even ask them to refer you to their bosses as there are a few companies which always prefer hiring recommended candidates.

Be Your Own Boss with Your Own Business

If you think you cannot work for someone else and you have the passion to work for yourself with complete dedication then starting your own business is a great thought. You must begin small and after complete planning and then gradually create your own success story. You can even look for partners if you think that you would need a companion who can work with you for better results.

Look for Second Job in-Person

It is always good to visit in person and meet the employer or the manager in order to inquire about the job. This works wonderfully in hospitality industry as they employers look for good personality with good etiquettes but make sure that you visit during the non peak hours so that you are able to have a comfortable conversation.

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How to Find Out The Right Time to Walk Away From a Job

Leaving a job is surely not an easy decision to make. Your job is the source of your income and is vital for your existence. It provides you resources to cater your family needs and if you leave your job then finding a better one is not easy. Moreover, there are chances that your employer might give you a bad reference which will affect your probability of finding a good job. By leaving a job, you also have to leave behind all the fringe benefits that your job brings along.

Quitting a job at the right time is very important in order to make sure that there are least numbers of odds against you. This post unveils some very interesting points which are helpful in helping you know that when the right time to quit your job is. By walking away from your present job at the right time, you get to minimize the damages.

Find out time put in by you in your job every week

You must keep a track of the amount of time you are giving to your job on weekly basis. This is important as it will help you have exact hours you have been working for your employer to know how balanced or unbalanced your professional and personal life is. You need to understand that you cannot keep missing your family events, compromise with your health and your loved ones because of your job. If you feel that you need to bring in a change in your work schedule then you can always speak with your boss in this context so that you are able to enjoy your work and also spend time with your family.

Analyze projects, achievements and credits

It is extremely important that you grow professionally. And to know that you must prepare a list of all the projects on which you have worked in the last year. Also note down the outcomes of each. Find out the kind of projects you have been getting and the credit you have been given by your boss for your work. In case, you are not appreciated for your good work then you must speak with your boss and ask for different kinds of projects that help you grow professionally. And if you feel that there is saturation with no growth opportunities then it is a serious thing.

Look for change in profile, roles and responsibilities

Sometimes new management takes the charges and brings about changes in the organization thereby leaving you with an undefined profile. In such a scenario, you must meet your supervisor and discuss your profile. You can ask for a new profile or have new responsibilities added to your previous profile. You can even negotiate on a transfer to a different department or branch. These are a few steps which you must take before finally deciding about leaving your job.

Try hard before making a final decision

You must make all possible efforts before taking a final decision. If all your efforts have failed to make things better at work front then only decide on leaving your job.

 In case you are facing some serious problem at work like harassment or you get to know about some unethical activity going on at office then you can always decide to leave without wasting any time. At any point in time, when you feel uncomfortable working at your office, for any reason, then the best move is to quit your job right away. You can also report about the illegal practices, if any, to the HR department along with the related documents so that the right action can be taken.

So once you have analyzed your job on all of the points mentioned above, then it is the right time to decide whether you want to stay or move ahead. This kind of decision will be a well planned decision as you have taken all possible steps.

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4 Career Risks That Must Always Be Avoided

Taking risk in life is important but to make sure that you don’t end up in mess, you must take smart and calculated risks. We all take risks when it comes to our career but if we don’t take intelligent risks then we can end up losing our job or missing on such an important deal. Risk taking is inevitable if you want to grow and move ahead in your career. And in order to benefit, you must make sure that you take the right risks and avoid the wrong ones.

This article talks about 5 career risks that must always be avoided. Read on to find out what these risks are as they can actually leave you with no job in hand. So in case you are planning any of these risks, keep them out of your list as they can be very damaging for your career.

1. Simply Walking Out of Your Job

We are sometimes so pissed off from our present job or boss that one day we simply decide to quit it. But just wait as this is not the right risk to go for. You might be thinking that once you leave the present job, you will have a fresh start. You will begin looking for a new job and things will normalize. But this is quite optimistic an approach. Practically, you should have a plan before you start acting. Bear the present job for a little longer and find out a suitable job before quitting. This way you will never have to compromise too big with the offers you get in future.

2. Don’t Take Risks Close to Your Retirement

The right time to rake risks is when you are young. You can possibly take all big risks like working abroad, changing your field of work or staring a new business. All these risks are worthy if taken when you are young as you have your complete life to bounce back and be successful. When you are old and your retirement is due in couple of years, taking risks like these is not a wise thing to do. Rather you should keep enjoying your present company and have an easy retirement.

3. Looking Out For Success

Most of us always categorize whatever we do into success and failure because we all want to be successful in our career. But with this kind of an approach, we force ourselves to feel bad, ashamed and defeated when we are not able to perform the way we had planned. This way we are unable to learn from the experience and we tag ourselves as failures. It is good to aim for success but we often miss on the lessons that we should take from our failures.

4. Putting Your Reputation at Stake

Whenever you have to make any choice in your career, you should always analyze it from different perspectives to know how much risk it involves. Taking risks with a job title or association is not that difficult as they don’t harm much and are forgotten soon. On the contrary, if your reputation is at risk then it can cause a long lasting damage to your career and therefore, you must always avoid taking such a chance as it is very damaging.

When we talk about career, various opportunities come our way but we have to be very selective about what opportunities to embrace and what to let go. Whenever moving ahead with any choice, we must take into consideration the risks involved in it. This will always keep your career on the right track and will always help you climb the ladder of success.

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How to Withdraw From Consideration for a Job

Sometimes you apply for the job and then later on when you analyze it, you realize that this is not the job you have been looking for or it doesn’t match with your experience, skills or qualifications. And then you come across a far better opportunity which comes with more benefits and attraction. In such a scenario, you find the need to withdraw consideration for a job. Make sure you do it in the right way.

Here are some steps which help you follow a formal process for withdrawing consideration for a job. Keep these in mind and you will never hamper your professional relationships.

Time to Withdraw Your Application

If you have not been selected for an interview then there is no need to withdraw from consideration as you are not a part of the race. But in case, your interview has been scheduled or it has been completed and you are waiting for results, then in that case you must inform the employer that you are not interested in this position any longer.

Withdrawing Consideration with an Email

You can send a formal email for withdrawing your consideration. Follow these two points in mind while writing the email.

  • Appreciate the interviewer for his time and consideration.
  • Mention why the position was not a good choice for you.

Withdrawing Consideration with a Phone Call

If you have developed good rapport with the interviewer or the HR manager who interviewed you then you can plan to inform the employer about your withdrawal of consideration over a phone call. If you plan to share this information over telephone then you must follow these points.

  • Make sure that you speak directly with the same HR manager or hiring manager you interviewed you.
  • Never leave messages or voicemails to share this information.
  • You can even refer someone else for the profile.
  • Do not forget to mention the reason for withdrawal.

Be Professional and Optimistic

It is very important for you to understand that even if you are withdrawing the consideration, you must always be at the best of your professional behavior and positive approach. Do not look into the negative aspects of the situation rather be optimistic and grateful for the opportunity you came across with. Never spoil your association with the hiring manager as you need to keep doors for future open.

Keep these points in mind and you will be able to write a formal withdrawal from consideration mail or phone call for the job you have applied.

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Tips for Changing One Job to Another in the Same Company

Sometimes you want to change your job but you don’t wish to change your employer. There are various reasons because of which we look forward for transferring jobs instead or quitting and finding a new company.

Transferring job is an interesting option for giving your career a new direction. You can easily design a new career path without changing your present employer. If you are also planning to change your job within your present company then this post brings to you various tips that can be of great help to you.

Tips on Transferring Jobs with Same Employer

If there is some internal opening in your company at the same branch or at a different branch then use these tips for going for transferring jobs. You will surely have more chances of getting selected during the hiring process because you understand the working of the company but this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to follow the application process.

You will have to be a part of the process of recruitment just like any other fresh candidate, whether it is relocation or change in functional area. Use the below mentioned tips and guidelines which are very much needed in order to make your internal transfer request fruitful.

Start with Discussing it With Your Manager

The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is to discuss it with your present manager. This is the right step to begin with so that your manager doesn’t feel that you are not making him a part of your transfer. It is always important to take him in confidence because his guidance and support is important for you.

In case you feel your manager is a difficult personality to deal with then you will have to connect with prospective managers, your manager’s supervisor and any other person of the same or higher level. Make sure that you intelligently and carefully weigh all the options you have before moving ahead with your choice because once you have moved ahead, you cannot take a u-turn. So take time to decide and discuss.

Do Not Compromise with Your Performance

Once you have decided to move ahead with your new profile, do not be irresponsible at your present job. You are advised to keep performing with excellence in your present job so that your behavior or performance doesn’t reflect that you were unhappy or dissatisfied with your current profile. Keep doing your job until transfer with high energies and positive attitude. Remember that companies love their employees but they would never like any of their workers to feel discontented with their present working. So be cautious about your productivity.

Functional Transfer Demands Interaction

If you are looking for opportunities in some other functional area then it is important that you interact with staff from that particular department. Involving yourself in projects and activities that bring out your skills and talent is a good thing to do. Volunteer yourself so that more and more people know you. It is very important to have strong visibility and increased interaction so that you are popular also outside your department. So be proactive and participate.

Seek Help From Current Manager

It is extremely important for you to discuss your career path and development with your present manager. This will not only highlight things you need to work on but will also bring out a clear picture to you to plan your career in a more effective manner. Moreover, your manager is also going to feel happy because you are seeking his guidance. Ask for his help in planning your career; sit with him and discuss the available options and move ahead with his support and you will surely make it big.

Do Not Compromise on Resume

Most of the times we think that because we are applying for the job internally, so we can be casual with presenting our resume or highlighting our qualifications and skills, but this is the wrong approach. You have to be very serious in following the application process. Submit your updated resume by including all your achievements, qualifications and everything else that you think can help you score higher points. Including references can be an interesting addition. You have to market yourself with all your efforts and because it is an internal recruitment, you surely have higher chances to get selected.

So if you are interested in transferring job within the same company, follow these points and you will get selected for sure.

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