Rescind Job Offer Letter Due to Background Check Sample

Job Offer Letter Due to Background Check Sample

Rescinding a job offer letter in the right way is very important when you find inappropriate background information about a potential employee. In the Rescind letter template, this information is conveyed to the candidate in a sensitive yet direct way. You have to explain your reasons without judgement or any accusations. It’s important to be polite while turning down someone, especially in matters of the career. You can also further assist them that if they have any questions or concerns they can reach out to you so the whole process gets carried out smoothly.

This act will keep your company’s reputation in a good light. It will also help you end on good terms with the candidate in case you might need them for future endeavours.

Sample Rescinding Job Offer Letter Due to Background Check has been given below:

Rescind Offer Letter due to Background Check Template, Sample Format




___________________________ (Address line 1)

___________________________(Address line 2)

___________________________ (City and pin code) Date:  


___________________________ (Name of the Candidate)

___________________________ (Designation)

___________________________ ( Address line 1)

___________________________ ( Address line 2)

___________________________ (City and pin code)

Subject: Rescinding job offer for the position of.

Mr./Ms./Mrs.                                                         ,

This letter is with reference to the job offer given to you by our organisation through the letter/email on ___________for the position of ___________________________ . As stated in the offer letter you received, employment with our company was contingent upon several aspects, including but not limited to successfully passing a background check. Based on the company’s policy and your authorization, a background test was performed by us. During the process, we discovered that the information given by you in your job application, along with your CB and supporting documents was partially incorrect or incomplete. Hence, you did not meet the necessary criteria of the company. We hereby declare that we rescind and withdraw the offer of employment given to you earlier.

Please refer to the Authorization and Disclosure Form that you signed for information about requesting any further information or contact ___________________________________________(Name of the person),

___________________________ (Designation) at ___________________________ (Phone number) between ______________a.m. and ____p.m.

Thank you for applying for the post in our company. Wishing you good luck for the future. Sincerely,

     ___________________________ (Name)

  ___________________________ (Designation)

  ___________________________ (Name of the organisation)

    ___________________________ (Signature)

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