How to Write a Counter Offer Letter for a Salary

Counter Offer Letter for a Salary

Whenever we are joining a new firm, we make sure that we negotiate well to get a good salary. When we get a job offer with a formal letter talking about the terms of employment and details about salary, you can always write a counter offer letter if you find the pay not as per your expectations. It is a formal way of stating what you desire in a decent manner.

Here are some steps which you must keep in mind while drafting a professional counter offer letter negotiating the salary so that you are able to crack the best deal. Have a quick look at these simple yet useful guidelines.

  • Focus on Format

The first and the most important thing when you begin writing this letter is the format. It should be like any other regular business letter which has a business header on the top that includes the name of the employer and his address. The next thing to follow should be your contact information and date. Address your letter to the manager who has sent you the job offer. This will keep your letter focused and well addressed.

  • First Paragraph

The introductory paragraph of the letter should start with a thanking note for your future employer. Next you must acknowledge the job offer, terms of employment and salary terms. Express your appreciation for the opportunity in brief. Keep this paragraph simple and short. Keep the tone pleasant.

  • Second Paragraph

This paragraph is the soul of your letter and you must use the best of your skills to make it look assertive yet simple and easy. Start by addressing the purpose. Propose another salary figure for the position you have been offered. Include the reasons for increase in salary to make your demand sound reasonable and justified. Without stating any reason, your letter will fail to impress the manager.

  • Concluding Paragraph

This part of the letter should include your request for response date from the employer. Do mention your contact details. Express your excitement and thrill for joining the company and make sure that you end your letter on a pleasant and happy note. Do remember to thank the employer in anticipation. Make it pleasant and positive.

Some Important Points to Keep in Mind

  • Make a clear mention of the salary you desire but make sure that it is not exorbitant and unreasonable.
  • Be professional and courteous in every point you mention. Be a smart negotiator.
  • Check your letter thoroughly before sending it. Check for mistakes, be sure of offer you have made and ensure the language is polite and pleasant.

All these points are very important while framing a professional counter offer letter for salary. To strike the chords right, you need to be really very smart in writing this tricky letter.

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