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Domestic Travel Policy for Employees in India

Companies roll out policies for everything to ensure smooth and controversy- free working with their employees. In some companies, employees have to travel often, domestic or international. For that purpose, they design Foreign Travel Policy for employees and also Domestic Travel Policy. This policy has clearly state company travel policy and procedure. It works as company employee handbook with Local Travel Policy for employees in India along with travel reimbursement policy for employees.

In this post, we have come up with a sample corporate travel policy for employees. This business travel policy sample includes all important points that are a part of the policy.

Domestic Travel Policy

Here are some of the essential points that are included in Domestic Travel Policy of a company in India:

  • Complete format for travel policy
  • Details of company’s travel policy, rules and procedures
  • Details on boarding and lodging as stated in the HR policy
  • Travel guidelines to be followed by employees on their official travel
  • Arranging conveyance in the city
  • Details on entitlement for different levels
  • Defining different categories of cities
  • Defining entitlement of cities
  • Details on Per Diem
  • Rules on safety and security of employees

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What is the Best Way to Manage Sandwich Leave?

When you take leaves on Saturday and Monday then Sunday is also counted as a leave as per Sandwich leave name. This kind of combination is called Sandwich Leave concept when a paid holiday gets sandwiched between two leaves. Sandwich leave policy is followed by many companies with an intention to stop their employees from taking leaves at a stretch and also enjoy benefits of paid leaves. There are various other policies in this like Sandwich Leave Policy for earned leave.

So if you plan to take leave between two holidays then get prepared to witness the loss of pay. In this post, we have come up with some small and smart moves to make the most of your leaves along with Sandwich Leave policy rule in your company.

Managing Sandwich Leave

Here are some points that you must keep in mind while submitting your sandwich leave application:

  • If you are planning to take Saturday and Monday as off then you must serve your office for half day either on Saturday or Monday.
  • You can keep your loss to minimum by taking off on Friday and Saturday along with Sunday or Monday and Tuesday along with Sunday to at least enjoy one paid leave instead of no paid leave.
  • If your company allows work from home then you can work from home one day before or after Sunday and take one day as leave.

This is quite a debatable issue and is very subjective to the HR policies of the company. Therefore, have everything clarified with your HR Manager before taking an off like that.


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Employee Retirement Policy in India For Pharma Company

Just like companies have recruitment policies, leave policies, they also have employee retirement policy in India. As an employee of a company, you must know the company retirement policy and procedure to avoid any confusions. Retirement policy in private company differs from the ones in government organizations.

We bring sample Retirement Policy for pharma companies in India for your reference. You can use it for developing one for your own organization by customizing it a little. Download and use it for free.


Click here to download Employee Retirement Policy For Pharma Company


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Sandwich Leave Rule Policy In Simple Words

Sandwich Leave Rule Policy is a Saturday Sunday leave policy followed by many companies. It implies that when term holidays fall between two availed leaves then in that case they all merge together and they are considered as sandwich leaves. For example, if Sunday is an official holiday in a company and an employee takes Saturday and Monday as offs then in that case, Sunday, the official holiday, will also be counted as a leave making it a sandwich leave of three days. This is basically Sunday holiday rules followed by companies in order to prevent their employees from taking long holidays by utilizing the weekends.

There are different Sandwich leave formats followed by companies subjective to their rules. Sandwich leave policy is legal and counts official holidays as leaves if they are sandwiched between leaves.


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Memo to Employee Who Did Not Inform HR Before Going on Business Trip

Whenever an employee of the company goes on a business trip, as a protocol, he is suppose to inform the HR of the company. But if an employee without informing the HR goes for a business trip then the manager should write a Warning Letter or Memo to Employee expressing your disapproval on this kind of behavior. This is a kind of Warning Letter for Absenteeism Without Intimation sent by HR to the candidate.

We have come up with a formal format for Memo to employee who went on a business trip without informing the HR. It is a short and sweet letter.

Sample Memo to Employee Who Went on Business Trip Without Informing HR


R.K. Sharma

Human Resource Manager,

Advent Medicines Ltd.

New Delhi

Date: 10.10.2018


Vinod Khatri

54, Sahara Enclave,

Kamla Nagar,


Sub: Warning Letter for Going on Business Trip Without Informing

Dear Mr. Khatri,

With deep regret, we would like to inform you that Management is extremely unhappy with this kind of irresponsibility at your end.

You went on a business trip to Mumbai for four days without intimating about it to the HR Department because of which a lot of chaos happened. Moreover, the bookings for the same were to be confirmed and again led to inconvenience to you and to the company.

This kind of a mistake has happened previously in the past and you were warned to not repeat it. The Management would like to have an explanation from you in writing explaining the reason for the same. Meanwhile, you are warned again, and this time, for the last time, to not repeat such a thing in the future.

Looking forward to hear from you.


R.K. Sharma

Human Resource Manager,

Advent Medicines Ltd.

Click here to download sample Memo to Employee


Create a personalized Warning Letter to Employees Refusing to Work using this sample.

A professionally drafted Employee Verification Email Format to HR with precision.

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Sample of Circular for Leave/Leave Request Procedure

Who doesn’t like leaves but when employees get very casual with taking leaves, a strict action against them is much needed. Despite explaining the leave procedure to employees and stating with clarity the complete annual leave application procedure and other formalities, they often end up staying absent from work and in that case a straight and clear warning via circular for leave without intimation or holiday circular to employees has to be issued. HR circular format for employees are very helpful in this situation.

Given below is a leave memo sample. This sample leave restriction letter clearly states the company rules and actions against the failures. Using this circular for declaring holiday format, you can write leave circular for your own company. Follow this simple memo to staff on leave application for drafting a customized one.

Sample Circular for Leave Restriction

Date: 23.10.18

Dear Employees,

On analyzing the frequent leaves taken by employees in the span of last six months, Management has concluded a very casual attitude of employees towards their job. We have recorded highly dissatisfying and unprofessional approach amongst most of the employees because they have been taking off from work with any intimation to their respective Managers or Team Leaders which is definitely against the rules of the Company.

We would like to highlight that this kind of indiscipline at work will not be accepted. So finally, the Management has decided to take serious actions against all those employees who do not adhere to the rules in relation with leaves stated by the Company. To bring more clarity, we are once again stating those rules for your convenience and we expect all of you to follow them seriously.

  • Every employee is entitled for 2 paid sick leaves every month.
  • It is compulsory to have your leave application sanctioned from your Manager, in case of both paid and non-paid leaves. Leaves without application can attract action.
  • Being absent from work without any prior information will lead to deduction in pay for that day.
  • In case of emergency situation, reason in writing has to be presented to the HR Department at the earliest.
  • Reporting to work at 10 a.m. every day from Monday to Friday is must and leaving early from work is not allowed.

All employees must keep in mind these rules and in case of any confusion, please contact the HR Department.

We hope that our employees are going to follow these rules seriously to avoid any action against them.


Raman Mehta

HR Manager

Globus Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Click here to download sample of Circular for Leave format in word


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Sample Letter of Appreciation for Years of Service

Employees are the assets for organization. If you have hard working, loyal and committed employees in your company then you must make effort to appreciate them. If you have an employee who has served your company for a good number of years then again writing appreciation letter for years of service is a good gesture. You can always pen Thank You for years of service to such gems. Just like these letters, there are also 25 years of service speech or 5 year service award speech. A formal Letter of Appreciation on Completing Years of Service always makes the employee happy as his contribution is acknowledged and appreciated.

We bring a 10 years of service speech sample for your reference. Use this Sample Employee Appreciation letter for Years of Service to write your own customized years of service letter for employees in a professional way.

Sample Format for Appreciation Letter for Years of Service.


Adarsh Swami


Fullerton Software Ltd.

New Delhi

Date: 13.10.2018


Mr. Rakesh Gupta

54, Karol Bagh,

New Delhi

Dear Mr. Gupta,


Today, you complete 10 years of service with our company, a significant milestone in your career and also an important day for our company.

On this special occasion, we would like to honour your 10 years of service during which you have made an impressive contribution to our company and making us a leader in the industry.

We know that success doesn’t come without hard work and commitment. You have worked extremely hard and made it an inspiring journey from an executive’s level to the position of a Manager with your dedication and innovation.

The company would be happy to applaud you for your glorious performance with our Recognition Award which will be presented to you at the upcoming Annual Meeting. This award has been selected to honour you for all your achievements. We are hopeful that you will enjoy this award for many years.

Thank you for your contribution to the company. You are an important part of our organization.


Adarsh Swami


Fullerton Software Ltd.


Click here to download Letter of Appreciation for Years of Service in Word format

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Email Format for New Employee Joining Announcement to Related Departments

When a new employee joins the company, the HR Manager sends a formal mail to all the concerned departments to announce the new hire. It is a way of informing everyone about the new employee joining. It is quite a short email and contains basic details about the new employee. Just like Employment Joining Letter Format For Employee and new employee self introduction email, there are Announcement Letter Of New Employee Joining informing everyone about the new candidate who will soon be joining the company.

Use this email template to announce your new hire to write a customized new employee announcement email with perfection.

Announcement Mail Format Of New Employee Joining

Sub: New Employee Joining Announcement

Date: 03.10.2018

Dear All,

We take extreme pleasure in introducing Mr. Sumanth Sharma who has joined us a Asst. Marketing Manager and will be operating from New Delhi office. He will be taking the charge from 15th October, 2018.

He possesses an experience of over 10 years in the field of marketing. Previously, he was employed with M/s Wellness Pharma Pvt. Ltd. as their Country Head for Marketing. He has completed his education from IIM- Ahmedabad.

He is indeed a worthy addition to our organization. You can reach him at We wish him a successful career at Goenka Health and Wellness.


Sudipta Mehta

HR Manager,

Goenka Health and Wellness


Click here to Download Email Format for New Employee Joining Announcement to Related Departments

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Job Transfer Request Letter Based on Medical, Family Grounds

Sometimes due to personal reasons or because of medical issues, you might need to apply for a job transfer in your company. For that you need a transfer letter format which explains you how to form the letter without any errors. If you are in search of transfer letter format due to family reason or you are looking for job transfer request letter due to marriage, you can find a simple transfer request letter sample given below. You can use it as transfer request letter due to mother illness or transfer letter format due to health problem to create a fool-proof family emergency leave request letter.

Given below is an official transfer letter format which you can use for drafting a customized job transfer request letter because of family issues or medical grounds.

Simple Transfer Request Letter Sample


Rajesh Sharma

54, Richard’s Apartments

New Delhi

Ph: 9898989898

Date: 26.09.2018


Tarun Gupta

Human Resource Manager

National Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

New Delhi

Sub: Application for Job Transfer

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to submit my request for job transfer based on medical grounds.

As you are aware that I was on leave for 15 days in the last month because of my surgery. I was given a long list of post-surgery precautions to be kept in mind in relation with food and lifestyle practices. But because I am staying away from my family because of my work, I am unable to follow the list of do’s and don’ts given by the doctor because after work, it is not possible for me to focus on these guidelines. And as a result, my recovery after the surgery has been poor.

Therefore, I am writing this letter to kindly consider my request for job transfer to our Gurgaon office where my family puts up. I would be really thankful if you could consider my situation and have me transferred for a limited time so that I can focus on improving my health without having my work suffer.

I will be anxiously waiting for your response and me and my family will be very thankful to you if you accept this request.

Yours sincerely,

Rajesh Sharma


Click hear to download Job Transfer Request Letter Based on Medical, Family Grounds

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Formal Agreement Format Between Cab Vendor and Company

These days lots of companies provide transportation to their employees so that they can travel to and from work comfortably even at odd hours. There are various professional cab vendors which offer their services as per the requirement of companies. There are different kinds of vendor agreement format in Word but in this scenario, both the parties have to sign a Car Rental Agreement which is a formal agreement stating all the terms and conditions in relation with the service, payment etc.

We have come up with a simple vendor agreement template. Use this Agreement Format Between Cab Vendor and Company designed professionally in Word and PDF formats for easy download, customization and print.

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