Formal Apology Letter for Cancellation of Business Meeting

Business appointments are to be taken very seriously. And in case you have to cancel a business meeting because of some unavoidable circumstances then in that case you must inform your associate or client about the same and also write an apology letter for cancellation of meeting. White writing a meeting cancellation notice, you can also mention about rescheduling the meeting to another day. It is always good to submit your apologies in a formal setup to avoid any bad experience. Writing an Apology Letter due to Poor Performance to Client is also another form of apology letter companies require to write.

Given below is a sample apology letter for cancellation of business meeting. Use this format for creating a personalized letter that fits your situation.

Sample Apology Letter for Meeting Cancellation


R.K. Sharma


Advent Medicines Ltd.


Date: 21.05.2018


Vinod Khatri

The Manager

Hindustan Marketing Pvt. Ltd.


Sub: Cancellation of Business Meeting

Dear Mr. Khatri,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I will have to cancel the meeting scheduled for Monday, 25st May, 2018 at 12 p.m.

I had to cancel this appointment because of an emergency situation at our Delhi branch office which requires me to immediately fly there and take charge of the situation. I was looking forward for this meeting and would be extremely honoured if you could give me a mutually agreeable date and time so that we can reschedule the meeting and take things forward. Please let me know if we can reschedule the meeting on 30th May, 2018 at 12 p.m. and if not then please suggest the best time from your end.

Please accept my apologies for cancelling our meeting and also for the inconvenience cause to you. I will be waiting for your response and will look forward to meet you soon.

Thanking in anticipation.


R.K. Sharma


Advent Medicines Ltd.

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Annual Dinner Invitation Email to Staff

Schools, colleges, companies and various other organizations organize formal party for their staff members. They therefore send formal dinner invitation invites which have complete details about the date, time, venue and occasion. These kinds of letters are often called company annual dinner announcement memo or invitation letter for Annual staff party. Being the HR Manager of your company, it is your duty to send company annual dinner invitation letters to staff members and colleagues. These days office party invitation emails are in trend and therefore, you can also send dinner invitation email to your colleagues.

Given below is a sample format of Company’s Annual Dinner Invitation Email to Staff in MS Word format. You can download this letter and use it as per your requirement.

Sample for Company’s Annual Dinner Invitation Email to Staff

Date: 18.05.18

Dear Staff Members,


Congratulations on successfully completing another financial year. It is because of the hard work and dedication of all our employees that we could manage to complete all our projects within the designated time bars and also start with various new projects which will take our organization to new heights.

At, K. P. Technologies, we consider our staff as our family and that’s why every year, we organize an Annual Gala Dinner for all our staff members along with their families as a time of celebration. All of you come with our families and enjoy this annual dinner with your colleagues, seniors, juniors and the Management. This is a way of connecting with our staff on a personal level and also have their families introduced to each other.

Please consider this email a formal invitation extended to you and to your family for Annual Gala Dinner 2018. Here are the details of the same:

Date: 26th May, 2018

Venue: K.P. Technologies Head Office

Timings: 8.00 p.m. onwards

We would be waiting to welcome you all with your families and enjoy this event like a big family. Let us take a break from work and spend some quality time with each other.


Anirudh Sharma

General Manager

K. P. Technologies


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Letter Informing Staff About Employee Termination

If you have terminated an employee from your company then the same must be communicated to the other staff members of your company. You have to make employee termination announcement to clients and company staff so that they keep no professional connect with him or her. It is a simple letter informing about employee leaving company.

Have a look at termination letter format. You can use this termination communication letter to staff template to formally inform everyone about the employee leaving the company.

Letter Communicating Employee Termination to Staff Members

Date: 08.05.2018

Dear Staff Members,

The Management wants to inform you all that Mr. Vipul Chawla who was working with Princeton Hotel at the position of HR Executive has been terminated on 07.08.2018. As per the policy of the Company, from now on, no employee of the Company shall have any professional connections with Mr. Chawla. Sharing of any confidential information of the Company with him will be considered as a criminal offense and serious actions will be taken against the offender.

Mr.Chawla was found to violating the rules of the Company. Despite constant warnings, he continued reporting to work late. His performance levels have also been below average since his date of joining.

Princeton Hotel is known for its disciplined staff. We always hire people who can work in synergy with us and grow along with us.


Ravindra Gupta


Princeton Hotel

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Sample Letter to Employee for Recovering Training Expenses of Company

There are lots of companies which spend a huge sum on the training of their employees. The idea is to give them the best of the training so that they are able to do their job in a better way and help the company grow. Companies often go with training agreements or employer paid training agreements to reduce the risk of employees leaving the job before completing the first year. If one of your company leaves the job before completing his first year then Company can always write him a letter asking him for repayment of training costs because of the loss incurred to the Company.

Being the HR or Manager of your Company, if you don’t know how to frame a letter to your employee for recovering the training expenses then here is a sample format for the same.


Adarsh Swami

Human Resource Manager

Fullerton Software Ltd.

New Delhi

Date: 24.04.2018


Mr. Rakesh Gupta

B-490, Western Plaza

New Delhi

Dear Mr. Gupta,

This is response to your resignation letter submitted on 23.04.2018. We regret to inform you that the Management has denied accepting your resignation.

This is because as per your employment contract with Fullerton Software Ltd., you cannot leave your job before completion of one year because you have signed Employer Paid Training Agreement. According to this agreement, the Company has invested a huge sum of money in training you for your job and if you leave your job before completing one year, it is a huge loss to the company.

Therefore, as per the agreement, you will have to resume your job within 15 days from today or you will have to pay the Company through online bank transfer the amount of money the Company has lost on training you.

We will look forward for your response. In case of any further clarifications, you can get in touch with us at hr@fullerton.com.


Adarsh Swami

Human Resource Manager

Fullerton Software Ltd.

You can download Letter to Employee for Recovering Training Expenses of Company in word formats.

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Easy Format of Half Day Leave Application Email

If you have some personal work to do during office or college hours then you can always seek permission by writing half day leave application email. You can simple drop in a half day leave email to your boss, principal or manager stating the reason and date on which you need to take half day. There is half day leave mail for urgent work, personal reasons, not feeling well or family function. There are also applications for urgent work for students. It is quite a simple email which is very short and to the point.

To help you frame a customized half day leave application email, given below is a template format which you can follow to write you own mail.

Half Day Leave Application Email 

Dear Sir,

The purpose of writing this email is to submit my request for half day leave for today. I will be available at work till 12 p.m. today as I have an appointment with a lawyer for some family property issue. It is an urgent meeting and I cannot reschedule it.

Therefore, I request you to please approve my half day leave application. I will be extremely thankful to you for considering my application.


Varun Sachdev

Sales Executive,

Feather Fabrics Pvt. Ltd.

You can download a Half Day Leave Application Email Sample in word formats.


Frame your own proficient Announcement Letter Format for Discontinuing Special Leave

Write a formal Permission Letter to Leave Office Early to your boss.

Thank You Letter for Leave Approval to your manager for considering your application.

Easy to download and customize Letter format for half day leave for employee

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Announcement Letter Format For Half Day Leave For Staffs

Sometimes you have an important work to do and for that you need to take some hours off from work or your classes. There is an urgent work on personal front or illness or any other reason at work, school, college or internship. In that scenario, writing a formal half day leave application is the right thing to do. Such holiday declaration letters are very short and include the reason for absence along with the duration for which you want to apply for the leave.

Given below is a sample letter format for writing a perfect half day leave application for office, school, college or university, internship. Use this template to write your own half day leave letter.

Useful Tips to Write Half Day Leave Application

Given below are some helpful tips to write a flawless half day leave application.:

  • The format of the letter should be formal
  • Keep the tone of the letter polite
  • Clearly state the reason for half day leave in your application
  • Don’t forget to include the date on which you want half day off
  • Always check for grammar and spelling mistakes before submitting your letter
  • Make sure that the reason is genuine

Sample Letter Format for Half Day Leave for Staff


Ramesh Agarwal

52, Western Plaza


Date: 07.04.2018


The HR Manager

Hindustan Tools Pvt. Ltd.


Sub: Half Day Leave Application

Respected Sir,

I would like to apply for half day for tomorrow i.e. 09.04.2018 as I have doctor’s appointment for my mother. My mother has not been keeping well and there is no one else to take her to doctor. Therefore, I request you to please grant me half day leave after 1 p.m. tomorrow so that I can take her to the hospital.

Thanking in anticipation.


Ramesh Agarwal

Senior Marketing Executive

Hindustan Tools Pvt. Ltd.

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Thank You Letter from Supervisor to Employee

Supervisor is the person who knows the best about the performance of the employee. But it is not an easy job to gauge the performance. Supervisor has to be very smart at measuring the performance. He should know how to differentiate between performances. And if the employee has delivered exceptionally amazing performance, a thank you letter from the supervisor to the employee is the most special way of recognizing the efforts. But not all organizations think the same way. One school of thought suggests of acknowledging the efforts with a thank you letter to employee. Whereas the other school of thought doesn’t find thank letters important. It says that it is the responsibility of the employee to do the job right and therefore, writing a thank you letter is not needed.

But a thank you letter from supervisor is a strong tool which not only recognizes the efforts but also works as the tool for the supervisor to communicate actions he wants to put forward.

Given below is the sample employee thank you letter from supervisor to help you frame your own.

Employee Thank You Letter Format

Date: 27.03.18

Dear Rohan,

I am writing this note to thank you for showing your initiative in completing the project on time by doing overtime for all this month. I appreciate your efforts as you did not take any leave this month, especially when summer vacations of children are going on and it is family holiday time for everyone.

It was because of your dedication that we could meet the deadline of our project as lots of people from our team were on leave. You took all the responsibility of managing everything and made sure that there are no delays.

You support during this project was exceptional and I cannot do enough to express my gratitude to you. I have enclosed with this letter a gift card of Rs. 2000 with this letter which can be used at different eateries across the city.

Thanks once again for being there for the company when it was needed the most.



Click Here to Download Employee Thank You Letter From Supervisor in Word Format


Thank You Letter for Leave Approval Sample
When an employee joins an organization, he is given a certain designation to perform his role. Over a period of time, if he is performing well and additional responsibilities are given, he may be given a change of designation.

How to Write a Thank You Letter to a Boss for a Promotion
If your boss has responded to your intent for promotion in a positive way then it is a good gesture to write a formal thank you letter expressing your happiness and gratitude on his decision.

10 Things To Keep Out of An Interview Thank You Letter
Once you are done with a job interview, it is time to send a formal Thank You email or letter. But you can actually hamper your performance if you include certain things in your letter which should be avoided.

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Request For Change In Designation-Letter Format in Word

When an employee joins an organization, he is given a certain designation to perform his role. Over a period of time, if he is performing well and additional responsibilities are given, he may be given a change of designation. This change of designation may or may not result in a hike in salary or a promotion. It could be for the convenience of management or the employee because he is performing more roles than previously decided. This change in designation could make his role more clearly understood by him, and bring more clarity to the management, and to others who are working with him.

Request For Change In Designation Letter Format


The VP,

HR department,

Margadarshi chits,


Respected sir,

I am associated with your organization for the past two years and joined as an accountant. I have been recording the statement of accounts, maintaining the books of accounts and recording petty cash expenses. But I would like to bring to your kind notice that for the past six months, my job role was enriched by giving additional responsibilities. I am also asked to do budgeting, cost accounting and management accounting. So I request you to change my designation from Account to financial controller. Kindly consider my request. Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Prakash Jha

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Letter Format for Intimating the Workers that Sunday is a Working Day

A letter format for intimating the workers that Sunday is a working day is issued when the workers are asked to work for some important reasons. If any working day was declared as a holiday due to political reasons, weather reasons or any other reason, and there is an important task or work or project that has to be completed within a strict deadline, then the workers will be asked to work on a Sunday. We have given a sample letter below asking the workers to work on a Sunday. You can use this sample and customize it accordingly.

Dear workers,

We are all working on a critical project very hard to make it a success. The project completion date is coming soon. All of you are doing a great job on the job. Unfortunately, our office had to remain closed due to national bandh called by a national political party which caused hindrance in our operations and our work on last Tuesday.

We had to adhere to the government and close the office premise. But as you all know, we cannot go back on our deadline of project completion with our client. Keeping all these factors in mind, we have decided to work on this Sunday to compensate for the Tuesday holiday. This might upset your weekend plans. Lease bear with us. Hope to receive your support on work this Sunday.



HR Department

Click here download Letter for Intimating the Workers that Sunday is a Working Day in PDF Format


Circular About Office Timing

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Contract Completion and Not Continue Further Letter Format in Word

Within the corporate understanding, contracts or agreements are said to be documentary notations required by officials to decide over specified working terms and conditions. The contractual agreements are created for a specific time period and needs renewal or expiry after that time slot. This is the reason that professionals make sure to communicate about the continuation or termination of the contract through proper emails or letters. This tends to be an amicable way of communicating business necessities to the other person for sure. Here is the format of the letter, which informs about unwillingness to continue with a company or particular profession on completion of the contract.

Date: February 27, 2018


Mr. Shailesh Malik,

Employee No: 2486

Sub: Non-renewal of the term contract

Dear Mr. Shailesh,

This letter is in reference to your contract with our company, Adroit Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. We entered into a term contract for the requisite services from your end, which initiated on February 27, 2018 and terminates on February 28, 2019. As the respective contract is about to finish, the administrative decisions are explication of the fact that the company does not wish to continue with your high-end services. It is just a corporate decision taken by higher authorities without any negative intentions.

As a part of compensation, you will be paid till the last date of the contract as full and final settlement. Therefore, you are requested to handover the company laptop and mobile to the HR Manager and get clearance from the departments. On submission of the clearance details, you will be provided with a certificate on your last working day. Along with this, you will be given an experience certificate with details description of the responsibilities handled at Adroit Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. This will help you in getting excellent opportunities and open ways for more job prospects.

The end of the contract does not mean that your journey to success has halted. In fact, this will make you progress on the path of brighter future. Though, the contract between you and our company has come to an end; still, we have retained your contact details in our record bank. As the requirement of the company persists in near future, we might contact you again for your valuable services. We wish you all the best in life and a prosperous career ahead.


Shreya Bansal

HR Manager

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