Immediate Resignation Letter due to Work Stress

Immediate Resignation Letter due to Work Stress

Generally, an employee resigns from a workplace by informing before the notice period so that the ongoing projects can be wound up. But sometimes, the employee has to resign immediately, without any prior notice. In this fast pacing life, stress in the workplace has become a very common thing. This affects the mental and physical well being of an employee. Thus, a Resignation Letter due to work stress can be written to inform the manager about the problem.

In this post are resignation letter due to stress samples, resignation letter due to work related stress and resignation letter samples. Find below the resignation letter format that you can use as a reference for your letter.

Sample Resignation Letter due to Work Stress

Mr. Nate Collins

123, Spring Towers

Texas, United States of America

September 10, 2022

Mr. Harry Lit

78, Double Towers

Texas, United States of America

Subject: Immediate resignation due to stress at work

Dear Mr. Harry,

With all due respect, please accept this letter as a formal resignation from my side from the position of marketing manager effective from September 15, 2022. I am sorry for not being able to give a prior notice of one month as per the contract.

I have not been feeling well lately. Both my mental and physical health have been draining due to excessing stress at the office. I have been getting panic and anxiety attacks because of not being punctual for deadlines and underperforming my potential. I have decided to prioritize myself over everything else right now which seems the only best thing to do. For this, I have no option left but to leave the job.

This company has given a lot to me and my career. My seniors and colleagues are the reason why I have grown up to be the person I am today. I will always cherish this part of my journey.


Nate Collins

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