Sample Return to Work Letter after Workers’ Comp Injury

Sample Return to Work Letter after Workers' Comp Injury

Once the worker has recovered from the injury and has also been compensated for the same, he or she can always write a formal employee return to work letter in order to express his or her intentions to resume work.

This post includes a sample return to work letter after workers’ comp injury. This is a simple Employee Return to Work Letter Template which can be used for creating a personalized letter in the most effective and formal way possible.

Format for Return to Work Letter After Work’s Comp Injury


Henry Brown

54, Trivia Apartments


Date: November 28, 2023


Mr. Richard Gibbs


Zenith Technologies


Sub: Regarding return to work

Dear Mr. Richard,

Thank you to you and Zenith Technologies for all the support you extended me during such difficult times. I am writing this letter to inform you that I have recovered from my injury and I am in a healthy condition to resume work from December 1st, 2023.

As you are aware that I had gotten hurt while working in the factory and my right hand had got serious burns because of which I was on a leave from last 45 days. But my hand is much better now and I am in a good condition to resume my work. I would also like to mention that all this while when I was not at work, I was keeping in touch with my colleagues to make sure that the production does not get hampered because of any machine related reasons.

Thank you once again for your support.


Henry Brown

54, Trivia Apartments