Congratulate an Employee on the Anniversary of His or Her Service

Employee is a very important asset of every organization. They spend their time for the growth and development of the company. Congratulation letter to an employee is a formal letter issued by the company to appreciate his/her work.

This letter is given to the employee who has successfully completed one more year in a company.

Given below are some tips and a sample which help you to guide how to write Congratulation letter to an employee.

Tips to write a congratulation letter

In this topic we will explain you some simple writing tips to make your Congratulation letter look appreciative and effective.

  • As it is a formal letter, so always write it on the letter head of the organization.
  • Should be drafted in a standard format as followed by the organization.
  • Don’t forget to write a subject line. Subject line briefly describes the general idea of letter at first glance.
  • Always try to show the importance for the employee in the company.
  • The note should exalt the work or achievements of the employee and express a word of thanks.
  • Letter is not considered valid if it not duly signed. Always put your or authorized person’s signature in the end to make it a valid document.

Sample of congratulation letter

Below is a sample of Congratulation letter to an Employee on the Anniversary of His or Her Service by its employer.


John Methew

76 Ellena Street


QLD 4064

Dated: 30th June 2014

Subject: Congratulation on completing 5 years in our company

Dear Mr. Methew,

We are very happy to offer you our heartiest congratulations on the completion of 5 years of your service with ABC Ltd. It’s always been wonderful working with you and your contribution and commitment to work is commendable. You have always been a great asset of our company.

In last 5 years, you’ve contributed your skill, time, ideas, energy and loyalty. We value your selfless service for so many years. With your dedication towards your job, you have achieved so many milestones in such a small span of time which have made you an example for others. You have always motivated others with your enthusiasm and hard work.

You are a very good team player and we are proud to have an employee like you in our company. You have been an inspiration to all the team members.

Wishing you all the very best for your future with the hope that you will remain with us for many years to come!


Joy Wilkinson

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How to Start a Recruiting Agency

How to Start a Recruiting Agency: 8 Steps

If you are planning to start a recruiting agency then this article will be a great help to you. This article talks about 8 important steps which are a must for starting a recruiting agency which is also known as staffing agency or temporary agency. To make sure that your firm is able to interview and select potential applicants for various job placements, this article unfolds a perfect step-wise process which includes a fool-proof business plan along with well designed strategies and marketing plan to make your business a success.

8 Easy Steps for Starting a Recruiting Agency

Here is a list of eight steps which must be followed in order to set up a new staffing or recruiting agency. Keep these points in mind so that your business grows without any hindrances.

  1. Decide the kind of recruiting agency you want to start

There are various kinds of staffing services like businesses or contractors. Before anything else, you must study all these different structures, their pros and cons, to know what kind of agency you want to start up with. Also decide one such industry in which you want to function or you want to work across different agencies.

  1. Get the market feel

It is very important to study the market before making any start. This will make you aware of the opportunities and threats in the industry. You will know the prospects of the specific industry in which you want to start the recruiting business. Study the equations of demand and supply. This will help you in taking a right decision with least risk involved.

  1. Know your strengths and weaknesses

Before proceeding further, you must evaluate and analyze your positive and negative points. If you have experience in the same field then it will surely help you take better decisions and if you a new entrant then you have more uncertainties in your kitty. Having experience helps you understand the industry in a better manner and create effective strategies to make your business a success.

  1. Calculate the start up costs

You must know in advance that how much money will be required to start the recruiting agency so that you can plan your financial moves in a more organized manner. This will include the start up size of your business, cost of overheads, marketing expenses, insurance expenses, staff costs and various other business expenses. The location of your office will also play a major role in determining the cost. You must work on deriving the costs to the best possible levels so that you can manage your money more smartly.

  1. Find a location

This is another very important decision that you must take after a thorough research. Pick up a location which is a professional location and is easily accessible. Also make sure that it is in proximity of most of your clients. Do keep the expansion options open for future. The location also needs to be financially feasible and lease flexible so that you can easily manage it with the growth of your business. Remember location has a very important role to play. Look for an office which is close to the clients and within the industry.

  1. Know the legal formalities

It is important to know the legal formalities which your recruiting agency must meet. For instance, need of license, insurance and laws related with taxation etc. must be studied so that your agency doesn’t fall into any kind of legal complications.

  1. Create an innovative marketing plan

To make your business a success, you must work hard on designing a marketing plan. Create a list of potential and prospective clients with whom you can start your business. Have a plan to approach these clients. You can go and meet them in person or you can also get in touch with them through emails and letters. You can use different kinds of marketing strategies to reach out to clients. Website, business cards, pamphlets, newsletters are few such ways of approaching the market.

  1. Start hiring

The last step in this process is to start hiring the employees. Advertising in classifieds in newspapers, asking for referrals, online job portals, online classified ads are some of the most effective ways of finding the best recruiting staff. Go for experienced and smart administrative and recruitment staff that can perform their respective roles with the best of their abilities.

These were the eight most important steps while starting a recruiting or staffing agency. Follow these points and you will be able to start a new business with ease.


Step-wise procedure of eight processes for setting up a new recruiting agency. Follow these steps for starting a staffing or temporary agency with ease.

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Sample Apprentice Offer Letter Format

Apprentice Offer Letter
The apprentice offer letter is an official way of confirming the candidate the offer of employment, job title, the work place, remuneration and proposed start date. It also includes the provision of how the offer can be accepted. It must also include information of any medical conditions or allergies or disabilities suffered by the employee.

Here is a template of apprentice offer letter which helps you create formal letters on behalf of your company to apprentice. Use these examples to draft your personalized offer letters in a structured manner, containing all important information. It needs to be drafted on the letterhead of the company.

Apprentice Offer Letter Format

Jimmy Peterson,
59 Richmond Villa,
South Block,

Dear Jimmy,
Letter of offer for position of ministry trainee

We are pleased to inform you about the offer of internship at the position of ministry trainee. This offer rolls out the terms and conditions that are related with this position and is made with the approval of the trustees of the ministry and the trainer Mr. Sam Smith.
It is a full time position for a fixed term of one year commencing on 1st July, 2014. The training position will be evaluated on the completion of the first six months at the ministry review and will be open for termination by either party at that time.
From the date of joining, you will be responsible to the Finance Ministry through his appointed trainer for the everyday performance of the duties that are associated with the position and the training you receive. However, as far as the administrative matters are concerned, you will be responsible to trustees.

As the position is a ministry training position, so all the majority of the training is conducted via ‘hands on’ actual ministry experience. The content of the training will be concluded based on the consultation between trainer, trainee and ATS Limited.

Duty and performance of duties
The duties of the position will be concluded and reviewed from time to time in response to the changing needs of the ministry and needs of the training after a thorough consultation between the centre leader and the trainer. The present set of duties for the position has been mentioned below:
•    Learn about the financial ministry.
•    Understand day-to-day working of the department in relation with your position.
•    Regular reporting and submission of reports.
•    Be available for review and critique of your ministry
•    Attend ATS accredited training programs.

You will also be required to undertake any other duties from time to time as suggested by the training team leader or trainer.
It must be noted that during the course of your employment, you will be dealing with lots of confidential information which will sometimes come from the trainer himself for teaching and training purposes. You must make sure that this information must not be shared with anyone. You can only share it with your trainer and spouse. You agree to keep this important information confidential both during and after the apprenticeship.


Training Obligations

The trainer undertakes to ensure that you will be receiving on the job training and assessment as per the rules and regulations at the ATS Apprenticeship Guidelines for Trainers.


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5 Best Employee Engagement Tools and Techniques

Setting up a company and running it is not just enough; sticking on to its reputation is the most important and tiring task. You being the owner, must be able to answer to questions like, “What is it that makes your company special to the employees? What is the driving force that does not allow employees seek for better jobs around? I was reading a post the other day, when I came across the most interesting question, “How many of your people would continue to work here after winning a $5M lottery?”

If you have a crisp answer to these questions, you are heading to the right direction. And remember, this is not about your company’s motto. But in case, if you are taking some time to answer these, you are in serious need of help. Your workforce needs some severe refurbishing.

I have come with the top 5 serious damage control tricks to help you bring back your company to the right direction. Have a look!

1. Relate the success and failure of different projects with relevant stories. Turn to stories and experiences that can back up both the positive and negative ends of a certain project. Make them understand how important they are to the company and how their contribution make a difference to the organization, management, leadership, customer, and society. At the end make strategies about what needs to be done and what needs continuation for the betterment of your business venture.

2. Rate employee’s performance on the end result your organization came up with. Because it does not matter the intensity of engagement in a particular position if it brings no productivity. It can be quite motivating to discover how wonderfully his/her contribution bought laurels to your company. Again, mentioning about the loss and negative consequences bought to the organization bring guilt to the employee which positively influences his work report.

3. You should be open to criticize and feedback. Only then you will be able to learn from your mistakes. This is one of the best employee engagement tools you could use. Be it in the moment, formal, informal, positive, constructive, group, individualized, frequent or timely, they are helpful to your organization. Autonomy and flexibility are the key components. Other components like communication, transparency, hard-skill development, charity etc. keep the moral of the employees high and superb.

4. Social media is everywhere today and hence can be used as a major driving tool to motive employees. A line from positive deviancy says; never do anything about me without me. And yes! It is indeed true while running any organization. Strategies like making a company’s page over the internet and making everyone join the page to discuss about hot issues brewing in the company. This way employee feels connected and led to better work report.

5. Create a dashboard of engagement to keep employees updated on a daily basis. Apply common set theory as an employee engagement tool. If majority of your employees use smart phones, make it a primary tool to deal with engagement information, measurement, and intervention. The bottom line is engage more, measure less and enchant more often.

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Top 10 Recruitment Consultants of INDIA

List of Major Recruitment Agencies in India

India is anticipated to face major challenges in terms of recruitment gap this year, says Analytic leaders of the country. However, there are many specialized recruitment firms in various cities across the nation that works between analytic openings and seeking candidates to make sure the anticipation doesn’t stand correct. These job consultancy firms offer effective job searches, human resource and recruitment solutions for bright applicants.

Following are the top 10 major recruitment consultancy firm in India. Have a look:

1. Rinalytics Advisors Private Limited, Bangalore

  • Website:

Rinalytics is a specialized executive research firm head-quartered in Bangalore. It deals in hiring of talents from Analytics and Risk Management leadership. It is a complete package of industry-specific expertise which delivers quality outcomes. It is well known in the market for its proven track record, experience and leadership.

2. Recruise India Consulting, Bangalore

  • Website:

Headquartered in Bangalore, Recruise India Consulting is another leader in HR solutions. The company mainly looks after recruitment, executive search and benchmarking study for various client organizations. It provides a prompt understanding of various requirements while calibrating with the internal team.

3. Pylon Management Consulting, Bangalore

  • Website:

Pylon Management Consulting strictly and fondly specializes in sourcing and assessing talents that matches client’s business strategy. They basically provide talent acquisition and management services to customers with the right attitude and enthusiasm. It also provides an understanding of various requirements while standardizing with the internal team.

4. SLA Consultants, Delhi

  • Website:

SLA Consultants is one of the best placement consultant firms in Delhi. Establishment in 2011 this job agency offers solutions such as consulting, payroll, outsourcing, training and job search. It mainly work for the IT, Automobile, energy, FMCG, healthcare and telecommunication industry. They basically provide talent acquisition and management services with the right attitude and enthusiasm.

5. Infinity Placement Services, Delhi

  • Website:

Infinity Placement Services is a manpower consultancy firm with its corporate office in Delhi. They make sure to fulfill client’s requirements and offer solution to their problems. Few of their client lists include HDFC bank, PCR, SMC, Swift securities, Axis bank, Elcina etc. They basically provide talent acquisition and management services to customers with the right enthusiasm.

6. Global Hunt, Delhi

  • Website:

Global Hunt is another leader placement consultant firm in Delhi. Their clients are mostly from Agriculture, Automobile, education, BPO, Construction, finance and life science industries. Established in 2000, it offers a complete HR and recruitment solution and is spread in over more than 9 offices in India.

7. Suntech Engineers, Delhi

  • Website:

Suntech engineers and contractor has a very good name in the construction, mechanical and electrical job market in India. The company was established in 2000 and ever since has been known as a skilled and unskilled manpower solution provider in Gulf and Middle East region.

8. Black & White Business Solutions Pvt Ltd., Bangalore

  • Website:

Black & White Business Solutions is one of best job consultancy firms in India. Established in 2006, it has its headquarters situated in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Its client list mainly belongs to the telecom, manufacturing and banking sector in the market. They basically provide talent acquisition and management services to customers with the right attitude and enthusiasm.

9. Pinnacle Placement Services, Bhubaneswar

  • Website:

Establishment in 2002, Pinnacle consulting is considered among the top recruitment consultancies in India. It is headquartered in Bhubaneswar and deals in engineering and Information technology related requirements. It offers a complete HR and recruitment solution and is spread in Kolkata, Bangalore and Chandigarh.

10. Talent Transformation Labs, Bangalore

  • Website:

International brands like AT&T, Jotun, Saint-gobain etc. are partners with Talent Transformation Labs. This top recruitment portal offers HR solutions like recruitment, permanent and temporary staffing, employee assessments and executive search. Established in 1998, they basically provide talent acquisition and management services to customers with the right approach.

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Pre Employment Verification Process in India

Pre Employment Verification Process in India

Indian organizations are also starting to take job verification quite seriously. Various people search services have come up in the country that enables companies to save time and effort. These services are known to have democratized the background verification process only for easier reach of individuals.  Employee verification promotes transparency in society with the aim of finding crystal clear information about an individual hired by a company.

Employee background verification process is conducted in various stages. Here is a small gist:

  • Address, ID checks
  • Educational verifications
  • Work experience verifications
  • Reference verifications
  • Criminal background check

Different Employee verification procedure

Employee verification procedure goes through various processes. A few of them are mentioned below:

1. Verification of professional/experience details like past all working details industry/wise.

2. Professional/experience details such as previous working details, the company, job responsibilities etc.

3. Cross checking of the new employee’s joining form and resume if they match each other. Verification of original the documentary proofs forwarded by the employee.

4. At least two references to be mentioned in the joining form/resume. The references can be old working colleague, any family member who can be reverted for authenticity.

5. For employees recruited for datacenter services, background check is conducted because he/she will be exposed to public sensitive information during his/her tenure.

6. For employees recruited for back-office work, not much verification will be required.

7. For employers who focus on education background, they normally contact the university office for verification of the details mentioned by the employee.

Different offices have different work environment and work culture. And therefore, the recruitment processes also differ from one another.  Employees who are looking for serious jobs most certainly do not lie with their documents. However, exceptions are many. Employee verification process saves your day.

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How to Deal With Favoritism at Work

Favoritism is seen in most offices, big or small. We all face the favoritism at workplace at one time or another in our career. But we don’t know how to deal with such situation.

What happens when you see someone at work getting special treatment over and above the rest of you? What happens you work so hard on a given assignment and all credits goes to your manager’s favorite employee?

If this is happening with you at your workplace, it is important that you deal with it as early as possible or before it starts demoralizing you or have negative effects your productivity.

If you find that you are not being treated fairly in the workplace, it is advised to contact the corporate office and report the situation which leads you to believe that favoritism exists.

Below here we are mentioning few points which can help you to deal with the Favoritism at Work:

  • Find out are you really facing favoritism: Analyze the situation in which you have felt the particular person have been favored. Compare your performance with the one who is favored to make sure you are not pointlessly feeling as overlooked employee. If the performance of the person being favored is better than you do, then it is the right time to perform equal or better than the one you feel are being favored.
  • Don’t gossip about the situation: If you feel like a victim, don’t gossips about the situation with colleagues at workplace as it will not going to solve your problem in anyway. All it do is it make tour situation more tense and negative for you.
  • Keep a positive attitude: Don’t allow favoritism to effects you professionally. Be professional and concentrate on your work to do it in better way. It may seem difficult but try to be keep your attitude positive as it help you deal the situation easily.
  • Talk to your boss: If you still feel the same then it’s time to have a one-o-one with your boss. Express yourself and discuss the problem you are facing instead of sulking about it. Give concrete examples of the situations where you felt that your performance have been overlooked and the favored employee was given special treatment over everyone else. Keep the conversation a positive one then only you will be able find a solution for your situation.
  • Approach HR: After you tried all these and still the situation doesn’t change and the problem of favoritism still exists then it’s a time to get involved your HR team to find what other options are available to deal with the situation.

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Final Candidate Selection Regret Letter

Sample Regret Letter Applicant was interviewed but not selected

Big companies normally write regret letters to those applicants who have not been selected for the position or to inform that the final candidate has been selected for a certain position. These are professional letters serving its purpose in the simplest and most effective way.

We have provided an example to help you write the best letter with the right sentiment.

Date: ______________

Name ______________

Address _____________


Dear (Candidate Name),

This is to thank you for submitting your application for the position of (job title) at (Organization Name). With deep regret we would like to inform you that our Recruiting Team has completed the selection process and come up with the final list wherein you have not been selected. However, we would like to thank you for applying in our organization and hope that you would continue applying in (Organization Name) for future employment opportunities.

Thank you for considering and showing your interest in us. We wish you all the best in accomplishing your professional goals.



Recruiting Body Chairman


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Success Mantra behind Employee HR Management Relations

The Human Resource department is considered as the driving force that helps in the success of any organization. The primary objective of HR is to help operational managers in taking care of issues and to start off the transformational processes that add value to business. This department has to build bridges in human interactions by narrowing down distances and thereby help in maintaining confidentiality. All these circumstances adversely affect the growth of an organization and hence are very much important.

Employee Relations cannot be held by tangible facts, strategy or precise methodology and program evaluation techniques. This is the primary reason as to why human resources find it all the more challenging to become flawless in maintaining such relations.

Example of how to maintain Employee HR Management Relation

  • Conduct meeting from time to time to inform employee of the new HR policies added to achieve organization role and objectives.
  • Encourage them to follow the policies in letter and with the right spirit.
  • In case someone has been violating the policies frequently, conduct counseling sessions for them. If still not rectified, give warnings that might lead to severe consequences.
  • If the conduct still persists, issue a memorandum and keep records of the steps taken.

Understanding Employee Perspective

HR must be able to understand and take decisions from the perspective of an employee. Here is what they should keep in mind:

  • HR must be able to understand the expectations of the employee. They must review about what make employees feel good and what turns them off. They will have to be able to come up with tactics that influence employees to accept and be enthusiastic about working in the company.
  • HR must be able to communicate in such a way that they are able to gain the trust and confidence of the employees. They should at no cost taint dialogue with negativism or contempt.


To sum up, maintaining employee relationship is undoubtedly a daunting task. Trust and confidence are the two prime objectives that keep management motivated and running. As HR you need to create an environment where employees feel valued for their contribution and intelligence.

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Letter Offering Circular to Maintain Timings for Late Coming Employees

Letter Offering Circular to Maintain Timings for Late Coming Employees

Punctuality in attendance is expected of the employees in any organization. Unfailing observance of work discipline is something that is not tolerated. Almost every company has a policy for attendance to keep a check on the punctuality quotient of the employees. They deduct a certain amount from their salary for late reporting. This step is considered as a standard in many companies. However, it has a drawback. Employees raise the question that if an amount is deducted for late coming, overtime should as well be given for staying late.

But nonetheless, a letter is sent to the late comers as circulars to maintain office timings. Below is a sample letter to give a better idea on the same.

Sample Circular Letter to Remind about Timings to Late Comers


The Staff

(Organization name)

Date: __/__/__

Sub: To impose punctuality in attendance

Hi All,

This is to bring into notice that a lot of irregularities and indiscipline in the staff members have been recorded in recent days which have lead to tremendous inconvenience to the organization and its growth. Being a service oriented company, we offer certain flexibility to some of the employees with the permission by their consent Department heads, but the same is not allowed for all.

Henceforth, if the management find as such kind of irregularity repeated in the working atmosphere that is against the Terms and Conditions of the company, the management may take necessary action like deduction in pay as mentioned during appointment. It is hence expected of all employees to be in right time effective today.



Authorized Signatory


Click Here To Download Letter Offering Circular to Maintain Timings for Late Comers


Letter Format for Intimating the Workers that Sunday is a Working Day

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