Loan Approval Letter From Bank

Banks keep on receiving numerous loan applications. Informing the applicant about the loan approval falls under the duties of a bank manager. Well, here is a sample to make your job easier. It is a brief, formal, informative letter which informs the applicant about the approval of his loan application in a simple manner. Write such a letter on behalf of the bank in a short and sweet manner.

Use the template given below to design your own letter approving a loan. If you are a manager at some bank then use this example to draft a professional and easy to customize letter to inform your customer about the good news.

Sample Letter Approving A Loan

Sharon Pattinson,
Branch Manager,
State Bank,
1234 Wall Street,
New York.

June 25th, 2014


Adam Gibbs

52nd Park Avenue Street

Richmond Road


Dear Mr. Adam,


We are highly pleased to inform you that your application for a home loan of $ 20,000 has been approved by the bank.

I hereby request you to please come by at our office to meet our Loan Officer, Mr. John Smith, anytime during banking hours from Monday to Friday to complete all the formalities so that the loan amount can be credited to your account.

Looking forward to see you.

Thank you.


Sharon Pattinson


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