How Can I Improve My HR skills

HR plays a vital role in the development of the organization. HR is the role concerned with handling and managing people in an organization. So, we can say that HR is all about tackling the issues related to organization and its employees. Learning is a continuous process and is good if we want to improve on our skills. But improving on current skills requires proper planning.

First we should know the qualities of a good HR:

  1. Organized: The most essential quality that HRs should possess is organized behavior. They are expected to manage time efficiently. They are expected to know the time-frame of completing a particular time and should be able to complete the task within that time.
  2. Multitasking: Good HR professionals have many things to do. Recruitments, employee relations, talent management, career development, employee retention and lots of other things, each of which is critical and takes lot of time to finish. So to be a good HR, you should be capable of performing different tasks as the same time.
  3. Communication skill: HR is the one professional who needs to communicate with all employees at all levels. To be an effective HR one should have both verbal and written communication skills and should be able to share ideas and information in an understandable manner. The ability to form strong internal and external business relationships is also an important part of his role.
  4. Leadership: A successful HR manager must possess the qualities of a true leader. One should be confident, alert, positive and optimistic. HR should be able to motivate employees in improving their performances through rewards and appreciation. He should be able to develop the skills of the employees to help them grow professionally and personally.
  5. Problem solving skills: HR should have the ability to address and resolve issues with the least amount of conflict. Problem solving skill is an important part of the HR role.

The qualities mentioned above are very important for an HR in his/her profession. Besides these there are other characteristics that are also important, for example, ethical behavior, emotional intelligence, ability to build and maintain confidentiality, etc. A good HR should possess all the above mentioned qualities in order to perform better. We have talked about the qualities of an HR and now in the topic given below we will discuss how to grow in HR career.

Here we are suggesting you some tips to follow by which you can enhance your skills.

  1. Goal: Identify your next goal which you want to achieve in your career plan. Where you want to see yourself and things you would like to achieve with reference to your skill improvement and development.
  2. Know your strength: Once you have a clear vision about your career, the next most important thing which keeps you going is your strength. So you should be well aware of the things at which you are good, this will instill more confidence in you.
  3. Identify your weakness: Once you become aware bout your strength, now it’s time to look for your weaknesses. Indentify the area in which you need improvement or the skills on which you need to work on to get ahead in your career. While improving on your weakness you also need to learn new things in your surroundings like changes in existing policies and procedures, latest changes in employment law, government’s new rules and regulation for employees, etc.
  4. Make a plan: Once you have worked on setting a goal, knowing strengths and weaknesses, now it’s time to make a plan to achieve the desired target and to face the challenges. For this, you can also take help and suggestions from senior HRs in your company who can help you find out what staff development and training schemes exist in your company. Or you can search for post-graduate level qualifications to enhance your skills and overall HR knowledge. There are many institutes which provide distance education in related field.
  5. Evaluate your progress: Give yourself a deadline to achieve you goal. You have to evaluate your growth and improvement from time to time to gauge your achievements. Evaluation will help you improve upon the plan you have prepared to achieve your goal. Taking time to check what you have learnt with each step is an essential part to ensure that you are putting your efforts in right direction.

We hope that the above tips will help you improve your skills and move forward towards your career plan.