How to Control the employee’s chit chats in the office

How to Control the employee’s chit chats in the office

Humans are social animals. They love to interact, communicate and even gossip. If you are working in an office, no matter if it is big or small; there is a fair chance that you will come across office chit-chats on a daily basis. It can happen at the desk, during break time or in the corridors. This is something which is very difficult to be controlled by the management but also something very serious that needs immediate attention as it adversely affects the productivity of the organization.

Although companies want their employees to interact and involve in conversations but excess of everything is bad. Frequent gossip sessions and chit-chat breaks need to be handled with utmost care and smartness so that employees do not let their performances get affected. This article brings to you a few healthy ways to keep a check on employee’s chit-chats in the office. Here you go….


It is the duty of the manager to make sure that his team does its work with dedication and concentration without getting too much involved in social interactions at work place. He must warn them from time to time to maintain the decorum of office and be disciplined.


There are few workers who catalyze the conversations and then others simply fall for the temptation to talk. Manager or team leader must observe and spot the one person who is initiating such chit-chats and distracting others from work. This will help him take the best course of action for one particular candidate instead of all.


One of the most effective ways of dealing with this problem is to have a one-to-one conversation with the employee who has been seen involved in the chit chat sessions during the office hours. It is advisable to talk to him in person and highlight the damages caused by excessive interactions. Outline the loss of work, performance deteriorations and pending works. It is important to bring the attention of the worker to the silent damages happening because of gossiping.


It is important to communicate your workers the importance of work related interaction along with how it differs from gossips. If there are too many work related discussions, involving too many people then such interactions must taken to the conference or meeting room. This will reduce the room for unimportant talks and every person will be able to focus better in his work once all the discussions have happened at one scheduled meeting. All doubts will resolve without much of mess.


Every person and every situation is unique. Managers need to know the nitty-gritty of every situation so that he can deal with it in the best manner possible. For this, he needs to observe the behaviors and workings of different employees and then reach to a conclusion.

These are a few tactics to exercise a healthy control over employee’s chit chats at the work place without adversely affecting the healthy conversation and relations between the workers. Remember, you need to very slow, smart and sensible in every move.