What Are the Causes of Call Center Attrition

Attrition is a very common problem with call centers. At the same time, it is also a health check for the business as it reflects the need to recheck the policies and working pattern to reduce number of people leaving the organization. It is very important to understand the causes of attrition at the call center because otherwise the zeal to achieve the goals and accomplish the tasks will be lost amidst of recruitment and training procedure. The rate of attrition is usually higher at call centers because of worn out energies, high stress levels and lesser recognition.

Let us explore and study the main causes of people leaving the call centers

Issues Related with Recruitment

Sometimes HR managers are under great pressure to recruit more and more personnel to fill the vacant slots and in order to fill these positions; they sometimes end up recruiting candidates who are not ideal for the job. Issues like late night shifts, communication skills, attitude to answer telephone calls with patience and various other problems are sometimes sidelined in order to hire a new team. These new hires that are not fit for the job will soon leave the organization.

Issues Related with Training

Accepting the process of training as a great learning process is not the attitude of every person. If the new hire fails to enjoy the training period, as he may not find it interesting or helpful then he will not be able to learn the fine skills which will help him perform his duties in a better way. This may later lead him to leave his job.

Issues Related with Work Environment

The call centers follow very strict rules and regulations with break times, average call times etc. which not everybody is comfortable with. Those who enjoy flexible and relaxed working atmosphere may not feel comfortable with such strict rules where there is no room to interact with other employees. This may lead to dissatisfaction amongst the workers as they may find it boring and dull to work in such a scenario. It is up to the senior supervisors and HR managers to make sure that the work culture, atmosphere and overall environment at the work place is healthy and happy.

Issues Related with Compensation

Compensation is one of the most important factors which can cause attrition in the company. Employees who feel that they are not been paid well or are not getting desired benefits don’t wish to stay with the company for long. Offering lower salaries can surely help the call centers hire more employees but this will also lead to more and more dissatisfied candidates. It is important for organizations to see that their employees are motivated and satisfied so that they can enjoy a team with great competence and amazing performance. Offering lucrative salaries is of course one of the most effective ways of stopping the employees from leaving the company.

Issues Related with Growth

If the worker feels that there are no more opportunities left for him in the call center then it is obvious that sooner or later he will quit the company as soon as finds a better opportunity. Company must look into the performance of every person so that they can be offered interesting growth opportunities from time to time. This will motivate them to perform better and stay associated with the call center as they know that they have amazing growth prospects with this company.

Issues Related with Health and Wellness

Call centers demand their workforce to work at oddest hours. The concept of night-shifts doesn’t really suit everyone. They miss on their health and their social life by working at night and sleeping during the day. This is one of the important factors which often compel them to leave the company. For this, the management must induce some flexibility in the working timings so that people don’t have to work constantly for night shifts.

These are the various causes of attrition which the call centers must keep in mind so that they can enjoy a happier and healthier pool of workers.


The list of causes of attrition at the call centers which compel the employees to leave the organization. The various issues related with this have been given.