How to improve employee engagement and performance?

For businesses to survive the tough times and face the threats and challenges in the market with a more positive attitude, it is very important for them to keep their employees positive. They need to increase employee engagement so that they are emotionally attached with the organization and are able to synergize their personal goals with the aims and objectives of the company. Employees who are engaged with their companies are able to put in the best of their efforts to enhance their performance levels in order to help the company grow and make more profits. They strive to achieve their targets with a positive approach and always stay committed and focused.

But the point is how to instill that feeling of engagement in the hearts of employees which can motivate them to perform better with time.

Tips to Improve Employee Engagement and Performance

Well here are a few tips that will help you foster employee engagement with ease and better results. Follow these tips to bring that desired change:


For an employee to engage, he must be informed about the goals and desired expectations of the company so that he can focus at the target with more attention. Roll out the mission, strategy and vision of your company to all the employees. Make sure that you communicate the goals and targets in a very simple and effective manner so that your team can feel motivated and guided.


The best way to make every person feel attached with the company is to make them work as a team. This helps in enhancing the ties with the company and increasing interpersonal interactions. A healthy team spirit is a must for the success of an organization. Develop a strong bond amongst the workers and leaders.


Make your employees feel like an important part of the big family by sharing with them facts and figures related with goal accomplishments, profits etc. Sharing information makes them feel important and are able to relate their work with the results.


Communication is the soul of every relationship. Always appreciate and promote open communication at all levels so that the flow of new ideas, information and feedback is smooth and effective. This will reduce confusions and foster healthier associations. Everyone will learn to take criticisms positively.


To strengthen strong association and employee engagement, culture of trust plays a very important role. Teammates must trust one another and the leader must trust his team. This will infuse them with a sense of belongingness which is very important for enhancing the performances of every single person in the company.


Feedback is very important for every person as it helps them follow the right path to success. But the important of feedback is more when it is immediate. Leaders must make sure that they analyze the performance of their team and generate feedback as quickly as possible. This will motivate the worker to perform better and work with more enthusiasm.


Workers must be made to feel like an important link in the process. They must be valued for their hard work, opinion and ideas. This will encourage them to come up with better ideas and performances as for them the company will be like a big family. Treating employees like assets is the best way to make them feel important and desired.


Do not hesitate in appreciating your workers as it the biggest motivation for them. They feel charged and happy when their efforts are noticed and acknowledged. This infuses them with greater zeal and passion to work and achieve higher goals.

All these points are very useful in engaging workers and improving their performances. HR Managers must work to inculcate this sense of belonging amongst their employees so that they stay attached with the company and work with full dedication to achieve the targets.

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How to handle Employee from committing suicide

With increasing stress levels and tensions at personal, professional and emotional front, the number of attempts to suicide is one the rise. Problems like recession, loans, due payments and work pressure leave workers with no other choice but to put an end to these problems by putting an end to their lives. And work place is the most comfortable place to put these suicidal thoughts into action as no one wants to have his family witness such a devastating act.

Co-workers can play a significant role in handling these suicidal employees and saving them from making such a move. With their vigilance and intelligence, they can save someone’s life. This article focuses on how you, as a manager, co-worker or colleague can handle your office mate from committing suicide.

Notice Signs of Depression

Depression is the root cause of suicide. It is really important for you to be sensitive and vigilant to the alarming signs of depression. This state of mind can be because of some loss in personal life or some trauma in the professional life. Life changing events like death of a beloved, divorce or some other kind of serious rejection in life. It is advisable to be watchful of such big changes in the lives of your colleagues and notice their reactions to such events.

Be Watchful of Weird Comments

Sometimes a person makes a weird remark or comment which is unusual. This can be because the person is hurt or in deep pain. Idea to commit suicide doesn’t come in a day’s time; it is rather very gradual and is evident in behavior and talks. These may start months before the date when he plans to take his life.

Be Ready to Talk and Listen

It is important to be there for someone when he needs to talk. A small conversation may help him feel better. You just need to be a listener so that he can vent out his feelings. This little interaction can help him survive the tough times. During such times, person prefers isolation and when he finds a listener in such a scenario, he feels a lot matter.

Provide Counseling

Counseling sessions are the best programs for such employees as it gives them a direction in life. It helps them come out of their problems and restart their life with more zeal. This is one of the most effective ways of dealing with these cases. It is important to spot the candidate who needs help and providing him with counseling sessions from trained professionals can really help them face the problems and fight the situations like a warrior.

Keep the Work Culture Friendly

The performance of a company strictly depends on the performance of the employees. Hence, it is very important for the employees to stay happy and healthy so that they can perform with the best of their abilities. Keep the culture of your organization of healthy and friendly so that your employees feel comfortable and secure in the company. This will give them a boost in their professional lives and they will be able to deal with their personal problems with more confidence.

These are some of the helpful steps which can surely be of great help in dealing with employees who are facing tough times in their lives and are thinking of committing suicide.


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Latest Simple Income Tax Calculator FY 2014-15

Simple tax calculator for the use of salaried employees of govt and private sector, basis the latest budget changes.

Increase of Basic exemption limit:

Major expectation of increase in basic exemption limit has been given in the budget; the limit has been increased from Rs.2 lakhs to Rs. 2.50 lakhs for individuals except senior citizens and for senior citizens between 60 to 80 years has been increased from Rs. 2.50 lakhs to Rs. 3 lakhs. The revised income tax slabs are given below the table

Increase in limit under section 80C:
Section 80C gives deduction for various savings schemes till now Rs. 1 lakhs has been enhanced to Rs. 1.50 lakhs .
Increase in housing interest deduction:
Existing limit of Rs.1.50 lakhs for self occupied property interest deduction has been enhanced to Rs. 2 lakhs.

Increase in housing interest deduction:
Existing limit of Rs.1.50 lakhs for self occupied property interest deduction has been enhanced to Rs. 2 lakhs.

Click Here To Download Income_Tax_Calculator_2014-15

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How to Control the employee’s chit chats in the office

How to Control the employee’s chit chats in the office

Humans are social animals. They love to interact, communicate and even gossip. If you are working in an office, no matter if it is big or small; there is a fair chance that you will come across office chit-chats on a daily basis. It can happen at the desk, during break time or in the corridors. This is something which is very difficult to be controlled by the management but also something very serious that needs immediate attention as it adversely affects the productivity of the organization.

Although companies want their employees to interact and involve in conversations but excess of everything is bad. Frequent gossip sessions and chit-chat breaks need to be handled with utmost care and smartness so that employees do not let their performances get affected. This article brings to you a few healthy ways to keep a check on employee’s chit-chats in the office. Here you go….


It is the duty of the manager to make sure that his team does its work with dedication and concentration without getting too much involved in social interactions at work place. He must warn them from time to time to maintain the decorum of office and be disciplined.


There are few workers who catalyze the conversations and then others simply fall for the temptation to talk. Manager or team leader must observe and spot the one person who is initiating such chit-chats and distracting others from work. This will help him take the best course of action for one particular candidate instead of all.


One of the most effective ways of dealing with this problem is to have a one-to-one conversation with the employee who has been seen involved in the chit chat sessions during the office hours. It is advisable to talk to him in person and highlight the damages caused by excessive interactions. Outline the loss of work, performance deteriorations and pending works. It is important to bring the attention of the worker to the silent damages happening because of gossiping.


It is important to communicate your workers the importance of work related interaction along with how it differs from gossips. If there are too many work related discussions, involving too many people then such interactions must taken to the conference or meeting room. This will reduce the room for unimportant talks and every person will be able to focus better in his work once all the discussions have happened at one scheduled meeting. All doubts will resolve without much of mess.


Every person and every situation is unique. Managers need to know the nitty-gritty of every situation so that he can deal with it in the best manner possible. For this, he needs to observe the behaviors and workings of different employees and then reach to a conclusion.

These are a few tactics to exercise a healthy control over employee’s chit chats at the work place without adversely affecting the healthy conversation and relations between the workers. Remember, you need to very slow, smart and sensible in every move.

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What Are the Causes of Call Center Attrition

Attrition is a very common problem with call centers. At the same time, it is also a health check for the business as it reflects the need to recheck the policies and working pattern to reduce number of people leaving the organization. It is very important to understand the causes of attrition at the call center because otherwise the zeal to achieve the goals and accomplish the tasks will be lost amidst of recruitment and training procedure. The rate of attrition is usually higher at call centers because of worn out energies, high stress levels and lesser recognition.

Let us explore and study the main causes of people leaving the call centers

Issues Related with Recruitment

Sometimes HR managers are under great pressure to recruit more and more personnel to fill the vacant slots and in order to fill these positions; they sometimes end up recruiting candidates who are not ideal for the job. Issues like late night shifts, communication skills, attitude to answer telephone calls with patience and various other problems are sometimes sidelined in order to hire a new team. These new hires that are not fit for the job will soon leave the organization.

Issues Related with Training

Accepting the process of training as a great learning process is not the attitude of every person. If the new hire fails to enjoy the training period, as he may not find it interesting or helpful then he will not be able to learn the fine skills which will help him perform his duties in a better way. This may later lead him to leave his job.

Issues Related with Work Environment

The call centers follow very strict rules and regulations with break times, average call times etc. which not everybody is comfortable with. Those who enjoy flexible and relaxed working atmosphere may not feel comfortable with such strict rules where there is no room to interact with other employees. This may lead to dissatisfaction amongst the workers as they may find it boring and dull to work in such a scenario. It is up to the senior supervisors and HR managers to make sure that the work culture, atmosphere and overall environment at the work place is healthy and happy.

Issues Related with Compensation

Compensation is one of the most important factors which can cause attrition in the company. Employees who feel that they are not been paid well or are not getting desired benefits don’t wish to stay with the company for long. Offering lower salaries can surely help the call centers hire more employees but this will also lead to more and more dissatisfied candidates. It is important for organizations to see that their employees are motivated and satisfied so that they can enjoy a team with great competence and amazing performance. Offering lucrative salaries is of course one of the most effective ways of stopping the employees from leaving the company.

Issues Related with Growth

If the worker feels that there are no more opportunities left for him in the call center then it is obvious that sooner or later he will quit the company as soon as finds a better opportunity. Company must look into the performance of every person so that they can be offered interesting growth opportunities from time to time. This will motivate them to perform better and stay associated with the call center as they know that they have amazing growth prospects with this company.

Issues Related with Health and Wellness

Call centers demand their workforce to work at oddest hours. The concept of night-shifts doesn’t really suit everyone. They miss on their health and their social life by working at night and sleeping during the day. This is one of the important factors which often compel them to leave the company. For this, the management must induce some flexibility in the working timings so that people don’t have to work constantly for night shifts.

These are the various causes of attrition which the call centers must keep in mind so that they can enjoy a happier and healthier pool of workers.


The list of causes of attrition at the call centers which compel the employees to leave the organization. The various issues related with this have been given.

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Forced to Resign What Are Your Options ??

It is not easy to face a situation when you are forced to resign from your job. There are various reasons because of which the employer may plan such a move. It can be the low performance of the employee or no more requirements of the services of the employee or it can also be a result of corporate issues and budget cuts. But in all the cases, it is the most difficult situation for an employee, both financially and emotionally.

It is also the time when the person must not lose his confidence and calm. It is the time to act wisely and smartly so that you can minimize the loss of job with your actions. Though there are not many options left when a person is forced to resign but still there are a few options that can be helpful in such tough circumstance.

Fight With The Management

This is one of the options which can be followed. Management pressurizes the employees to resign on their own to sideline the hassles of termination process which includes issuing of notice followed by holding an inquiry to find out reasons for termination followed by final termination. In such a scenario, most of the times, employee becomes eligible for compensation. The grounds of termination can always be challenged if they are weak.

Resign in Exchange of a Good Reference

The employee can resign with ease in exchange of a good reference from the company. It is important to have a positive feedback from the last employer in order to get a good job. Thus, you can negotiate this deal with the management and reduce the risks of finding a new job.

Agree on New Working Terms

Sometimes the reasons for forced resignation can be recession or financial constraints of the company because of a bad phase. In such a scenario, you can express your desire to continue your job with the same company by agreeing to work on new conditions like lesser salary or delayed salary or lower designation. This will give you a good time to look for a better option.

Negotiate Severance Pay Package

Severance pay package includes a combination of several months of salary along with various health benefits and various perks. This is one of the best options when you are being forced to submit your resignation as the company cannot fire you. Hence, to keep yourself secure from financial problems, you can negotiate with the management for a handsome severance pay package which will help you survive for a few months during which you can find a good job with some other company.

Termination v/s Resignation

For those who strongly feel that the company is forcing them to resign without a reason can stick on their decision of not resigning by waiting for the company to terminate them. This will obviously give them some extra time to look around for a new job but at the same time termination can bring a stain on the reputation. But it is also one of the options.

Just Resign With Grace

When you don’t have much of a choice left then it is always better to resign with grace and professionalism. It is a good way of accepting the situation as it comes. It is a positive way of looking at life and gearing up for a new change in life.

These were the different options which can be opted to make the situation little easier. Follow any of these options which suit your liking.


Know different options to take into consideration when you are forced to resign from your company to reduce the risks and minimize the financial constraints.

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Best Way to Ask for Work Experience

Best way to ask for work experience

Nothing beats the work experience and that’s the reason why companies prefer experience over qualifications. Qualifications and degrees just reflect the commitment and eagerness to learn but only experience reflects your actual potential. Hence, adding more and more experience to the CV should be the main motive of every person because that’s the best way to survive in the recession and face the competition.

This article throws light on some of the most effective ways of gaining work experience which can get you better packages and an attractive resume. So here you go….

Make Your CV Impressive

CV in not just a document talking about your qualifications and experiences but it is also the first impression of your personality. Make sure you make it look formal and impressive. Try and include as much experience as you can to make it look interesting. Include your achievements and strengths in it. Organize all the information in an easy to read manner.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Before heading for a job search, know your strengths and weaknesses. Sit and jot down the positive aspects your personality which can give you an edge above the others. Also pen down the negative traits of your personality that can be a hurdle in your goal achievement.

Know What You Want

Once you have known your positives and negatives, it is time to find out what kind of a job you are looking for. Do not just jump on a job search. Think before making a move. Know what you want and then you can plan your moves in a more focused manner.

Begin With Internet

The best and most effective place to start the job placement search is internet. You can start looking for companies within your city or outside which provide a job of your choice. Make a note of every company which you think can bring a good job opportunity for you. Note down their contact details along with job profiles.

Get in Touch With Companies

It is time to send emails and make calls to the companies which you have listed from internet. Start calling these companies to have a casual word to enquire about the openings. Start with introducing yourself and then explain them that you are looking for work experience. Talk to the related person and ask for his / her email address. Make sure you email your updated CV to the companies where you think things can work out along with a covering letter.

Set a Career Path

Before any meetings and interviews, it is important to have a personal career path set which will help you achieve your desired goals. Know what you wish to learn and how this experience will be beneficial in your career. Know what kind of job profile will be helpful for you.

Get Ready for the Interview

The next step can be a call for an interview. Be prepared to face a formal interview. Make sure you are well-prepared before the meeting. Do some research about the company so that you are ready to face the interview with more confidence. Prepare your subject well so that you don’t miss on any aspect.

Give Your Best Shot

When you are heading for the interview, make sure you dress smartly. Be humble and polite. Remember your behavior is as important as your knowledge. Be open to learning and flexible.

Head for a Career Advisor

If in case you are not able to find out a job for yourself then you can approach a career advisor who can help you find a good job.

Follow these steps to get a good work experience and enjoy an impressive and interesting CV.

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Loan Approval Letter From Bank

Banks keep on receiving numerous loan applications. Informing the applicant about the loan approval falls under the duties of a bank manager. Well, here is a sample to make your job easier. It is a brief, formal, informative letter which informs the applicant about the approval of his loan application in a simple manner. Write such a letter on behalf of the bank in a short and sweet manner.

Use the template given below to design your own letter approving a loan. If you are a manager at some bank then use this example to draft a professional and easy to customize letter to inform your customer about the good news.

Sample Letter Approving A Loan

Sharon Pattinson,
Branch Manager,
State Bank,
1234 Wall Street,
New York.

June 25th, 2014


Adam Gibbs

52nd Park Avenue Street

Richmond Road


Dear Mr. Adam,


We are highly pleased to inform you that your application for a home loan of $ 20,000 has been approved by the bank.

I hereby request you to please come by at our office to meet our Loan Officer, Mr. John Smith, anytime during banking hours from Monday to Friday to complete all the formalities so that the loan amount can be credited to your account.

Looking forward to see you.

Thank you.


Sharon Pattinson


Click Here To Download Letter Approving A Loan

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How Can I Improve My HR skills

HR plays a vital role in the development of the organization. HR is the role concerned with handling and managing people in an organization. So, we can say that HR is all about tackling the issues related to organization and its employees. Learning is a continuous process and is good if we want to improve on our skills. But improving on current skills requires proper planning.

First we should know the qualities of a good HR:

  1. Organized: The most essential quality that HRs should possess is organized behavior. They are expected to manage time efficiently. They are expected to know the time-frame of completing a particular time and should be able to complete the task within that time.
  2. Multitasking: Good HR professionals have many things to do. Recruitments, employee relations, talent management, career development, employee retention and lots of other things, each of which is critical and takes lot of time to finish. So to be a good HR, you should be capable of performing different tasks as the same time.
  3. Communication skill: HR is the one professional who needs to communicate with all employees at all levels. To be an effective HR one should have both verbal and written communication skills and should be able to share ideas and information in an understandable manner. The ability to form strong internal and external business relationships is also an important part of his role.
  4. Leadership: A successful HR manager must possess the qualities of a true leader. One should be confident, alert, positive and optimistic. HR should be able to motivate employees in improving their performances through rewards and appreciation. He should be able to develop the skills of the employees to help them grow professionally and personally.
  5. Problem solving skills: HR should have the ability to address and resolve issues with the least amount of conflict. Problem solving skill is an important part of the HR role.

The qualities mentioned above are very important for an HR in his/her profession. Besides these there are other characteristics that are also important, for example, ethical behavior, emotional intelligence, ability to build and maintain confidentiality, etc. A good HR should possess all the above mentioned qualities in order to perform better. We have talked about the qualities of an HR and now in the topic given below we will discuss how to grow in HR career.

Here we are suggesting you some tips to follow by which you can enhance your skills.

  1. Goal: Identify your next goal which you want to achieve in your career plan. Where you want to see yourself and things you would like to achieve with reference to your skill improvement and development.
  2. Know your strength: Once you have a clear vision about your career, the next most important thing which keeps you going is your strength. So you should be well aware of the things at which you are good, this will instill more confidence in you.
  3. Identify your weakness: Once you become aware bout your strength, now it’s time to look for your weaknesses. Indentify the area in which you need improvement or the skills on which you need to work on to get ahead in your career. While improving on your weakness you also need to learn new things in your surroundings like changes in existing policies and procedures, latest changes in employment law, government’s new rules and regulation for employees, etc.
  4. Make a plan: Once you have worked on setting a goal, knowing strengths and weaknesses, now it’s time to make a plan to achieve the desired target and to face the challenges. For this, you can also take help and suggestions from senior HRs in your company who can help you find out what staff development and training schemes exist in your company. Or you can search for post-graduate level qualifications to enhance your skills and overall HR knowledge. There are many institutes which provide distance education in related field.
  5. Evaluate your progress: Give yourself a deadline to achieve you goal. You have to evaluate your growth and improvement from time to time to gauge your achievements. Evaluation will help you improve upon the plan you have prepared to achieve your goal. Taking time to check what you have learnt with each step is an essential part to ensure that you are putting your efforts in right direction.

We hope that the above tips will help you improve your skills and move forward towards your career plan.

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Employee Get Together Invitation Letter

Employee get together is an official meeting which can be held monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually depending on the company’s requirement. Employee get together is held either for the whole company or for a particular department. An Invitation Letter for get together is an official letter drafted by a company or the concerned department to let the staff members know that they are invited to the gathering.

We are mentioning some tips and a sample for the same to guide you how to write official get together letter to an employee.

Tips to write Employee get together invitation letter

Here, we are trying to explain some simple writing instructions to make your get together letter look formal and effective.

  • As it is a formal letter, so always write it on the letter head of the company.
  • Should be drafted in a standard format as followed by the organization.
  • The message should be short and precise. Hence, avoid including irrelevant information so that it does not divert from the main topic.
  • Don’t forget to write a subject line. Subject line briefly describes the general idea of letter at the first glance.
  • Clearly mention the date, venue and timing of the meeting. So it will make everyone aware about when and where the event is going to happen.
  • Make sure you mention the reason of the meeting and who all from top management are expected to attend the gathering so that staff members come prepared.
  • Always mention the dos and don’ts of the meeting in a professional and sober manner.
  • Close the letter formally.

Sample of Employee get together invitation letter

Below is a sample of employee get together letter issued by or on behalf of the company to its employee for a quarterly meeting.


The Employee

Apollo Management

Solow Building

Ney York

United States

Date: 30th April 2014

Subject: Employees quarterly get together on 17th May 2014

Dear Employees,

This is a personal invitation to you for the quarterly employee meeting which will be held on 17th May 2014, Saturday at Hotel Mount from 7 P.M. to 10 P.M.

The agenda of the meeting is to discuss the success and development of the company in the last quarter and to appreciate the employee contribution. The top management team and board of directors of the company will be our guest of honor and will convey their gratitude for the contribution in the growth of the company. So, this event will be a great opportunity for you to get acquainted with the business leaders.

This is an official party so you are requested to come in formals and maintain the ethics in the party. You are allowed to bring one family member (but not kids), so that they would also be aware of the growth of your company and your contribution to it.

You are request to please confirm your visit in advance to Mr. Thomas. You can contact him on 9999-999999 or you can also confirm your visit via mail at

We are looking forward for your presence in the get together to make it a great event.


Nancy Mathew

Management Team

Apollo Management

 Click Here To Download Employee get together invitation letter


Other Related Letters

Sample & Example of Invitation Letter for Annual Staff Party

Companies organize regular office parties as a part of team building. Some companies call for annual formal parties to bring close the colleagues, management and other staff.
With another year about to it, it is surely a party time. If you are planning to organize a year end party for your employees then being an employer or HR manager of your company,
Balancing work with some playful activities works wonderfully well for employees and employers. It is not just a way of de-stressing but also a creative way to become a stronger and healthier group.

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