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Forced to Resign What Are Your Options ??

It is not easy to face a situation when you are forced to resign from your job. There are various reasons because of which the employer may plan such a move. It can be the low performance of the employee or no more requirements of the services of the employee or it can also be a result of corporate issues and budget cuts. But in all the cases, it is the most difficult situation for an employee, both financially and emotionally.

It is also the time when the person must not lose his confidence and calm. It is the time to act wisely and smartly so that you can minimize the loss of job with your actions. Though there are not many options left when a person is forced to resign but still there are a few options that can be helpful in such tough circumstance.

Fight With The Management

This is one of the options which can be followed. Management pressurizes the employees to resign on their own to sideline the hassles of termination process which includes issuing of notice followed by holding an inquiry to find out reasons for termination followed by final termination. In such a scenario, most of the times, employee becomes eligible for compensation. The grounds of termination can always be challenged if they are weak.

Resign in Exchange of a Good Reference

The employee can resign with ease in exchange of a good reference from the company. It is important to have a positive feedback from the last employer in order to get a good job. Thus, you can negotiate this deal with the management and reduce the risks of finding a new job.

Agree on New Working Terms

Sometimes the reasons for forced resignation can be recession or financial constraints of the company because of a bad phase. In such a scenario, you can express your desire to continue your job with the same company by agreeing to work on new conditions like lesser salary or delayed salary or lower designation. This will give you a good time to look for a better option.

Negotiate Severance Pay Package

Severance pay package includes a combination of several months of salary along with various health benefits and various perks. This is one of the best options when you are being forced to submit your resignation as the company cannot fire you. Hence, to keep yourself secure from financial problems, you can negotiate with the management for a handsome severance pay package which will help you survive for a few months during which you can find a good job with some other company.

Termination v/s Resignation

For those who strongly feel that the company is forcing them to resign without a reason can stick on their decision of not resigning by waiting for the company to terminate them. This will obviously give them some extra time to look around for a new job but at the same time termination can bring a stain on the reputation. But it is also one of the options.

Just Resign With Grace

When you don’t have much of a choice left then it is always better to resign with grace and professionalism. It is a good way of accepting the situation as it comes. It is a positive way of looking at life and gearing up for a new change in life.

These were the different options which can be opted to make the situation little easier. Follow any of these options which suit your liking.


Know different options to take into consideration when you are forced to resign from your company to reduce the risks and minimize the financial constraints.

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